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so I started easy though is it desert and josie1 the rock style competition for channel mum so it's really exciting set aside everything else to do today which is extremely exciting anyway it's just exciting to meet you I know say hi to everybody and can you make some 45 so those people that don't know who Joe do tell us a little bit about how many kids you've already got I have three boys already my eldest is 3 years and 3 months my middle son is 22 months and my youngest is six month wait that's really really close together I'm obviously another mom of three boys we are seriously boy heavy and us too mum but yeah I mean I've got two and a half year cap between my eldest my middle and then one younger and that's exhausting how on earth do you run it it is hard work I don't really sleep much actually I think I've left to live on very little sleep but um yeah but whenever you go it's I don't think I'll have enough time to even think about like whether I'm tired or not because I do the opposite oh my god I don't see any I focus only on your right you guys and I'm just skin is glowing as well as evidence but I'm laying what could that be si you know where we are today talked about it for how many how many weeks late are you Irish well they are a bit up and down since I had the boys anyway I've new yet I had regular periods to begin with and then had the boys and then it just kind of went when I put my hobbies where are you ah ah having children yes okay I'm not entirely sure maybe about three or four weeks so my job just like a couple of days it's a salon so in my head I feel I almost feel pregnant and then yeah it's weird any other you have any other signs yes on the thing yeah as I approach me I definitely will be the first sign yeah I have been seen in a little bit think I haven't actually been sick yet so it's just that the feeling of being sick which is annoying so I think I'd rather just period then feel fine okay no really no ideas is just and well and then if you would I'm going to paint everything just a vomiting again and yes that's criticized it well if it is sort of – yeah you try and slow down before or no it was there a surprise but it's a lovely surprise if it's you know if it's there so and then you think now that funny because your hobbies are work today in the next two days and you'll be might be here to do the test no I think yeah I think because I feel almost certain yeah in his hand I think you sort of prepared anyway but this is kind of just like a I guess a confirmation or not whether you er you have not done a test let's just make it clear this will be offered science ability to be doing a subset today and we we're not just doing any pregnancy test that you guys in the shop okay we're going to we're going to try just just some fun really I think other know what we're going to see my work I think there's been there's so much online about DIY pregnancy care so and we thought we'd just give them a go to see it's been worse if they don't work and what the outcome is really just a sort of see and we've got them all here in front of us we've also gone oh sorry darling you are not to pick it up I'm not getting my cup of tea Josie tankard just wait there this is nice and that's right next to mine this mug of tea so I try not to swear the minute online folder you know me easily distracted if you can so what we've got we've got the first ones up this end isn't it so we've got a sugar test yes so ever apparently if you pee on some sugar if it dissolved it means that you are not pregnant if it crossed together and sort of hangs around it means that you might be so yeah I've never heard of any of these tests so excited to do a little bit of research so think we just go live with our home inspection yeah video very professional at channel month and I did a bit of research I've never heard of any of these tests before no I hadn't either until I researched them and there are so many that you could do I think the idea is is that if you feel like you're pregnant or you could be pregnant and you haven't got any money to go down the shops or you just really can't wait and you don't want to go down a shopping bio test you've got any of these household and items at home I guess you could probably just give them a go and yeah see if they work or not you don't be bumping into friends and you have as well just what I've picked up John second time I've ever gone to boots or pregnant sooner you do not very loose pregnancy test I was in my room you get caught in a condo – nothing wrong with it we're all one adult you still embarrassed aces and so there we go right so second and you're going to touch this one because it's a cup of bleach and you're going to do that one for me I'm gonna see that one and that's the one that I think I was going to say that the boys would want to do but actually no boy second English science fiction but that would be with the cases they'd like nice nice just get some of mommy's wee-wee and we'll just put it in your favorite speakers everywhere and I would stick to the volcano one that you can do it why can't you ever do it and so that one yes the idea is and I think if it says is only a little bit it means that you're not pregnant if it really reacts and starts or bubbling up and fizzing up then you might be yeah I'm not going to say that you will be pregnant because there's obviously no yeah I was yeah if they work and I'm yeah that'll be my moment from rushing out the door which is I think man if we're going already yeah it also makes me quite 4,000,000 I think it gets a little bit hot as well and also if you are pregnant then they just say mines fumes basically so figure can be doing that one seungyeon you just thinking this is so exciting I should just I just pour them always talk about our tests please please please if you're watching me we are going to do the live this is Jody's first pregnant if you can not pur first more freaking but she's late on her period and she thinks that she might be pregnant she's got a lot of signs there that you can with around the pregnancy so we're going to do a few tests that we found online here and then going to go to the real pregnancy testing this is the first test she's done so it's a really exciting moment if you're enjoying this video and you're watching please so just like and comment but please go down and go to the share button which is in the corner of your screen and press to share because then you'll be sharing this video with everything really exciting week on channel mum anyway apart from this which is honestly very very hairiest icing there are lots of other things going on this week it is mums the word week which is super good punishment I'll be on the way up here though but we should have a dad's the word week as well to me is yeah because I think dads need to just stop ranting about the hair and game and well there is some amazing does that it but if someone just could do with getting in touch and connecting a little bit more so who's that for dads the word week I think we should have some love for does the word anyway that's that so this month of work week we'll talk about that a little bit more later and yes back to pregnancy test so we're going to do the sugar test the bleach test and then love you we have this one so if you thing on 50 face if there's no change then it means that you're not pregnant if it changes in color slightly or and props then you could be it's all about frosting we're gonna enjoy it is there a lot of frosting we're excited chatter well my baby as well it depends and then this one white vinegar so if you pour a little bit of think I quite like this tablet if you guys wanna fly with one of my website I do like that man I'm gonna go so there we go white vinegar yes that may change it means that you're not pregnant if it changes lightly in color it means that you could be I'm so I can't wait to stop doing it right the last one and it obviously loved a ball we will be doing a mystical learning one quite have anything really work so a spawn and dandelion leaves and it's very change then you're not picking and it spreads red spots or red blisters like things but you have amused image could be very exciting um right so I guess we should get started I'm just going to grab my grab the iPad and have a quick look on here and just see what everybody is saying if anybody's saying anything that I'm going like instead of it where we are okay where are we all right Gina Bob my iPad is not working and one modern iPad no I've got Chinese inside which is a few days ago I think those Charlie Hutchison what was that happy holidays like okay let's ignore and oh there we go I can lean forward I'll take him up see watching from Spain bless her she's out there and I we've got chickenpox yeah yeah try to enjoy the holiday as much as you can with your hips covered in chicken Park lots and lots of good luck it's so exciting and we talk about dangerous works you have got three boys yes I'm hoping I'm hoping for a healthy baby uncharitable term because marco was premature so I had a rough ride yeah but I haven't yeah he's 34 we basically we always and that will car for me yeah yeah it was hard for two weeks in the neonatal unit so I think if anything I don't have a gender preference boy girl no matter what doesn't matter on the healthy and awesome carry through for just a swing and I'll be happy where so hopefully that's what we want yeah and a healthy baby if it sees there is a baby right I take a little tart with the sugar chest if you're just joining us we are doing so pregnancy test because I'm start with Jody who is a keepsake what's just like if you last time I think oh those yellow Jody is though not a zoo and we're going to do some pregnancy tests before we do a shot for pregnancy test we're going to try all these first so let's go for it we're going to pin some way into come on you'll be on you we're just gonna get up within three nine mighty just let you know if this one's dissolved if the sugars dissolved then Josie is not pregnant if it clumps together she's pregnant yes and your own if indeed it work yeah but let's hold it up so as you can see I'm a better how you find out let alone take away just in case that rushes in there right then here we go Oh sounded like something should I catch it ate it yeah see what happened I feel like we should have some science goggles on I'm Alaska what's up yeah and some gloves something like that I bet that weed vegetating cheating Oh what's happening it's not oh that looks very much like it's dissolving anyone want to have a closer look at the way that Joe did we there you go oh I'm not dissolving that very much settling with an every week on the top cool what does that mean I didn't what we did you put positives on one side and negative in the other center on it we'll put positive on your side because you would not sleep question and right this is the bleach okay everyone that I could go everywhere and fall in my pee and I'm having to rush off into the garden with it or they might not so if this fizzes then it muscles a little bit okay yeah and if it fitted in those crazy than you are pregnant you have to just write Monday here's a bleach test my japonica or maybe baby and pregnancy is so disgusting it's hard yeah yeah you have to highlight as we ups ensure everyone yes disgusting is eternal you internal examination there's nothing more disgusting than pregnancy I definitely lost my dignity now anyway so yeah just know his major snapchatting there's trouble in my hands making your own and it's not everything there you go that's what motherhood does having babies this thing's probably right here we go you know is it gonna fit everywhere stand back it's bleach right here we go don't nothin cleaning up man so not quite the reaction we were expecting my and definitely facing a little bit I don't if you can play that oh look at that that is fitting I don't know if I'd call that a react raising sleeping Iommi reaction and I have to say that quite pungent of weird bleep to do yeah I'm going to another side of time right exactly you're in the right place over there hmm look at that that is quite a reaction there's definitely a lot of fizzing going on there do you think that is what do you think do you think would you call that right the students fizzes a little bit would be not present fizzes and phones Andrea is pregnant what would you say that in I've been decreasing and foaming though is it so do we put out in the pregnant pile of a not pregnant I'll that's pending of foaming isn't it I'm going to go pregnant are you going to be with me I go okay come on joining everybody is that yeah what you can't tell you everything and they look amazing all better she's drinking lemon tea oh good what we're doing way to get strong you know the waistband one right okay Jackie thinks that pregnant mrs. Meldrum says prego yes I think everybody tiny Jackson's pregnant Michael Mario Koreans that so I think we've got two pregnant parts of their right number three where are we should go to toothpaste net is so I don't like the oven what toothpaste do you use like what they say yeah yeah it's just like a white man she's going to have to be completely white in color as if you've got like yeah productive right okay so toothpaste no change means not pregnant and a change in the color or Frost means pregnant so this is that third pregnancy test close regna see test in ghost Jody we on the top of the toothpaste are we supposed to be as taking it I think no it never really said it right I know right here on top of it and so what are we looking for no change women are pregnant a little bit swelling up under the hip it does clucky what does that mean maybe that means triplet oh oh wait you're making new scoffs I'm imagining you scared somebody's imagine the other can get easy cures man save you might look in and watch this yeah he's going to try to do that but it would if ahem right happy if you are out there coming in come and join me in a big ok we want to hear from Herbie don't sit there quietly watching our pregnancy care these will be certain they're biting his nails you can all come on get all your mates and so this coffee break time come on come and sit and watch anything happen that is doing nothing is it though no choice but that's our first one but there's not pregnant women I'm just trying to find what we're doing yes right um okay hang on a bag that's just not coming up when I've had a total rubbish iPad right so no change I'm going to put that in the not pregnant pile Wow has she taken a normal pregnancy test leave us – no no Jody's not taking a normal pregnancy test so this really is the same test your what's about three weeks late yeah as you like her key boobie signs and a little bit sicky and so no mood really are Jody's first pregnancy test I feel a little bit lucky is terrific and let me tell you I will never be hearing alive like this in myself and I am done double arbitrated right we've got two more texts to do so we've got the white wine vinegar which i weirdly love the smell oh should we actually shall we pour some in yet and I need stress because ended up over a little bit Romania okay and then we're looking for red spot and then we quite might show up screams let me go for that I was pushing down your coat there's no slugs or soil so just check I'm just checking for wildlife you know we're not going to kill anything with Josie's we wait and we'll just let that why so did it go lovely in lobster warm you can make it even a little bit more specific term right okay so we put that to one side will come up something even a hue to that one later so here we go this is the last home your home ec test and this is the white wine vinegar so let's see what this one needs to do no change to it means not pregnant and a change of color means pregnant it's obviously going to go through yellow and as I thought surely if useful yeah and will change anyway but we'll see I don't know how much it would change but let's see I'm able basically that's going to change book but I guess the vinegar might keep it clear Meitner possibly yet it certainly and one off and yellow with it yeah when anything quite like white wine I know if you think you may not have to do what I do yeah well I don't know what is that lots of good luck sir hmm delay in pregnancy doesn't always mean pregnant so yes yeah you put into next pregnancy I think it means Delana periods done there with me pregnancy and you're very very right there yes there have been other signs though Jodi has had slight nausea and still being all Fryman and after three pregnancies already you're quite I got together one around fit no I'm a yes we are on us to like how I feel because obviously doesn't do it three times yeah I thought knowing that feeling yeah I don't know you just I don't know you just moved at you yeah I think yeah absently third time and you just got together on end with there yeah bit more arrived you and so what are we back end is that pregnant or not coming for too much we in there and it's just not diluting back down to nothing mmm I'm going to pick up middle middle cuz I don't think I think that's conclusive is it it's still yellow yes it is ma'am yeah what do you reckon negative in not pregnant mmm-hmm we've got to in there pregnant the bleach and the sugar still which is still fitting quite incredible getting video and fibia suppose I would say our definitely pregnant to toothpaste and the white wine vinegar I think I'm going to put in an octagon tile so right getting quite toilet huh I cannot have here's a healthy miss under my neighbor's earth will be mother very nice to the channel moment of oratory humming let me tell you we've got vinegar we use Italy and yes they're having a pleasant present morning art with Jody and anyway right so here we've got our damsel I need nothing and we're looking for some pink spots if you are pregnant I can't see anything I'm not seeing any pink spots nice any pink hot I'm definitely not saying I'm not convinced oh there's people asking if we're actually going to do the proper pregnancy check oh yeah girl I think by my preference because these might be proper pregnancy test because some of them going to be right okay please do a test now and he wanted to know right there's definitely no Pink's by other that's going the negative so we've got to waste white wine vinegar and Antonine say not so damn okay so you're going to have to brace yourself humility before we cook one I'm going to have a sweep of my hair I know you get around it's my little cup of tea to calm a nerve hmm how's about channel my mug and write what's been saying I'm color blind this this would be rubbish for everyone yeah do you have to find something else yes profitting do you know what's even you can do the bleach tip yes indeed that comes out right cuz yeah colorblind not important and what about spots if you're colorblind can you see spots turns up holiday or surely yes well I don't know I don't know if you're colorblind can you see spots or would you not see spots because that's just a difference of color I know we're going a little bit of peace because it's quite an interesting question does anyone want to answer to me Steven you might be the one that can answer that question for anything as you're kind of going um okay so we're going to go for the test where'd you get all these you've got like cry science lab things do you have these in your toaster what Jenny stop now I did order no specially but preparing all that is all right I think I'm quite close to did anything with I think I've got my measurements wrong yeah I'll tell you what one thing that we have done as well this is going to make you throw up if we haven't already made you stir up just let's have a look at it I was talking to you Kathy on the way up there Kathy from Chatham and one of the powers that be a channel mark and I said how about if all the tests say the same thing now I know that I'm 100% not pregnant there is not a show that I'm pregnant but there's obviously quite a drama take your paper because you couldn't hold it up Mike I'm sorry some of us more reluctant to Jim keeps productivity jump straight in again I think my dad might be watching his dad I'm sorry judges static this is happening to power an honest face of parenting and so anyway after talking to Kathy I did say how about Kathy I do my own word sample and listen Katie just in case we need to do we could we could yes should get rid of it that one night Harry act at the most I've been rapping everyone's day for us to do your pregnancy test first we do that Ferb and then if we need to compare but I'm really sorry about this I bought my channel mom mugs up and was so desperate for a week something like that in the course of one and a half hours on the way here and there were no toilets on the way so when I worked or it didn't on this end of the enemy so rushed through Jodi's door shell sweet eyes they kind of the kid ran in to the toilet with my channel 1 mark and that's where my urine sample I'm so sorry but that's how this morning right wasn't it right yeah okay this is the moment this is the moment and we can show our organ yeah I think so he's alright so open the pregnancy 1000 my god I feel sick I feel fit yes don't worry anybody nervous what we going to do how do we celebrate pretty video that we could arrange I mean yeah which one should we choose just wait right so this is the design ones the two line pregnant one line not pregnant got that two lines will mean pregnant one line not pregnant right did everyone still hanging around are they still finding out there oh my god everyone's so excited if I turn out alright are you who's gonna do the day I didn't do it I felt I'm taking something away from you and your husband if I do it really do it right okay science na is going to do the test my line I'm just a lot in there for about 10 seconds isn't it yeah I'm gonna pee on the stick for about 10 seconds I'm guessing dipping okay right guys okay you'll be close to the screen oh my god Spence you are not wrong right okay here we go oh my god right okay 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 my hands are shaking 9 10 right okay we've got one clear test line there look how much my hands are shaking I actually feel nervous I can't see anything I can see just one line here comes a line ah and you're in shape I am really taking I feel really really know about lines oh hi guys what is that weighs I don't know I'll be done with the packet have you not got the packet I think that's really good can you believe it we don't know what positive is and more negative is is that funny like yeah turn around turn around is that – mine oh yeah I used to line that is a very desperate I dunno in two lines I've got your way dripping down my fingers I bet have we've got light down flat someone says right light dance lab yeah that is definitely setting on a very very strong – line Corinne there we go I'm definitely pregnant current Sheena's it's amazing thing about everything right there we go please oh my gosh liquor before us you're taking I am so nervous of doing this test and getting it wrong yeah guys how to save everybody face yes it is a – oh my gosh I'm crazy alright everything with the white amazing hey man in Miami shaken oh my gosh look at a pair above that's definitely two lines there isn't it you'll have to bring one more baby on the way girl creep acidic you feel like the nature in your husband but to know we didn't get a husband at work cooking for the news larger to drive come on are you going to your phone let's give the happier call can we do that so just do everything live shall we or do you not want to share them I would you want to go in the kitchen oh my god I don't know I don't know forced United named Jim quickly okay so not even eat that thing I don't want to break out so to the message you might be watching is so many congratulations look oh my goodness congratulations so happy for you everybody's they can go online thank you what a moment so the tests which there is work is going back to why we're here and what we're doing the test that did work with the bleach which have a look at that that's properly phones and gone crazy everything yet Collin Collin Collin you know you let Daddy know come on um yes that's still going now so there you go if you do want a test that works from your kitchen cupboard that bleep tip social library yes I like Halloween now and we'll just because I know I'm not pregnant we try that with mine let me go and grab something this could be like a dead sir I'll hang on old notice one often she's not tasting a husband hope she has Destin oh come on come on happy right now we need another more than that Cup nothing no okay I'm going to get my channel mum margov we as we're just going to seek so I'm high so this should have a really really different result to yours man okay let's give it a go right then it goes it looks so like green tea on there how does rip it remove that from the table it might just like oh my god that's not fizzing is it that you're did that really well in comparison oh my goodness this text in it one line is so obviously look at that the difference you're just going nuts still and we did know five years ago it was put bleach in here for anyone that's just joined we're doing home pregnant because Josie was late for her period and hadn't done a pregnancy test so we have never done we just found out that she is pregnant and we were doing some homemade paper tickets and look at out that's my way I'm definitely not pregnant and that's why we in Beach and it is a completely different reaction to Jody's we in Bleach look at that incredible crap is incredible and the other one that worked really disagree yeah everyone wasn't it I'm around net yeah comes together means pregnant and that's exactly what I've done so we could try that one as well couldn't win see yet is minded mouth the dinner party sir I think it's fairly it does look like Chardonnay Charlie's dead I think we've got two different if this is a wine tasting oh how do I do that what if I just have a snippet there why do I just have a sip of your we can be nice oh dear great well done mate and I'm going to use one of your fleshly for everything you're just trying to stick one and see if that really different cause if this dissolved with my way in it and I'm definitely not pregnant then it's another dead serve you can get out get a compromise I'm amazed that any of these works if I'm honest I didn't expect anything to work nice not nice I was sure I'm not naming my old wives tales yeah yeah I'm going but that's leech one is incrementing so this is the sugar one is ship dissolve my way because I'm not pregnant let's see we're just put up to one side what about next to yours they're safe and they are oh my god again that's crazy amazing it is we're just sharing everyone you see I'm just on my own and I'm my home let's just found out that you are having baby number four maybe baby number five Oh God holy Christmas oh my don't have to move in what do we know God helps that have to bring three boys with me the very air I pickle yeah and so no probably not the best a pen is a sign once it's already got three children of my own everyone say bring daddy rings occasion to meet mrs. bellam in amigo oh my god I know I'll just come on get out your meeting right now um have you got this number may be artificial and to say where life I would be on Facebook yeah it's like you need to deliver the news and I think it was because in me I felt almost quite pattern because it has all the feelings that I had and I just noted I've spoken to my husband about it and I start feeling so like maryani's yes alright but on the floor as well so probably me that's out a bit more than anything but no no oh god this cabeza like much at the moment where you're definitely not pregnant Yeah right that was a great life oh yeah let's say that when Sebago that was the real pregnancy test you've got two very very very clear lines someone's asking what the gender of your other kids are I've got three boys and reading you so yeah oh my god you're going to be another boy and what tell us a little bit that back side I have had it so many times you know being pregnant and with me number three you know I think a girl no I'm not married because just like even earlier a healthy baby and I actually think probably first and second time round I did I was kind of hoping at that girl because I thought oh where they are you think daughter would be lovely expression yeah well she would be pretty and she would do ballet music oh and then I had a boy and I thought I was okay yeah that's happened before you happy with what you get out of it yesterday and there's something so special about little boys and there are more violet I think that's the bond that they have with their mum what they do with their dad is really different and second time another boy you just say right button okay so it's not I'm not going to have one boy one guy okay and then third time I can't honestly say I wanted yeah of all the way here again I wanted a set of three yeah I know how to do boys I could just sort of thanks getting them outside and if you local yeah I'm a tiger and I'm definitely a mama's boys and I think how to turn a girl in to mix that up I almost so much what you do I know it's not yes whole nother story I put food a cream on the girl it's just so many creases but wait a minute I have been completely thrown when I have taste it you know when I Drive it's after Katie girl it's just you should prepare driver for each other than that because I know what to do with a wing cake yeah and just yeah it's so different and live a lot more emotional and girls can be a little bit more dramatic hormones I know I was like growing and I'm not sure if I want to put myself through that that's not to say that I don't want to have a girl but I understand having boys but actually I had another boy I'd be perfectly happy but it's just one of those things whenever you fall pregnant somebody has to say yeah do you want to go or anything for a girl this time are you going to try for a girl it's like I didn't think sometimes though it's just a nice thing so I would feel like I like to say something yeah excellent mum in the same way I like to grab a baby because it goes because I'm having the worst purpose a meaning that was marco straight away with young ladies I speak to my demonstration yeah and oh I love baby cuddling because mine of all just moved out of baby stage so I love having babies and having a couple in the play and then yeah I do really miss that stage and I don't miss it enough to have number four so um but yeah so so you wouldn't really have a preference tonight definitely not I just think yes almost there baby is healthy of the scene Marcos bombs talipes as well so yeah his feet were turned in when he was born through and you had to go through quite a yeah he's having ongoing treatment backfield if you're interested I'll try just to take a look take a little science a table of experiment you know I'm looking for my cup of screen video my big that that is the one I promise you that's not the one I read in so on so yeah yeah I just think as long as the baby's healthy and I get to carry two full time obviously I guess I'll be closely watched yeah those has much my water bed early last time at 27 weeks so yeah and then I'll see you born early so I guess I'll be closely watched and do you think this time did you find out the sex of your other way of them really already knew I'm very organized so I'd like died in my head I like tonight not that it made a difference at all but yeah yeah I just like to be organized enough yeah too many I was happy knowing how did that your husband's going to feel about me coming along with the camera and doing the line when you find out what sensitive areas there's a next video right Anna cattleman goodlove signed up six Jody's baby my friend you can be my lover boy there we chance I'm amazing amazing amazing we just found out that Joe is pregnant and she didn't notice a certain before we did this pregnancy test just a confirmation right but yeah we're done so please please please like comment share this videos and make sure that you keep watching the channel man this week there's so many videos going out for mums the word week it's all about mums and this loads of exciting stuff in there you've been watching yet what stick around and your started with I don't know what day of the week if it went very well but another couple of days this week and yeah I'm putting it out there that I think we needed herbs the word reacts as well definitely when your husband gets out and Jesse maybe you can put in a comment below this video you might not be watching you might just like rosy and satin together working like oh my god what's in the result anyway another one makes a massive effect those women in wrestling are thank you and see the whole family what are you going to do because you've got three of everything everywhere you're going to have to find more room for pixie out there for them even number support good I'm really even number yes yeah I was going up until I had another dream anyway most of everybody thank you I on SlideShare and get yourself over to channel mum and watch all the videos over there that are relevant to you there's definitely definitely definitely some good viewing over there so share the love and get on in there and thank you so much Jamie massive congratulate donors this video high-five you

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  1. I know for a fact the bleach test is bs, because I tried it out of curiousity and it foamed and fizzed much more than this woman's did. And I am a virgin.

  2. I did this an i had the foam an it fizzing but when i took 2 clear blue tests they came back neg an my period is 7 days late so can anyone help me to know what it means?

  3. I did a bleach, sugar and even a salt test and the two looked like that and the salt all came back positive. So here's hoping!!!

  4. I did the sugar test and it didn’t dissolve unless I stirred it but a real pt came out negative. I’m confused…

  5. i did the bleach test 8dpo and it fizzed and disappeared quickly, then 10dpo I did the bleach test with my wife to see if its a difference then mine foamed up and stayed foamed while hers fizzed and disappeared. I also did this test with my friend 3 years ago to see if she was pregnant and both our urines just fizzed and disappeared which was negative. But i’m still getting negative pregnancy tests

  6. So I did all these test and all had positive results took a clear blue says not pregnant could I be and the clear blue just didn't pick up the levels yet and these ones can

  7. i just did the bleach test rn, and it came out positive, i did it 3 times, im only 18 and im too scared to actually get the store bought test bcuz im scared itll come back positive. OMG.

  8. hi my name is Jessica Patterson and I did the bleach pregnancy test soon I put the bleach in pee it foam up and was bobbling then went down

  9. I did the bleach test n it was foaming bubbling and it changed color but i dont really believe that im pregnant

  10. People are so rude. This was such an awesome video, I love you two ❤️ the way you say wee is adorable, the smile the mother on the right is just something else 😁❤️

  11. With the white tooth paste and pee its supposed to be a few drops of pee stir it if it turns blue and foamy your pregnant

  12. Are you sure it’s supposed to be white vinegar? Bc I’ve seen someone do it with apple cider vinegar and it changed color. It turned green

  13. You supposed to pour the bleach into the pee and not the other way round. Supposed to stir the toothpaste and add drops of the pee into the sugar

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