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  1. So how do I put this… MY PITBULLS A HOE. (I’m jp I love her with all my heart).. anyways. She gave birth about a year ago and a half but now she’s pregnant again. Last time she had 7 puppies but one nearly didn’t make it, since he came out legs first. Due to a virus one of the babies died and big momma was left with 6. We were moving at the moment to a very tiny apartment, due to payments and we couldn’t afford to live with 10 animals, including my chihuahua, my cat, and a cockatiel therefore, we had to sell the puppies but kept one. Now we live in a much bigger house than my last apartment and my last house combined. I am so happy she is having puppies again and I was left in shock last time big momma gave birth, since it was her first time. She was an amazing mother and cared for her babies like if she had experience, I know she will be a wonderful mother once more. (This time we don’t have to sell the puppies 🐶😭✊💕)

  2. wow the first puppy was moving really fast for just being born I thought it was just sit there and breathe until it was like 2 weeks old and then it would start moving wow

  3. DO THINK THE DOGS, THEY DON'T KNOW WHAT THEY HAVE TO DO? overtime when I see some videos like this..makes me sad..the human being has to help overtime…why…stop this..

  4. cute my dogs about to give birth but never ever put a collar on a dog under 6 weeks they get stuck or hooked on things and die.Look it up It's dangerous. I'm telling you because i love animals and i don't want to see them suffer because of your actions

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