America's War on Abortion

I've arrived in Missouri just days after the governor has signed a bill that outlaws abortion after eight weeks pregnancy it's due to come into effect in August and here in st. Louis it's driving people onto the streets we need to have politicians who care about women's health and women's right to choose how does it make you feel this is a young woman in America about the future heinessen is terrified yeah pro-choice advocates were angered by these laws especially because there are no concessions for victims of rape or incest but people here are not surprised the years Missouri has imposed restrictions making it more and more difficult for women to access abortions most clinics have been forced to close down this is Missouri's last remaining clinic hey good morning have a good day ma'am a rose for you good morning got a roast where you want a rose beautiful rose oh come on it's okay a rose here's a brochure we're just doing free pregnancy tests and ultrasounds for pro-lifer Brian Westbrook the new abortion laws are a great victory but his main goal is to live in a country with zero abortions it's definitely a momentous outcome is something that is gonna be in the step in the right direction but what we do know is that there are other places in the country that you can still get an abortion do you think the essential all this progress will be for naught if we don't continue to protect and defend and stand up for women it's a beautiful day for a rose Bryan's version of protecting women is changing their minds as they enter the abortion clinic he calls these moments turnarounds offer her free resources and if she is interested in those free resources or that continue to support she's gonna leave you know free roads where you pregnant a song I mentioned it's pretty hard to get someone to wind down the window and actually talk to you I mean it depends for those who are coming for abortions or pregnancy tests these kind of things we have about of a 40% stop rate so we're not doing too bad then of those we have about a 1% turnaround rate and we've had 2387 now turnarounds out someone's coming now so this is the Planned Parenthood escort have a good day man Bryan's tactics not as aggressive as you might expect not a rose instead of graphic pictures and accusations of murder he uses roses and what we find is that the more loving the more caring the more outgoing we are the more opportunities we have to talk to people it's actually a pretty common sense bless us all as we continuing to leave these insights gained from a decade of sidewalk counseling are then passed on to his army of volunteers well let's be real honest we're standing in front of an abortion facility is gonna be controversial regardless of how you present yourself okay the moment we go and start yelling screaming holding ugly signs or anything else we're gonna put a barrier between us and that client and that's not what we're here to do so we have any turnarounds yeah we actually had one turn you had to turn around no Rachel around awesome are these women always better off you've managed to turn around from the abortion clinic that's a very interesting question a woman is I don't know I would say most definitely what we've seen is women who have had abortions have a huge regret how's it going have a good event now it may seem hard to believe but Brian was once pro-choice he became a pro-life foot soldier after he nearly lost his newborn son Ethan my fall is about and Dominic's a youngest I literally dropped to my knees threw my arms up in the air and said God take care of my little boy and I'll rededicate my life to you he saved the life of our little child and gave us a second chance and with that Brian's life changed he founded advocacy group Coalition for life our mission statement is clearly ending abortion in st. Louis peacefully and prayerfully really the question is when does life begin at the moment of conception you have DNA from mom and DNA from dad and it's it's pulled together in a unique set of DNA that happens at the moment of conception and many on the other side of the argument can't figure out when human life gets dignity and value the current laws in Missouri have no exceptions for incest or rape do you think that there is a moral or ethical question there the child who is conceived in a very difficult situation that child still deserves life they still deserve dignity and respect and so that woman who has gone through a traumatic experience she needs consoling she needs professional assistance and help and she needs a love a surgical procedure that kills the life inside of her doesn't make a terrible traumatic experience go away it doesn't do you think that the majority of Americans share view an abortion I believe the majority of Americans do in fact share our view on abortion in reality this issue is dividing America right down the middle a Gallup poll found 48% of Americans consider themselves pro-life and an equal 48 percent believe women have a right to choose abortion is currently legal in all 50 US states following the roe v– wade ruling in the Supreme Court ruling has stood for over 40 years but it's days may be numbered Trump wants to make this a state issue and many states believe abortion should be illegal overturning roe v wade requires a ruling from the Supreme Court on state bans which thanks to trump is now majority conservative I am pro-life and I will be appointing pro-life judges nine states across America have introduced abortion bans but others are actually increasing protections for women seeking abortion I'm about across the Mississippi River which marks the border between Missouri and Illinois on this side abortion could soon become a thing of the past but on the other side just 15 minutes drive away they've passed the most progressive abortion legislation in the country I'm here at Hope clinic one of 40 in the state of Illinois to meet dr. Aaron King so this is our ultra area we see about 20 or 30 patients here in a day so most of our patients are our already mothers they already have their own families and a lot of our patients are low-income or patients of color right now the clinic has closed for the day but lately dr. King has been dealing with an influx of women crossing the border so how busy are these hallways usually very busy yes more than half of the women seeking abortions here are from Missouri and abortion takes about five minutes and it's a very simple procedure that is most people literally without sedation could finish the procedure and walk out of the office and go home so there's actually a lot more risk associated with its pregnancy and with abortion oh absolutely actually Illinois has replaced outdated abortion legislation with legal protections for physicians clinics and patients in this state we trust women right now in this state abortion is considered a fundamental woman's right a stark contrast to neighboring Missouri [Applause] we're so pessimistic and very sad about what's happening for our patients in Missouri and our providers and then we're ecstatic that Illinois has turned around inside look we think the life and the health of the patient is very important whilst Illinois is making national headlines for its progressive approach one state has drawn global attention for its near total ban on abortion I mean Alabama where a new bill outlaws abortion at any stage of pregnancy with no exceptions for victims of rape and incest Alabama has just three abortion clinics servicing a population of around 2.4 million women right now they are still operational as the new abortion law isn't due to come into effect until November and is already the subject of a legal challenge good morning I've seen you walk by 10 times tough morning nobody wants to be at an abortion clinic but this clinic in Tuscaloosa has been a battleground for decades why have you come here today because babies are being murdered and there and women are being lied to and hurt good morning miss we have a gift for you flying over and talk to us they can't help you in there how much time do you spend here at the Pawnee well I try to get here every Saturday so how many is a couple of decades maybe a little more do you think these women should have the choice to be able to side whether they want to have their baby no I don't think that any woman should have a right to kill their children do you it's not about what I think what's not about what I think it's about what he thinks good morning we're good almost afternoon I have a blessing bag for you sir I'd like to get just meters away from the protesters the clinic escorts chaperoned women in and out of the clinic I've been told that I'm gonna go burn eternally for every baby I assured to slaughter they'll post pictures of the patient's companions staff and escorts online and harass them online as well do you ever actually feel scared for your personal safety doing this job we are aware we are always alert that there is a risk of violence so the clinic hires an off-duty police officer to come here two days a week to monitor the protesters activity because they have gotten just that aggressive our clinic specifically has been fire bombed in the past this doesn't need to devastate your life using abortion we devastate to learn more about the struggles of running an abortion clinic in the deep south helmi takes me to meet the director of the clinic Gloria hi Gloria I'm Laura nice to meet you Gloria opened this clinic in 1993 over time she's seen greater and greater restrictions placed on the clinic and an influx of protesters the Tuscaloosa clinic is referred to by the protesters as the abortion capitol in Alabama over the years we've seen it progress but since Donald Trump has been in office the protesters have definitely felt emboldened Gloria says the clinic sees about 250 women a month and she's worried about where these women will go in the future I do belief that abortion will have a big overturn roe v wade will be overturned and will be illegal in my lifetime the end goal is to make abortion illegal they don't care that that's not going to stop abortions it's going to stop safe abortions and women will continue to have abortions they were just women will die many of the women who come here in really vulnerable situations yes there are stories that have stuck with me over the years one being a little 12 year-old girl who came in for her first day counseling session and she said it was not a boy this was a 50 Phil 54 year old man that was my dad it will always stick in my mind this law has no exceptions for incest or rape does that make any sense to you it makes no sense can you imagine a 12 year old this little girl that I just talked about having to carry her father's child and that's a child having a child and not have access to an abortion I mean it's just something that my mind can't comprehend the 150 you pay on the first date it is deducted for those West Alabama Louisiana while the Alabama ban might never be enforced right now many women here don't know where they stand no we're still on the law passed that hit pass a law like this that still has to go through the court system West Alabama Women's Center they asked me will they you go to jail if they have this procedure done is it true that they would you know be arrested for ninety nine years Elizabeth found out she was pregnant four weeks ago but not long after the ban was announced then I started researching out-of-state Clintons and then I started researching the law about whether or not I was gonna catch a felony charge if I did go out of state and so it was an awful thoughtful motions thinking that I'm the product of the state or thinking that I had no I had no choice in the matter I think that's what a bold step to is that I don't get to decide my future but for now abortion is still an option for Elizabeth why did you decide to have an abortion today I am 32 I worked two jobs I have been dating the same guy for about four years I have not even close to being mentally financially or physically stable to have again so yeah that was right that was absolutely why Elizabeth is pretty certain about her choice and she's agreed to let us film this first appointment to show what getting an abortion in Alabama is really like a lot of women walk in here their heads are down they don't want to feel that judgement like they don't want to have people telling them that they're murderers when in truth are actually choosing for themselves and they're choosing for their own bodies under current legislation women cannot get an abortion after 20 weeks pregnancy and there's a 48-hour waiting period between this appointment and when she can get the procedure it just kind of makes you realize that you don't see they go god bless you yes you can have religion and have an abortion after this ultrasound Elizabeth has to do mandatory group counseling about her decision you've been told your whole life that the minute that you get pregnant that it's an actual living breathing human when it's just like a collection of cells that just happen out of heartbeat according to staff the counseling 48-hour wait period and state-issued pamphlets are all designed to dissuade women from having an abortion it's scary that I can't just say yes this is what I decided to do and then move forward I think that any woman that decided to walk in here today to have an abortion has already made a decision in her head she doesn't need to be deterred from it or or be made to feel guilty for at all 80 year old dr. Lewis pain has been performing abortions for more than 50 years if you had to guess how many women have come to you for abortions over the years probably around 80,000 our things under Alabama's new laws not only would abortion at any stage of pregnancy be illegal but the doctor who performs them could get 99 years in jail what do you think of that does that make any sense not at all it's not I mean we all know that it's unconstitutional the restrictions they put on there do nothing to protect women in facts just the opposite it makes it unsafe for women dr. Payne believes there are already too many barriers to accessing abortion it's something Alicia knows all too well while she's worked at the clinic as an assistant for eight years she first went there as a patient when she fell pregnant at 16 it's the best thing that ever could have happened to me 16 years old I'm still I was still a child raising a kid was something that I wouldn't be able to do when I see living in twelve-year-old girls I pulled them to decide what their parents and I tell them my story and let them know what they're doing is okay Alicia sees the clinic as a lifeline for herself and many other women is really awkward to get an abortion Alabama and it's especially hard for black women because I am a black woman and it takes me back to when I was 16 my mom aunts bring me back my weight it – I was 16 weeks because I was scared to tell my mom that I was pregnant and just watching her try to figure out where she was gonna get that money from so it's hard it's hard many of the women who come to Tuscaloosa travel long distances from small rural towns here in Alabama poverty is the worst in the developed world and ninety percent of the population is religious to find out just how much God and poverty plays into this debate I've come to meet Kara in SOI oval well it's 150 people basically all farmland it's very religious there are at least four to five churches around 45 45 Wow Kiera is a recent university graduate and she's part of a generation of young women in the u.s. starting to speak out against the ban I have two strikes I'm black and I'm a woman and now i barely have rights I don't have rights to my own uterus I'm walking around with the uterus that I can't even say it's mine Kiera says religion poverty and a lack of education are the main drivers behind women's seeking abortion in towns like this a lot of women get pregnant at a young age because they are not educated what are women taught about sex and Alabama off sex education is basically non-existent in rural areas they didn't tell us anything about contraception that in tell us about STI is STDs there's saint-just wait wait until marriage and if you don't wait you're a dirty horse when it comes to abortion how much an issue is poverty it's a bigger is the biggest issue a lot of people think it's race it's not race at all it's poverty no one wakes up one day and just says I need an abortion just because I'm a heartless person you make this tough call because you know that you're not gonna be able to pay your bills you know that you probably have a child that you already can't provide for my mother had one and she didn't I do it heartlessly she did it for me she did it for my brother and she did it for my other sister she did it for us Kiara's grandma is staunchly religious and this issue has been the source of much debate here at home what was your reaction when you heard about the abortion that we have my reaction was that all they should let the girls young ladies do whatever they won't do it they all die that's what we have feel about it so 25 white men signed off on this abortion bill what do you think of that oh damn 25 white men I don't like men deciding on my uterus because one they don't have one but 25 white men in general that just makes it 10 times worse I don't think that this is right I don't think that people are seeing the bigger picture for us as black women we barely have a seat at the table in society and we've just gotten pushed further back if abortion became illegal we become more impoverished we barely make it some of us would probably die you I'm on my way to Aniston a Republican stronghold in northeast Alabama and I'm here to meet senator Dell Marsh Dell is one of the 25 male senators responsible for signing Alabama's abortion ban under this law doctors who perform abortions would get a life sentence longer than a violent sexual assault offender does that make sense to you my only there again it's at that point it's considered murder I mean and that's you know so you're gonna look at how that sentence is determined for someone who murdered India and it's it's the murder of the most helpless of the helpless do you believe abortion is murder after a certain Poland what point when did life is windage determined when life begins and when is that well the Supreme Court I have to tell us a girl was against some of the more hardline aspects of the ban but he voted for it anyway he says he's looking to the long term this is about challenging roe v wade that's what this is about I will I first stood the amendment for the exception of rape and incest I always have been supportive an amendment what is the end goal of challenging review wait to overturn end goal is to overturn it to make abortion illegal under except under certain conditions do you think that a woman has a right to choose what happens to her own body well I do but to a point I mean they have caused the point that you decide when does life begin and once that begins and the choice is is older we are not heard we don't have a seat at the table we are marginalized highly people don't listen to us at all at all and when we do try to speak up people find some way to shut it down if you could talk to those legislators what would you say I just lost another one of my rights and that's sad to say see we're supposed to be going forward and we're going backwards

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  1. Abortion is slow motion genocide . More black babies have been aborted than are born each year . It's not a complete success but it's still following Margret Sangers plans for depopulating black americans .

  2. From reading the comment I'm disappointed. You men still don't get it. All the responsibility of raising a child is on the woman. You all have your one minute of pleasure and we have a life time of something that should be for both man and woman to do. Let's say they all have the babies, then there will be a lot of abandoned children and who will be blamed for it. (Us women) and where will "the men" be? Free to have their minute of pleasure again. HELL NO!!!!!

  3. So here we are in 2019 and men still think they have the right to tell us what we should do with our bodies after they rape, beat and abuse us in so many different ways. Why don't they get pregnant instead. No man or anyone for that matter has the right to tell a woman what she should do with her body. Who is going to raise these babies after they are born? The State? Because these men leave the women to do everything. Or what or who are "THEY" looking for to COME??

  4. 100% Pro-Life. Abortion is child sacrifice at the pleasure of Satan. I knew a girl who had an abortion as a teenager and she definitely had some lingering mental and possibly physical scars from it.

  5. If the ‘ doctor ‘ does not use clean instruments, the woman can get very sick. Gangrene in the uterus is

  6. It's the idiot Christians who are passing these anti-women laws. They won't stop until all women are kept barefoot, pregnant, and chained to the kitchen stove.

  7. Hey dickweeds, a fertilized egg is NOT a "person" or a "human being" or a "little American" (as that little bitch Lila Rose claims). In the first 8 to 12 weeks when 90% of abortions are performed the embryo doesn't even resemble anything "human". It looks about the same as a chicken, moose, dog, antelope, or whale embryo.

  8. Life begins at conception. The baby heart begins beating 21 days after conception. The reason that the mother missed her cycle is because the baby heart is beating. Read the "Did You Know" blue booklet that was produced by the State of Alabama Health Department and look on page 2 and it says that the baby heart begins to beat 21 days after conception. The baby is not a "clump of cells" or a "Zygote" or "tissue". Please don't believe the lies that are told by Dr. Louis Payne. I will adopt your baby. Please contact me. You are not alone. I love you and will help you financially. [email protected]

  9. Women will take RU486 via mail order. Just because there is a law it isn't going to stop women from controlling their reproductive lives.

  10. I went through this with a girlfriend when I was young , not because of our youth or lost chance to attend school or lack of resources or anything like that . I just wanted to see what it felt like to murder a baby .

  11. Dr. Louis Payne featured in this documentary estimates 80,000 “patients” seen during his career of 50 years. Lord have mercy. 🙁

  12. Will it be any easier to get a tubal ligation (especially for those who choose to be childfree by choice for life) if it'll be harder to get an abortion?

  13. They're killing children at our southern border, why aren't they protesting there????? Children die from lack of healthcare, why aren't they protesting that????

  14. Most people are alienated from real organic life and learn about sex as entertainment as opposed to breeding… its consequences and responsibilities.

  15. Stop using abortion as a form of birth control. Put a condom on it's not rocket science. Take birth control.

  16. In my opinion, Abortions are just an easy way to not be mature about your actions, free from expenses to care for another human being. It will perpetuate hoeism.


  18. We have to agree abortion is evil, but a greater evil is forcing a woman to carry an unwanted fetus full term

  19. Pray to god this clinic stays open these anti choice anti abortion pigs want more unplanned pregnancies and unwanted pregnancies to term










  22. The polling you cited is very misleading. While it is true that according to

    48% consider themselves pro-choice
    48% pro-life

    they also found that

    50% think abortion should be legal under any circumstances
    29% legal under certain circumstances
    18% illegal in all circumstances

    and those percentages haven't varied much in years. Shoddy research or deliberate misrepresentation? Another poll which backs up those findings is

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