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  1. Thank you!!! My newborn was bottle fed after my c section and I couldn't get her back track to breastfeed! Trying the spoon menthod today

  2. I wish i would have seen this before i gave them the bottle i have twins and my girl wont latch on anymore ..

  3. Hi. My baby won't breastfeed anymore . He's used to bottle feeding and he's a month old. Can I use spoon or cup feeding to engage him back to breast feeding? Thanks a lot!

  4. …My babies were all introduced to the bottle and pacifier day 2 of their lives. First bc I was not producing enough the first few days and then with my second bc he has jaundice. When my milk came in which was day 5…i successfully nursed my daughter til she was 12 months and 3 weeks.

  5. Faith, this video saved my premature, low birth weight baby from being readmitted to the hospital for jaundice and malnutrition. 3 years ago when my child was born 5.5 weeks early, he came from the hospital weighing 2kg. I had plenty of milk but struggled to feed him as his mouth was so small and he had tongue-tie which made latching difficult for him. Living overseas, I did not have the same lactation support resources available to me that I had with my first child born in my home country. One morning, my little one and I were up in the early hours, struggling to nurse. I was frightened for his wellbeing and was just about resolved to take him back to the hospital later in the morning as the yellow tint set deeper into his skin when I found your video. It took me 1 hour to get an ounce of milk in him using your syringe method, it could have taken me 5 hours and I would not have cared, I was so relieved to FINALLY be able to feed my baby. 2 days later we got an emergency session with the best lactation consultant in town, I believe this to have been an intervention done on the part of my son's pediatrician. She provided us with several SNS tubes and additional syringes, from that point we were home free! Thank you SO MUCH for posting this video.

  6. Thank you so much for your videos! I'm going to try spoon feeding! I introduced bottle feeding early and now my baby is starting to refuse the breast or won't suck properly. I hope it works!

  7. I wish I saw this video with my first child. He was separated from me and had surgery day 2. I wasn't able to give him any of my colostrum. I was so clueless. I wasted the drops and thought there should have been a flow. I didn't know how to collect. True enough my child has so many allergies

  8. This is great ! Thank you and the baby for demonstrating ! My son is almost six months old and he rejects breastfeeding:S he wants milk bottles only …

  9. Hi Faith, I would like to use your video on alternate feeding methods for some education modules at our hospital but need to obtain your permission for use. Please let me know the best way to contact you.

  10. Hi. My baby is 1 month old. He has been bottlefed and now i want him to breastfeed. It is so tiring to keep on pumping my milk and i am afraid i wont be able to supply him enough milk stocks whenever he wants to be fed. Im gonna try to feed him through spoon and hopefully he will want to breastfeed again. Thank you for sharing this info and wish me luck.

  11. just thank you so much for this video. You are wonderful ! I'm writing a piece on how to preserve prestfeeding and avoid bottle feeding (but it's in french) and I'm going to reference your video so many times to see how it can be done. Thanks for your involvement and support of breastfeeding.

  12. Please help 🙁 I have a 1 month and 5 days old baby. We're exclusively breastfeeding and I need to go back to work. My mom's going to help but I don't want to bottlefeed my baby with my milk because I know that it can cause nipple confusion or do you think that I can consider it? My schedule at work is 7pm to 4am.

  13. Greetings Faith, my baby was born at 29.6 weeks gestation but is now 2.5 mos old.. She loved the breast & bottle until she was transitioned into a crib a few weeks ago. This is when she stopped doing soo well with either. Maybe every other day she'll take a full bottle or maybe even half, but not often. She doesn't seem interested at times and other times she does great. In order for us to leave the hospital, she has to be eating at least 80% of her milk… ANY ideas on which method I should try for her at this age?

  14. So if dad wants to feed baby, one of these ways would be better than introducing a bottle before 1 month old?

  15. I can't find where to buy this type of sns that you are using, it looks like it might be a bit less fidely than the one I have previously used but I can't find it on the medela uk website

  16. can we reuse the plastic spoon and syringe? if yes, how many times can it be reused? wagonbird @wagonbird #wagonbird 😂

  17. @DarkoSlim some breastfed babies won't take or really struggle taking a bottle. A friend of mine had tried every bottle she can get her hands on and baby still gags and struggles feeding.

  18. Hello! How can I feed my baby when he's almost 4 months old and don't suck very well on breast? It seems my milk is not enough and I feed him also with formula, but I want to gradually rise the milk production and breastfeed exclusively. thanks!!

  19. Can I use finger feeding for a 7month old baby? I am pumping exclusively and I want to give a last try for breast feeding (baby refuses the breast from the first month).
    Thank you!

  20. Hello! I have a question I know this video is from a while back so I don't know if you will get it but my question is that I am 32 weeks pregnant with my son this will be my mother In laws first grandchild and even though I really want to breast feed she is really wanting to be able to feed him as well and I totally understand that but I don't want nipple confusion it is very important to me that my son and I have this bond as it was with my daughters she wants to bottle feed him my milk but like you said the first month is crucial to baby and nipple confusion what would be the most effective way to tell her no should I bring up these ideas in the video? I don't want to hurt her feelings but I also want the bond with my son I know it's my choice and may seem like a silly question I just don't know what to say to her to make her understand that this is what I want where could I get the syringes for the syringe feedings and I wonder if she would still get that bond with him using these methods. I don't want to bottle feed just to please her just so she can feed him and my husband as well this is his first child and I'm so worried I don't know what to do or say without hurting feelings.. Thank you in advance if you do happen to see this!!!

  21. Looking for a cup feeding tutorial, but syringe feeding in 06:21 is also what i need because i find it difficult to cupfeed the last drops of the breastmilk.
    Thanks for sharing

  22. Thank you so much Faith for making this video, I appreciate your effort and would love to see more nurses do what you do.

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