36 Replies to “Amazing Herd Of Elephant Help Mother Elephant Giving Birth In The Wild”

  1. oh dear…more of those hideous 'elephant' noises —–it would be a better film without the added distraction of those noises!

  2. I never saw myself here watching an elephant scream while giving birth! Wow what YouTube does to you in a couple hours!

  3. What awesome animals they are. They surround the baby protecting it. Their vocalizations are beautiful.

  4. I like how the baby elephant just lift up its trunk!(i know what is it called)1:42

    Edit i also saw other mothers gave birth too!(look at the left and you will see)1:33

  5. wow elephants wake up much much faster in the wild than in captivity, go watch elephant birth in bali you will know what i mean

  6. Ok boys its time initiate defense pattern omega circle all around her and attack anything that isnt an elephant

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