29 Replies to “Amazing Baby Lizza Sleep ! Newborn Baby Monkey Lizza Awesome”

  1. My mouth is puckering up – that green mango looks very sour and mom eats it anyway …oh well, it's vitamin C – good for you

  2. Awe look at the other mom trying to communicate with Lizza! That's great! Lizza is imitating her lip smacking, opening and closing her mouth. Incredible! I love when babies lip smack, it's the cutest, especially cuz they have no teeth!

  3. MAGICAL ENCHANTING LIZZA IS THE "NEW STAR". I just love her so much and I look forward to seeing more fun videos of MY ROLY POLY DOLLFACE LIZZA. THANK YOU FOR YOUR VIDEOS OF ROLY POLY LIZZA. She's a very IMPRESSIVE BABY MONKEY.

  4. I vote that Michelle mace just get over there and film the entire you tube accounts for everyone in the world and specify exactly just how and what they all need to be done before even posting on the web! Git it, got it, good! I’m just glad I can see what I am unable to see so many thousands of miles away from me and all the wonders of the world that are available to enjoy!

  5. I think lizza is the cutest little monkey. I love how shes so small and kinda chubby. I really hope she doesnt become a victim of DeeDee or Dolly.

  6. Has anyone else noticed Lizza has short legs 🐒@ her furr is thicker then
    other baby's 🚼 she gets cuter everyday!🐒

  7. Thank you for the close-ups I love them and I think this baby is just so darn cute and the mother is a very good mom to her good job

  8. Why these extreme closeups still. Im going to boycott and stop watching the channels that show no improvement in their camera skills. You guys are doing th is long enough to be bettwr at what you do. Dont be so lazy.

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