AM I STILL PREGNANT? Pregnancy Test Results!

hello beauties welcome back to my channel so I am just gonna be touching base today today I did a live pregnancy test I've gone ahead I've uploaded it on my family vlog channel but I just wanted to touch base with you guys real quick to let you know where I stand and what's up like I mentioned before I am in my sixth month of trying and so you know yeah I it's the big question is like am i pregnant after six months of trying every time I do these tests that's what we're trying to find out and if you guys missed the last video you'd have seen that I did have half faint nines and I didn't post one yesterday because honestly my aunt's I feel like my I was at the same place like my lines were just so faint that it I just didn't feel like posting and saying the same darn thing I did go ahead and post a video on my other channel but then you know the update update you guys it just felt so repetitive because I didn't have much to add as inside from saying the exact same thing that I didn't you know the lines are inconclusive so that's where I'm at let me give you guys a quick glimpse of the test so far so I've taken four different tests over the last three days so I did go ahead and test with day 8 or no dating I did go ahead and test eight days post which is this one and I did that live there was a live pregnancy test I did you guys can see a very faint line on there it's obviously kind of um dried up now but it was very it was very like a be evident obvious when I took the test day 9 honestly there's still a faint line there despite it drying up you can I'm sorry if you guys can't see it but it's so hard to pick up on camera because no no it's just a pregnancy test if it's not like super fire vibrant it's not you know super obvious day 10 can you guys see the line at all if you can see anything leave a comment down below and let me know I feel like I can kind of see it but it kind of looks like there's nothing there and then this is another one that I took from day ten so I took one earlier this morning and then I took one this evening because I've been hearing so much about SMU so SMU is second morning urine and then there's first morning urine I took my test this morning with first morning urine to confirm whether or not I was pregnant and the line was kind of vague it was just I saw it but honestly I was stating that it's a little lighter it was a little lighter less prominent than the first one that I saw which makes me feel like I'm having a chemical pregnancy and I'm just little under I'm just very you know kind of sad about it because this would be the second round of that for me at least second round that I catch I have before trying to get pregnant with my baby the very first time I did have a chemical pregnancy so we'll see what happens I'm trying to remain hopeful but that's where it's at so I went ahead and I did go ahead and test this one and honestly there's a line there but it's very very faint I this is not the reading right now I'll show you guys so you I don't know if you guys can see a line at all but I will show you the original clip that I took this morning from the live pregnancy test in here just I'll give you guys a quick glimpse but that's where my head is at like I don't know like I don't know am I having a mind like honestly losing this baby but am I having a miscarriage I feel like I'm having a miscarriage because this month there's so many symptoms that I had like I had sore nipples I felt the twinges and I know what they felt like as I had them with baby girl my nipples were on my breasts were like so a key for the first few days and then my nipples were so sore that I didn't want her to even like the nurse and now we're at the you know now we're at this place where I just felt like only like just so certain that knew what I saw and I felt and I'm so certain that it was like gonna be my month is it's my birthday in like a few days and I was like skinning so pumped that oh my goodness it's actually happening like in my body I even felt nauseous and I was trying so hard not to read into that symptom of feeling nauseous because I just didn't I didn't want to get my hopes up but now I feel like I'm having a miscarriage or a chemical pregnancy which is the same thing it's just very early on and though I know it's common and that happens to a lot of us I think this is the you know the thing that comes about when we knit when we check early we see it and it becomes it makes and it's sad because you know something was there and now it's not and it's just like so I I'm like so debating whether I should continue just taking test after test or if I should just like wait off until my peer at my cycle comes because it gets sadder and sadder every time I take another test and I know like I'm saying like I try not to put any emotions into this I try not to put much weight into taking these tests because I know what they can I know what the answer can be because the answer can be very inconclusive so I try not to put a lot of weight into them but I think when it when you discover that you were pregnant and then it you know disappears that is when it becomes an emotional thing because you're now dealing with like a loss and it's so sad because every life matters and so you know that I feel like last time around I didn't even have time to process it because it was my first time dealing with a chemical pregnancy and then the idea of baby girl coming along it just kind of it helped to heal that void really quickly so right now it's just like a different moment because I've been TT seen for so long I've had moments to gather my thoughts I know at this stage where I'm like you know I've had moments to think it through and I know I just feel a little sad if that's what's happening I'm trying not to go in and that's thing like because I still see a faint line I'm still wanting to be hopeful because I know they say water can dilute dilute your your in and you know there's just like all these little things that could happen but that could be so I've been reading a lot of pregnancy forms and stuff and a lot of women have said they themselves have gotten positives and then a negative and then a positive again and they don't know I didn't know what happened maybe because their their urine was diluted or whatever and they what they went on to get their big fat positives and then there are lots of women who've had it and then went on to just suffer a loss through chemical pregnancy so I really just don't know which way to go I'm trying to remain positive I'm trying to stay hopeful but I'm also trying to be realistic because when you see a line that is fading and getting lighter from the first day you took it it's not leaving a lot of hope it's not leaving a lot of room for hope also I was explaining on my other channel too that I there's I think that may have explained it to you guys but the discrepancy between my ovulation like I thought I did I just allowed glottal to determine when I ovulate it and I was going doing my ovulation based on that but if I were to calculate the day when I think I are violated based on the test that I took the ovulation test that I took I would technically only be eight days post today so that could further encourage me a kiss to hang in there and hold off because I might actually have a longer way to go and here I you know what I mean like I don't know I really don't know what I'm even trying to say like I just know that I from the looks of things we have ovulated and day later than what glo suggested or ovulated to two if not three days later because it's either I had oscillated by the time I took that test and where I saw the line or I was going to ovulate so it's just like so it's just like a giant ambiguous thing and it's just so frustrating but like I said I just wanted to be keep you guys in the loop and update you guys if you guys want to keep updated on what I have and you want to get the deeds first subscribe to my family vlog channel because I do post ttc stuff they're not just prank live pregnancy tests but I do post pregnancy updates and all that kind of stuff there too because it's a part of my life and it's hard although I'm doing a vlog channel and I want to just post vlogs it's kind of hard being that I am the face of the vlog and my face isn't always going to be happy when I'm experiencing such a big thing in going on in my life I can't I don't want to saturate both channels by just going live pregnancy test live frankly does it makes no sense but I don't mind touching base and updating you guys on what's going on so you know today's video is am i pregnant after six months of trying and today I am 10 days post ovulation that's the big question am i I don't know and yeah that's that's pretty much it this pregnancy journey is like it's always an interesting thing you know but patience patience and patience thank you guys for those of you that are tuning in and for any of you that are going through any of these things or recently suffered a loss or have suffered loss you know my heart goes out to you guys because I know and I totally understand you know where you're coming from and I know I may not understand everything on the spectrum because the severity varies but I'm just saying I could I have you in my thoughts and I pray that and if you're TTC I pray that you get your big fat positive keep the faith don't give up stay positive much love guys

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