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JEFF DURBIN: 3000 babies a day murdered in our nation. 3000 a day, that’s a 9/11 every day. KID: Babies are murdered here. We should not
murder babies. ASHLEY GREY: I think the real reason they
are out there is a deep deep rooted hatred of women.
JEFF DURBIN: Whatever you’re afraid of, it’s not an excuse for you to kill your
own baby. BC: They are attacking people on the very
worst day of their lives. DAN HOWLETT: For the first time ever, the number of people who consider themselves pro-choice
in America outnumbers those who’re pro-life. 50% of Americans now say that they respect
a woman’s right to choose, but half of the population still do not. I’ll be travelling
to Arizona to spend time with Jeff Durbin and his Red Door Ministry. They are a controversial
group who picket Planned Parenthood clinics and broadcast a weekly show with a very strongly
worded message. JEFF DURBIN: Our movement in this area is to end abortion immediately. Calling it murder
and focusing on legislation that would criminalise the performing of an abortion in any state. JEFF DURBIN: Planned Parenthood will dismember, decapitate and disembowel your own child.
You’re not going to leave Planned Parenthood no longer a mom or a dad, you’re going to
leave the mother and father of a dead child. My name is Jeff, I’m a pastor at Apologia
church. Please turn away from this place of death. DAN HOWLETT: Could you tell me when and why you founded Red Door Ministry? JEFF DURBIN: Goodness, I think it’s been about three years since we started the Red
Door Ministry . So we had said at that time that if we can do this and save even one baby,
if we can bring the gospel consistently to the abortion mills, then it’s worth our
whole lives and as of today, that we know of, over 50 babies have been saved through
this ministry. DAN HOWLETT: Do you see absolutely no difference
between a mother killing her teenage son and a mother getting an abortion?
JEFF DURBIN: No. No difference. I think that anybody that severs the heads and arms and
legs off of a baby girl should receive a death penalty, yes.
DAN HOWLETT: Do you think that people just find it quite distasteful to shout at women
when they’re going in? JEFF DURBIN: Yeah! I think that people might
have the wrong perspective when we’re out there and not understand our motivations.
MAN: There is no wrong, there is no right. It was a rape.
JEFF DURBIN: For example, if we were back during Hitler’s regime and we stood outside
of Auschwitz to plead for the lives of the Jews inside, it might make a lot of people
uncomfortable. DAN HOWLETT: Do you consider abortion to be
similar to the Holocaust? JEFF DURBIN: Yes. I absolutely do consider
abortion to be the modern day Holocaust. Although, I believe that it is a bit of an insult to
Hitler to compare what he did in Nazi Germany to what we have before us. If we take a body
count of Hitler’s Germany to what we’ve had since Roe v Wade, we have beat him by
the metric ton. JEFF DURBIN: Arizona is considered a friendly pro-life state. It’s definitely not, ultimately
just, and that we are still murdering babies in Arizona. I think in an area like this,
just where we’re at in Tempe with ASU campus right there, there is definitely a lot more
hostility this way, like you see people driving by, giving us the middle finger, throwing
stuff at us, stopping and screaming at us. DAN HOWLETT: And it’s not only Jeff and his followers who regularly picket Planned
Parenthood. Pro-choice supporters also line the pavement and the two camps often clash. JEFF DURBIN: And the supporters out here, the Planned Parenthood supporters on this
site generally don’t want to engage in any kind of conversation, not a rational, peaceable
conversation. CHRISTY ANDERSON: I don’t care what you believe; I will stand in your face day in
and day out, because murder should be illegal. BC: Murder is illegal.
CHRISTY ANDERSON: No, not apparently. BC: But this is not murder.
CHRISTY ANDERSON: This is murder. BC: This is not murder.
CHRISTY ANDERSON: This is… BC: No, it’s misleading. That’s what it
is. CHRISTY ANDERSON: How is murder misleading?
It is what’s happening. There was a life in the mother, then she walks in and there
is no life when she walks out. BC: If we do declare that abortion is not
a service that should be provided anywhere, to anyone at any time, for any reason. We
take the rights of each very little individual and place them above being able to help an entire
people, which would be women in general. If I am raped or if my child is going to be stillborn,
if there is a medical necessity for an abortion. CHRISTY ANDERSON: Rape is not the norm here,
number one, and even if it were, it’s still no excuse. DAN HOWLETT: Is abortion ever acceptable? JEFF DURBIN: Is abortion ever acceptable?
I would say no. Let’s work through the issues quickly. A, first, rape. I ask the question
what’s wrong with rape. Rape is the violation of another’s person’s body. You don’t
have any right to violate their person, I would say. But that’s what’s taking place
in abortion, do we give capital punishment to children because of the crimes of the father.
The next thing is incest. I know people personally who were the products of incestuous relationships
and I don’t think we should kill them. And the final thing is the life of the mother.
Because of technology, where we are at today, the instances where life of the mother is
truly in danger and you have to actually execute the child to save the life of the mother,
the number of instances is so infinitesimally small, that to use it as an argument across
the board to slaughter children is intellectually inapt. JEFF DURBIN: They do not care for you, ma’am. They want to murder your child. We are here
to help you. Please turn to Christ and live. DAN HOWLETT: Could you tell us about what your life was like before you found Christ?
JEFF DURBIN: I remember as a teenager that my dad had pro-choice bumper stickers on his car. DAN HOWLETT: What about the addiction?
JEFF DURBIN: There were areas of my life that I had not turned over to Christ and I ended
up going into drug and alcohol addiction. One night almost OD-ed, I knew that I was
dying and I told God, I said, “I know that what I’m doing is sin” and I said, “Please
just don’t take my life, don’t kill me, yet…” JEFF DURBIN: I saw Christ for who he is. My need for him, for forgiveness and I turned
to him and trusted in him and my life changed. JEFF DURBIN: We are right by ASU which is a huge secular university, they are pumping
out atheist and agnostics like a factory. We know they are listening, we know they can
hear us and we communicate with them even with the door shut, because we were told that
our voices make it into the lobby. JEFF DURBIN: Turn from this place of evil and death. DAN HOWLETT: One of the tactics used by the ministry is to bring young children to the
picket line. MELISSA JOHNSON: These are our seven children. We have McKenzie, Titus, Casey, Racken, Rinely,
Amory and Archer. GABRIEL JOHNSON: We’re standing for the babies that can’t speak for themselves.
KID: Because it’s not right to kill your baby. KID: Babies are murdered here. We should not murder babies. KID: Thou shall not murder, Exodus 20:13. JEFF: How does it relate to what’s happening today? What does your sign have to with what
we are doing here? KID: It’s saying not to murder. DAN HOWLETT: Despite realising his views are controversial, father-of-four Jeff is very
honest about indoctrinating his children. JEFF DURBIN: We teach our children very very young to do justice. My daughter, Immagin
is 15. She thinks it’s a perfect age to know what’s going on. Now what’s interesting
here, somebody might say something, “Well, you’re indoctrinating your children.”
Well, I’d say, “Right! And so are you.” Everybody goes about the business of indoctrination,
it means teaching. JEFF: Do we hate these women? No. LADY: All parents are teaching their children
a world view. That’s out job as parents is to teach our world view. IMMAGIN DURBIN: Sometimes, I do wish that I could have like lived a different life where
things are just easier, like most kids, they go to public school and that’s normal for
them, but as for me like, I’m home schooled, I grew up this way. What I, this is what I
believe, it’s what’s right to me. ANNALEIGH CROOM: It’s a, it’s rough sometimes,
you know, how people react to, you know, you telling them like we go and protest abortion,
you know, we defend babies’ lives. They don’t always take it so well.
IMMAGIN DURBIN: I mean, I definitely do feel like an outsider sometimes in the world, but
you just learn to deal with it. DAN HOWLETT: Do you care that you are hurting the women’s feelings when they are going
in on obviously a very vulnerable stage in their life?
JEFF DURBIN: When they call out to these moms and we say, ‘Please don’t murder your
child”, we’re not doing it in any way to be abusive to them. We’re doing it to
remind them. You’re a mom, this is your baby. And reminding them what is truly happening.
You say it’s healthcare, but today they are dismembering, disemboweling and decapitating
little boys and girls. How is that healthcare? BC: Today they are also treating STDs and
giving birth control and providing sexual education in schools all over the country.
They are doing more than just abortions. JEFF DURBIN: Okay! And Auschwitz also served
a good chicken soup and they gave people shelter and clothing. So, do we ignore what Auschwitz
did to the Jews? BC: We’re not here to argue that we’re
going to change minds or that we’re hoping to change minds. We don’t even hope to change
theirs. They are attacking people on the very worst day of their lives. DAN HOWLETT: Due to the number of anti-abortion protestors, they are now established teams
of escorts who accompany women to clinics around the country. Ashley Grey founded the
clinic escort team in 2014. DAN HOWLETT: What kind of things have you seen while you’ve been escorting women?
ASHLEY GREY: I’ve seen them try to hand women chocolate, because if they ingest food
they can’t go under anaesthesia. So, it either ruins the appointment and they have
to come back or, even worse, they forget they ate the chocolate, they go under anaesthesia
and they could die, it could be fatal. DAN HOWLETT: And what do you think about the
Red Door Ministry in Arizona? ASHLEY GREY: So, these guys in Arizona, they
are a lot younger than most protestors I have seen. They look cool, they have, you know,
hipster beards. I think that they are trying to change the stigma around what is a pro-life
protestor so, most people think of old white people waiving bibles. I think they could
give us more problems than the older generation, especially with social media and technology
advances. DAN HOWLETT: It’s true. Jeff’s ministry broadcasts across social media in a persuasive
and stylistic way, making it very hard to realise just how biased and one sided their
views can be. MAN: Alright guys, what’s up? Welcome back to another exciting episode of Apologia TV.
That’s Joy, the girl on the TV show. JEFF DURBIN: This is a new set we have for
a new show we’re going to do. It’s just like a lot of fun stuff. We reach people all
over the world from all kinds of different perspectives. We put out content recently,
teaching Christians how to go out to abortion mills and to minister to the women.
LUKE PIERSON: In 3,2,1… action. JEFF DURBIN: At usually Wednesdays and Saturdays,
those are the surgical abortion days. Many of you guys know about our ministry, the Red
Door Ministry. We might look different than a lot of people that are into the short hair
and nice, tidy, cleaned up look and suit and tie stuff. But that’s not necessarily biblical.
Doctrinally speaking, we’re pretty old school, ancient. We even have beards.
MAN: That’s alright. JEFF DURBIN: Yeah, so…
JOY: I don’t. JEFF DURBIN: Except for Joy. She has a spirit beard. MAN: She’s been trying. JEFF DURBIN: So, we were at the abortion mill again this morning. JEFF DURBIN: We know a Planned Parent is a business to do. We know that they kill about
a thousand children a day in our nation. This is ASU campus. ASU is one of the big party
schools in the United States and during the summer particularly women get pregnant and
they come in and they kill their children. DAN HOWLETT: What do you think is the real reason they are out there?
ASHLEY GREY: I think the real reason they are out there is misogyny. I think it’s
a deep deep rooted hatred of women and wanting to control women.
JEFF DURBIN: You’re a customer. They deal in death. JEFF DURBIN: The situations we are in now, our law allows for women to kill their children.
I would say my hope is that we get to a place where the State will actually say that if
a mother kills their child, it is a murder charge. DAN HOWLETT: Is abortion murder? ASHLEY GREY: Is abortion murder? No, absolutely
not. It’s healthcare, it’s providing a service, a very very needed service. Before
abortion was legal, women were dying all the time from illegal abortions. And when they
made abortion legal in 1973, women stopped dying overnight. It was just like that. No
more deaths due to botched back alley illegal abortions. I think they should leave people
alone. You know, I don’t drink but I don’t strand outside of bars and scream at people
who do. It’s a private, personal, medical decision. It’s none of anyone else’s business. JEFF DURBIN: Ultimately I want to please God and not men. And I care more about how God
views the situation. I care more about ultimately God’s truth than I do about someone’s
feeling ultimately being hurt.

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    heres an interesting set of quotes:

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