Am I Pregnant at 46? | FINALLY Live Pregnancy Test and Results!

oh it’s TEST DAY Fertility Fam you hi oh it’s test a fertility fan first
thanks for Clicking on Simply Tanika I am Tanika
and I’ve got my baby – shirt um yeah thanks for checking in on me today so
today is Sunday February 18th and the time is 853 thanks Minnie and we’re
going to do the test I woke up earlier and I did first morning urine in a cup
so I have that here um yeah I don’t I don’t have a lot else to say let’s just
get away going to do two tests so we’ll start
with that one you all righty
o hey vairy hey Cerie seven alarm for five minutes boom hey Siri seven alarm
for five minutes please okay we’re good to go so I am yeah I didn’t not sleep
well but I did sleep and I’m not super hopeful I think you know the last video
I said I thought I was out and this body hasn’t gotten any heavier but there
there’s definitely spotting so we’ll see this may end up being day one or could
be will eat away at some 14 days post high so there we go
yeah little one little soul if you’re out there I’m always waiting for you um
whenever you decide to get here she loves you and wants you very very dearly
I will say I was talking to or texting with Tameka ttc last night and she had
some people putting crazy stuff on her comment section of her post and one of
them was her post about her tries to be a single mom and they went back and
forth and ultimately the young lady who was making no sense did apologize but it
was it’s weird it’s like people are so opinionated about it but the part that
bothered me was a girl was contradicting herself because she was saying don’t be
a single parent with injury cycle you could adopt but if you don’t have a
partner you’re still a single parent when you’re adopting so um that argument
just didn’t really make any sense but I think I don’t necessarily always lead
with that I’m going to be a single mother by choice because I think the the
interesting part of story that I want to share is that I’m
46 and there’s not a lot of that on YouTube so but I am a single mother by
choice or attempting basing a lot of our choice and you know for very personal
decisions for so it’s not something that I go into lightly it’s obviously very
expensive it’s very emotional it’s very time-consuming I’m spending about $2,000
per cycle to do this so it’s not something that you just go into lightly
and you guys have been with me this last bit of the two-week wait and there’s a
lot of angst in it there’s a lot of angst and a lot of stuff going on but
ultimately this is what my heart wants and so I talked about this in my 1%
video will I regret it more if I don’t care if I do try and I think if I don’t
try I’ll regret it so that’s why I’m moving forward but um yeah there’s
there’s a lot of stuff going on there’s just for me I think you don’t
necessarily have to have two parents to be a happy kid like I was raised by my
mother and ultimately or eventually my stepfather but you know people are like
oh every kid deserves to have two loving parents
yeah they deserve to have that like that should be their god-given right but it
doesn’t always happen that way and I’m here to tell you I’m one of those kids
like my father straight-out told me when I was 15 he didn’t love me
um you know so it was we would hope that we would have loving parents but we
don’t it’s not a guarantee just because you have a mother and a father and you
know who your father is if he’s going to be there be available or your mother for
that matter you know I don’t want discriminate women walk away from their
children as well so I think that has informed my own relationships and for
that reason I have trust issues so I’ve never like been a person who was like
I’m absolutely going to get married and I’m always fascinated when I meet those
people so I do ask them like how long did you know you wanted to be married what made you do it and so and a lot of
times people who have you they’re known since they were children
or very early in adulthood like early twenties that they wanted to be married
I have never wanted that there are some other issues that are going on to have
major trust issues and so I’m in therapy for that every week but I don’t know if
it will be resolved and I don’t know that marriage is the solution Lord I
think my first goal is to have a good loving trusting committed relationship
and at this point I’m not even looking like someone’s gonna have to really come
along and sweep me off my feet I think my last relationship I was I
demonstrated the ability to trust and so I think I just have to figure out you
how to move forward and I’m not there yet so hope there’s the timer let’s see
what we got all right positive energy maybe Josh I
don’t know let’s see so I can score it properly I don’t know I said like the
line you guys see that do you see something anything like right
here My gods backwards coming from you’re probably right there do you see
something I don’t think there’s anything oh my god
you eat girl that for a minute oh man oh that’s funny no I hope I
should convince yourself that you’re out you still like did was like oh my god alright well let’s say I know the
two-week wait I guess yeah cuz that’s day 14 that’s test day I mean I guess
we’ll know I swear there’s something on that other one no guess we’ll know for
sure tomorrow when I get my HCG results if it’s under five or over five but I
can I swear there’s a lot in there that wasn’t actually showed you guys a blank
one first you see that this I am shaking sorry guys actually I’m gonna test a
little later just in case I think this is the last one of these tests who I
thought I had a whole batch of them and the rest of them are all ovulation kids
okay so anyway there’s that there’s the results but yeah so that’s my little
thing about being a single mother by choice and having an anonymous donor I
wasn’t gonna say it on my channel I thought before I wouldn’t say it sounds
like that’s something I want to discuss with my child but it is what it is and I
think ultimately I was worried because this is on the Internet at my child
would see it but I think ultimately the message the theme is that this child
is very wanted and very loved which i think is more important that the number
of parents that you have or the type of parents you are out because I know
people get up and arms about same-sex parents as well and you know if you’ve
got one two three eight people love you love you and we’re welcoming you into
the world I think your heads and shoulders above the rest and yeah I just
wish all all people trying to conceive whether single same-sex heterosexual
married I’m married um I wish you well you know and I know
it’s a struggle it’s a journey so I think to some more positivity if it’s
not your thing I don’t know you and while you’re watching these channels
just like I’ll have one rant and then I will get out of here because I had
someone on my channel who like you know we can see the stats on January 21st
they went in and thumbs down like five videos like back-to-back cuz it tells
you the date at the time which I was like after the first video you know what
my channel is about why did you watch for more and then give it a thumbs down
they just go away um this is hard enough like I’m trying to like love a child
into existence and put out positive energy so that I can receive positive
energy because I do believe in karma do you believe what you put out there you
get back so it’s just really confusing that someone won’t waste our time to
watch drive over the videos and then not like them I just don’t know why it just
didn’t move on but you know everyone is special good or bad and they’ve got
their own thing going on so yeah I mean I definitely respect Tamika TTC for
having the educated argument for me I just don’t like I just don’t get it as
far as not that I don’t get what she’s doing I get what she’s doing I don’t get
the people who are putting that out there
and just making like a random comment other people’s choices yeah
cowards they’re cowards so those of us who are brave I celebrate you and I
support you and I wish you well on your journey and I think you offer ha being
with me on I you I number three I think it’s a wrap I will test later I probably
am NOT gonna video it but I’m going to get into that painting that I’ve been
delaying thank you so much for watching if you liked the video please give it a
thumbs up share it if there’s anyone else who knows embarking on the journey
of TTC or who’s been at it you have anyone in your life who is suffering
with infertility maybe this helps you be a little more sensitive if they have
good news they will definitely share it with you otherwise every month it’s kind
of like did you get your period so hopefully if nothing else you get that
out of these videos alright guys let me know how you’re doing let me know your
thoughts I always read the comments and I get back to everybody so leave it
below and I’ll put a link in the description below my baby dust t-shirt
in case you’re interested I got it on Amazon but I’ll put the link in there
okay I think I just knocked over something in the shower
alright everybody have a great day thanks bye baby does to you all hi oh it’s test a fertility fan first
thanks for clicking on some blue Tanika I am Tanika
and I’ve got my baby – shirt um yeah thanks for checking in on me today so
today is Sunday February 18th and the time is 53 thanks Minnie and we’re gonna
do the test I woke up earlier and I did first morning urine in a cup so I have
that here yeah I don’t I don’t have a lot else to say let’s just wait

43 Replies to “Am I Pregnant at 46? | FINALLY Live Pregnancy Test and Results!”

  1. OMG! I do see a line on the first test. Gentle hugs. It's sad with these internet trolls, they need to get real hobbies.

  2. Tanika, from the bottom of my heart, I'm sorry no baby. I chose to follow you because you were older like me. I'm 42 and have limited years like you. I'm desperate for my second biological child. I agree with all you have said. You don't NEED 2 parents to have a great childhood. You need one that loves you. My father was a terrible parent and we don't even speak anymore, but my mother is an amazing person. You're choice to be a single mom and your friend's choice are just that, YOUR choice. I think you are an amazing person and am grateful I found you on here to follow.
    Baby dust to you for your next cycle, sweetheart.

  3. See First egg website, European egg bank where you can order and get shipped to your clinic, frozen eggs, sperm, or embryos. There is a separate catalogue for African/Asian phenotypes, and you can see photos of donors and have identifiable donor. They work with partner clinics who have registered. All frozen and ready to ship with person delivering canister….though might work out cheaper to get FET transfer nearby. It is just interesting as you get to see egg donor photo and details…just register email for free one week access. I found one 19 year old donor I like the look of. PS. Did find reason surrogacy might not work for me in the UK rules, at least one genetic parent must live with resultant child….but son will be away at university and we are unable to change husbands job to that city and move….and yet…..

  4. I wish you all the best on this cycle. I did see a line and I hope and pray that there is a little sticky bean snuggling inside you. Baby dust!!!!

  5. Hey Tanika, I was pulling for you! I was disappointed for you, my heart sank! I love your channel and your journey! I'm here as long as your here! BTW, I'm related to your daughter…… her father is my cousin. You probably don't remember me it's been years! I'm praying that next time is your time should you decide to try again! Many, Many Blessings To You!!!!!!

  6. Thank you for being so open and honest… I'm playing Saturday morning catch up with YT ttc sisters and im glad i caught this one. I did see the faint line on the first test…i got so excited. I'm always rooting for you

  7. I love you shirt! Gonna have to get one.

    I am so sorry that you dad told you that. I wish he would have kept that to himself. I grew up with both parents and I don't have a great relationship with my mom. We don't even speak unless we happen to be in the same room (few and far between) and she always starts by mentioning something about my weight <eye roll>. The relationship with my mother started to fall apart while I was in elementary school and I am the youngest of 6, so 2 parents does not equal a happy well balanced child. In so many ways, I'm desperate to be the mother mine wasn't.

    I totally saw a line on the strip. For us to see in the camera, I don't think you were seeing things. I was in here hooping and hollering and had to calm myself down when you showed the other test. What happened with the OB's blood test? You didn't mention it. That was at 12DPIUI, right? My last strip tests seemed to have shadows, but yours looked as if it had color. I'm sorry that AF showed up, but you know I'm still routing for ya. This is still OUR year!

  8. wow, I was over here on pins and needles just new it would be positive. Well, you know with us old gals we gotta keep digging til we find gold. For us, it's not about the quantity, but the quality. We just have to be lucky enough to catch that golden egg, and we will one day. Sorry hun. What's your next plan?

  9. I definitely saw a line on the first test. Sorry this cycle is not the one. The strength that you show on the outside can only come from what you have within. Don't ever give up on the dream. x

  10. So sorry that AF showed her ugly face! 🙁 I swear I saw a faint line on the first test! Thank u for sharing your journey on here, I’m so routing for u, I loved what u said in the beginning “little soul wherever u are mommy’s waiting for u” it made me tear a little!

  11. Oh Tanika, I was so hopeful it was this cycle for you and swore I saw a line too. Hugs for you. Thank you for your honesty in sharing this journey with us, I truly appreciate you and all you share. I am so glad to be apart of your Fertility Fam now and here to share my support, excitement and sadness along the way. Little baby is out there for you, I just know it!
    Unfortunately the internet opens a forum for people to feel like they have a space to say anything, and not reap the consequences because they aren't being so ignorant face to face. I as a doll artist receive a lot of hatred at times for the community I choose to be in. I create lifelike baby and toddler dolls and send them worldwide and have helped hundreds of people who suffer from mental health, physical pain, infertility and or loss, etc. What I create won't be everyone's thing but knowing I help people is enough for me to make it through horrible things like being called a paedophile. I too have had people thumbs down videos in concession and been like why bother watching on if it ain't your thing. People just love to be opinionated and drag you down. They don't know you, or know why you choose not to have a partner or haven't had a family yet, or who you have lost in life, and frankly its not their right to know either. Its like automatically you must be transparent if you are on Youtube and yet those very people would never reciprocate because like you said, they are cowards.
    Anyway, I digress. Thinking of you. Since that was a few days ago when you tested, I hope that your mind and soul for preparation of cycle 4 when it begins are doing well. Hugs again Xxx
    (Ps this is journeyofjoy on IG)

  12. thank you for your video, the enemy comes but to steal, kill, and destroy.. he doesn't want yout to have the faith that this will happen for you.. don't get discouraged, your time will come… thanks for the baby dust…

  13. I agree with your gyno to put you on progesterone after iui. Sorry about the failed cycle. I def saw the line on the internet cheapie.

  14. You are so strong, and a total inspiration to me!! Thank you for your videos, so I know I'm not the only one feeling the same way.

  15. I love your energy and your spirit! In reference to your friend TanikaTTC, and her choice to conceive while single, I agree with you 100%. I don’t understand why people feel compelled to criticize and judge others, especially when the person’s choices won’t affect them in the first place. Judgmental people should MIND THEIR BUSINESS. I’m praying for you. Blessings from The Most High! You’re going to have the cutest, chubby baby! And y’all will be both happy and healthy! 🙏🏽😘

  16. I'm a single mom too, it's not by choice it's hard but you can make it. I have great family support and that makes it easier. Good luck to you.

  17. I wish you sọ much love. Fumi Desalu Vold on YouTube just had her 1st baby at 49. Check her out. God is Awesome.

  18. Mam I have one overy two years ago one remove in cyst now my marriages 6 years completed but not yet conceive my amh very low

  19. Hello Tanika
    What are your iron levels ? Iron can play a big role when trying to conceive also vitamin D. And also being thankful helps a lot.

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