Amanda W. | Women’s Care of Wisconsin Patient Testimonial

Logan came at 8:08 p.m. It took a little
bit of time to work on her but she was eventually resuscitated and I heard a
little it sounded like a kitten meowing and I finally could breathe. I was
wheeled up to the third-floor labor and delivery and I had to go on some pretty
heavy medication right away to help bring my blood pressure down. My
liver enzymes were increasing. All of this is a sign of preeclampsia which is
a very serious maternal condition and at that point I was 29 weeks and we figured
that we needed to start being pre-emptive with delivery being
almost imminent at that point. It was a scary situation. Every doctor at Women’s
Care consulted on my case while I was in because it was just such an extreme
measure of going from being somewhat okay to the point where we had to get
Logan out for her safety and for my own. So we’re very lucky.
Logan spent 66 days at the Children’s Hospital in the intensive care unit and
our first step when she was released was to go show her off to Kay
at Women’s Care. It was a journey for both of us but we made it
through and I am so grateful to everyone at Women’s Care for the attention that
they paid to us.

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