11 Replies to “Amenorrhea – Absence of Menstrual Periods, Animation”

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  2. I haven’t had my period in about a year tbh I don’t really even remember. I’ve always had my period like every few months or so never normal. I’ve also have never gone to a gynecologist before I have just kept putting it off and not really putting it first. I just turned 25 and am sexually active and I do have a thyroid condition so my hormonal imbalance is way off I’m always hot 🥵 and get hot flashes. Idk of that has anything to do with why I’m not getting my periods. I do get some spotting every now and then but just a little and I don’t have any pain or anything. I’m just a bit scared now since I haven’t had it in a long time!

  3. 7 month now no periods…. After using aherbal Chinese family planning pill.. But am having discomfort with my stomach., can it be amenoreah or fellopian tube blockage? Somebody help. Feeling worried

  4. it's common for vegan athletes to get it once every 3 months? stress sure. I ve bones, losing weight. ah I'm 38 btw

  5. Hi, my last period are in early 2016 and after that it never come again. I never go to check up or take any drugs. So what can i do now? Im 26th now and not married yet. Please give some advice or anything😔thanks in advance

  6. I had eating disorders in the past and it really messed up my period cycle I lost my period for about 4 months and it came back literally 1 day and it went away that exact day I'm not sure if that was even my period. Then I was clean without it for about 3 more months and it came back just today and I hope it stays for more than a day I'm starting to get worried that I'm probably got myself infertile

  7. I’m 19 and can’t even remember when I last had my menstrual cycle , sometime in 2016 to the start of 2017 I bled for almost a year then it just stopped since then I’ve had no period ?

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  9. Isn't it normal to stop periods on certain contraception also? I have an implanon implant. I have periods when not on it but no periods when on it.

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