An Abortion in Mississippi

when I first found out I was pregnant it was awful flame with the cooler can I raise this child on my own I don't think I financially can right now I have two kids there are a handful it's a responsibility I just lost my child I know I can't afford a child right now not just be foolish to bring another baby in this world and he'll go to hell I don't feel like that's fair Mississippi has done everything they can to almost make it impossible for a woman to have an abortion they have to come for their counseling visit and then there's a 24-hour waiting period and because our doctors don't work every day sometimes they'll come for their first visit one day and it'll be the following week before they can come back Mississippi Medicaid is not gonna pay for any type of abortion the only way Medicaid will pay for an abortion is if the woman's life is in danger the fact that we're the only abortion clinic in the whole state that's an obstacle in itself ladies our ladies morning I'm going to read some Bible verses to y'all to consider you've got a few minutes while you wait for them what they call counts me and now you've been struggling with this all I'm wondering is the right thing to do and in your conscience you know and your heart guts written on your heart that murder is wrong please know that there's other options okay so I'm gonna give you some pins and you take one and pass the others down the sheet that we are going to fill out is the sheet that the health department evaluates us on to make sure we're following the law these are the booklets that they are referring to in that it shows you how the fetus develops it gives you information about alternatives other than having an abortion we do abortions in two ways we do the surgical abortion and the medical abortion you can return tomorrow for the pill and the surgery the peel will be at 1 o'clock p.m. and the surgery will be this is a conservative state mostly you Confederate southern states that a poor stays in the education if not for the fun yeah I know Beach State we stayed with the most unease among healthy even me I've been staying at the Red Roof Inn downtown Jackson like 57 dollars a night I paid like 150 for for three nights I had to pay for a ticket which was like $89 I had to pay a taxi guy $10 to take me to the Greyhound I had to pay to Grandma like $50 you know for babysitting money it's just hard the the 24-hour thing really does really does get you when I first told you I was pregnant well I showed you that picture what you thought it's just a hard time for me experience this for the first time going through it you know so I just really like appreciate you always you know just just answer my phone calls being here even though if we stay here for ten minutes and I say nothing you here you know so I never feel alone Here I am sitting here a whole day doing nothing but waiting exactly first four four five pills that I could've easily got today I had my money today I'm just ready to get it over with to the Jackson place can i play the pink out where you took me out that's Pooh Bear can you see mr. cabdriver how you feel about those people that that stand out there in front of that health building for women and try to down talk to women that's going in there the barman speaks man doesn't have the right to shed innocent blood God said every man and woman alive should sustain from sex until the man in wine so it needs to be a preacher white dress rings there's nothing in the Bible that says that but it also says when to flesh become as one which is sex please if you if you just dropping some on please encourage than we're making the right decision and killing their baby it's not the right decision sir she's walking away from you they don't have business walking up on women being aggressive it's a tough decision with abortion it's a tough sensitive time you live your life you make sure you're living on the straight and narrow that these women deal with their situation in their own way my relationship with the Lord is way different from yours just like my life is way different from yours they didn't make me realize anything they didn't do anything but drive me more to you know make my decision with what I wanted to do so this is the joy of the morning people running out in traffic people yelling down up and down the street you know go away as you know you know they can be on the sidewalk but we don't want you stepping off to the traffic whatever stopping cars are they allowed to block the sidewalk law completely it's utterly ridiculous they wouldn't have to go through they have to go through just heaven award when I found out that Justice Kennedy was retiring I immediately became worried we just know that if roe v wade is overturned this is gonna be one of the steaks that they're gonna be fighting to get us close down immediately you know that's it's not even a question right here these are optional whether you fill them out one is for nausea we haven't been nauseous this shouldn't make you too nauseous but it's here if you need it there is old tram or tram at all it's a narcotic like pain medication I can fill this out when I'm back home cuz I don't really know where to go a place you where's home Natchez yeah you can do it anywhere in the state what I take today you're gonna take this but first you tell me if you have any questions do any questions no no not for this yeah then we can go ahead and take your pill set your water for you do me a favor just hold out your hand go ahead and swallow that pill just as a normal pill

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  1. What happened to The Intercept's video on reproductive freedom for men, including "Legal Parental Surrender"? Particularly since men have been living for the last half century in a pre-Roe v. Wade twilight where they can be forced into parenthood entirely against their wills, I was sure The Intercept would have covered this outrage in its series on "Reproductive Rights."

  2. These people are not pro life, they are simply pro birth. If they were pro life they would be supporting single payer healthcare, public housing, free college, food stamps… you know, the things that sustain life. They just want unwanted births for their for profit prisons.

  3. With ALL the talk these days about consent and choice we’re still ok with forcing men into parenthood. All this time and no male BC pill (but we have viagra) and no reproductive rights. This is where cognitive blind spot chimes in with 1950s, “Keep it in your pants” which is not solid equal legal protection. Women have many more BC options, abortion, adoption and if all else fails, drop it off at a safe haven and bounce no questions asked. NOW, I’m for all of that.
    But, consent to sex is consent to sex not parenthood, so until that we have a REAL conversation and that is true foe men, then miss me with all of this. Reproductive rights for men could be granted without any abridges to right of women, still her body her choice.

    So sorry, holding my vote/concern hostage until we do. Hell I’m not even MGTOW so I know I’m not alone.

  4. If a fetus is not a child, why do they charge a person who kills a pregnant woman with 2 charges or murder? Hello

  5. The people clicking "dislike" on this ought to be ashamed of themselves.
    They aren't, but they ought to be.

  6. "Boo hoo! People think that murder is wrong and that i shouldn't be able to murder my unborn child because i don't want to be responsible for my own actions! And that i should have to pay for it myself! Boo hoo it's not fair!"

  7. I am so angry that poor girl has to be put through this horror! I have to be more conscious to pray for others like her, and not my own selfish wants. Women in this situation need our prayers to give them strength and a small sense of peace. NOT to be harassed and made to feel like criminals for making life path decisions for themselves! It is not like the young women need any more grief! 😔

  8. What about tying your tubes ? Where is the father ? Gov't is not responsible for sex side effects . Murderer

  9. I hope they realize this just makes people run from religion as fast as they can… Especially the youth of America. And I don't blame them.

  10. Anyone think it was kinda invasive watching her take the pill. That's a big moment, regardless of your stance.

  11. "You yeep them unhealthy, you keep them ignorant, you keep them in line."

    The republican party strategy in one sentince.

  12. "You keep 'em ignorant, you keep 'em unhealthy and you keep them in line". Think on that a little bit.

  13. Never saw any of them ProLifers that preach at the front of the clinic offer me ANY alternative to actually helping the child SURVIVE AFTER BIRTH, but PLENTY of misinterpretations of the Bible for BEFORE. Same with when I went to my Catholic church for help. WHERE was the RECOURSE for us women?? There IS NONE bc this is a POLITICAL issue now, NOT religious. Social injustice of a Corporatocracy, NOT religion makes it so you can't even feed 1 child on the no-college-educated pay of 2 parents in America much less 1 PAY or MORE children like in the '60s & b4. Like everyone has said here: I don't see them ProLifers adopting them women's babies that are entering the clinics!!!!

  14. Those 'conservatives' wouldn't lift a finger or spend 10$ for a dying black child. They are the filth of humanity. Bigoted swines.

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