20 Replies to “Amara nearly fall dpwn from high after giving birth Amara got a problem”

  1. Какого лешего её понесло лазить по деревьям? Опять начала выпендриваться!! Что за мамаша!!! Не может без портов!

  2. It looks like they are testing their Alpha Queen while she is a bit vulnerable. I womder if in such a large troup especially one with so many pigtail and long tails mixed together how the matriarch line works for this troup. Amara works very hard to keep her group disciplined. Everyday she has to put someone in their place.

  3. Well I hope she falls she is nasty! but save her baby and feed it cause I see only her eating she almost fell why cause she to fat.

  4. I hope Amara finds Dolly and Dee Dee and kicks their butt for poor Daniela and make Dani feed her baby

  5. Have not seen the baby nurse as of yet. Amara does the best position for baby to nurse several times and different video takers too.

  6. I just watched a video about baby monkey Amy at the vet and it’s funny the vet asked the VO how Amy got hurt then there’s a guy with the VO that starts to say something and the guy filming stops the guy from speaking. Just saying it’s funny all these monkeys keep getting sick and or dying especially the baby’s.

  7. I like it when we see the piñata effect right after birth when baby hangs from high in tree from its cord like a piñata!

  8. You scumbag VOs gonna try and kidnap this baby and rip it open like you did to Amy?? Then blame it on some phantom rogue male like you did with Amy ?? Well let's see how Amara treats this baby and no matter what you AH better stay out of it This time. You really screwed the pooch with Amy last time let's not have a repeat. Although I know it doesn't matter what I say you scum will do what you want anyway and claim its all because your trying to help and care so much. Liars manipulators killers that's what you are. Nothing more. You VOs have injured and caused more monkeys to die than Nature. Jmo

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