an important guide to fetus BTS Reaction

you guys lazy Jamie here and today we're checking out a video called an important guide to fetus BTS now firstly I love the use of the word fetus when talking about a few years ago but it's surprising how much different you can look in a few years you know like my channel was only just over a year old and looking back at my first videos I just look so much he's still weird but yeah this is one even though you know I've got an interview to talk now and I know quite a bit about them I think this is still being interesting this is important could be some info in there I don't know yet you know I don't know everything about BTS despite how many videos are made on them but yes I think we should be an interesting one of people suggested it and I thought you know what foetus probably should have watched videos like this more when I first started to get into them like my first video on them was I think it was savage moment which was savage moments then funnyman was ago yet I mean non music videos because I my first video on them was dope and that was the first time I'd ever watch kpop besides Gangnam style I enjoyed looking at like watching videos of them being themselves more than the music videos that's why I don't make loads of videos on the music videos because there are lot of music videos I could make videos on but it's more like I'd rather to have a laugh you know laughing at some bangtan boys but yeah anyway this video I think it should be an interesting one indeed so thanks for the suggestions as usual and yeah before you get into it if you enjoy make sure you subscribe to join the lazy crew today let's go 21st century live your life live your life come on baby BTS in 2013 versus now since the VTS Festa is coming up soon I read the room it looks like it's asbestos I've decided to show how much BTS that's correct nice that's good wait wait I go hey was I supposed to be a boy that's me let's say thank you to the team rapmon edgy trademark rapper made some interesting rather onstar anyway I need some of those my favorite memory I've got it used to be a zombie yeah boy leave you know what's going on exactly which pixels what's happening was that so stop in the boot a breathtaking backside I love these captions so much that's why this is well you just say one of the peoples are sir I'm sure he likes it this is why I'm sorry I keep coughing got bad throat but this is why BTS tops any other band like it not I mean groups you know like their beats it any American or European Babli's who else does this who which group music group MSD know that sits around a table and slaps one of their bottom with a whip fingering it look you boys are basically act the same as it does today chain so most perfect forehead ever oh my god look up such a huge what are we in purposeful used to wear at our there's that hello Jake what have you hope I'm an angel I love it a little mouth I guess so like I don't know the shape was it's funny I love to hurt but apparently Jacob said he watched his reaction videos as well so hopefully he has seen mine you know and appreciated my appreciation he taught that's a good dog he's lovely were the fetus he was only 50 you are I forget you there is only 15 when they first started when I was 15 I don't even know what I did when I was with me still was a little troll to all the members local troll with a zero that's a good that's a good roll deeper you know what inspector he looks so young but he was young geez who was that spoon about to climax of a donut exactly orgasms in donut wrapping Jerry's hurt in no more dream on a year she's not impressed Jim whoa so sure that he's a colleague around it have the kids cheeks but his body was both June Oh open thesis awards company mansions breathe suffered from coconut hair suffered suffered from coconut hurt each other has he's bringing sexy back yes I've got to change that to our alarm when the summer press the doorbell he did someone presses it I think you really like man no he didn't notice a little bit half I think those what's the adding bonus but I'm sorry this needs to go away but adding them whoa genuine he looked happy but I think loud not sure what he was doing my percent of the time yeah to be fair that's perfect choreography Jesus the second row and BTS is okay yeah he quite quiet no it isn't me I mean he still has his crazy moments and he's still funny but he often just sits there like this straight face try to be more seriously – I love these little cute voice Korean songs there's 20 old man running around on that two-way come wid of the room is 20 though that's what you get about how does he do you get dizzy easily let me know cuz I'm whatever I spit around a lot I just think and I get dizzy really fast and other people can do it low he's not just low anyway that's perfect obviously always invisible romance when if they're not bromance between BTS members any of them hey my boy was still all good easy correction very was it yeah that's nice very good still the dancing queen he looks so young why does he look so young then like it's got a different world excuse me kids are watching the zipper can visit because of a show that IR sealant that angle though it Jin's sake man Jin's too thick I cut you can touch me I Shh first explosion of fresh charms aah Jimmy's at me every time I know you got that like traditional outfit Arni's he's got sunglasses why why sunglass jeez okay I was the last wait yep sugar was actually kind of loud we're join in with the other members oh the stock the stylist gave him this strange hair but they're not all the time yeah I'm a virgin it's like [Applause] what such a transition don't he's supposed to be on fire oh very silly burning yet not even it isn't father we gonna win short smoke flavor wait to turn it into a good thing are you it did you want your jewel your thing smoke good thing even if not you've already done it teamwork makes the dream work really wait random yes that was an important card to fetus BTS more like BT yes am i right yeah that was actually good I liked it and there were some things in there that I had not seen before you know like um I can't think about any in particular right hope it's like there weren't necessary fact in there there's more like funny moments I hadn't seen most of the like the favorite moments bits but the things it's just like all like should be somewhere up and down oh yeah I've seen that already but I liked who do things change the most looks wise and who do things change the most personality-wise if you're still watching leave a comment saying plastic I don't know that you're still here cuz most people would've left by now so if you're still here I appreciate your presence because you know III did mostly didn't watch at the end so if you're still here you much true homie I appreciate you watching all the way through right to the end that's what a true bro does proper bro army that's PewDiePie is browning but yeah like I said if you enjoyed leave a thumbs up comment what you'd like me to check out an X could be anything that'll be related to this anything at all and I will check it out so do read the comments of course and yeah make sure you follow me on Twitter at the lazy Jamie kiss yeah it's fun and I post a lot of tweets and stuff tweet a lot of posts you know tweet a lot of tweets and yeah if you haven't already any new make sure you subscribe to join the lazy crew today geez

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    Thanks for watching as always! 🙂 Keep giving suggestions for other videos I could make!

  2. they dont get to choose their hair style or colour, their company (in this case bighit) choose for them

  3. Great video as always jamie❤

    Now im craving pineapples😑🍍 why jamie why??😢😂 and also i was reminded of my plastic classmates.😑 why fam?😂

  4. Hello there lazy Jamie , I've recently discovered your channel and I think your videos are fully funny but all mostly react to is BTS so as and army and a blink i highly suggest you plzzzz react to a black pink video ( black pink funny moments of anything you think would be pleasing for your audience ) also could someone help me to make him notice my comment plz and thank you 😊☺

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