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the bridge Center London founded in 1986 was one of the UK's first fertility clinics today it is one of the world's most advanced fertility service providers the one by one IVF program is an innovative approach to assisted reproductive medicine that involves freezing all embryos after genetic testing in an optimized IVF cycle and transferring only genetically normal embryos after thawing one by one in later non stimulated cycles the program is led by Professor Alan Handyside pioneer of clinical PGD in 1990 a mr. Michael Summers with over 30 years of experience in reproductive medicine pioneered by only a handful of top clinics worldwide with high cumulative pregnancy rates being reported for a wide range of maternal ages the bridge center is at the forefront of fertility treatment and curly head of the 1×1 program at the Bridge Center I'm also a consultant in reproductive medicine 1 Lauren program offers the opportunity to a shorter time to pregnancy improve chance of pregnancy and reduce risk of multiples because we only transfer a single chromosome rebalanced embryo per treatment cycle firstly we are separating at the event stimulation phase for the embryo transfer phase therefore we eliminate the risk of hyperstimulation syndrome which is a potential medical complication of IVF treatment it is provided in a affordable package it will reduce the risk of miscarriage and you'll see greatly improved pregnancy rates from the program one by one is a new development in IVF treatment the treatment involves a two-stage process in which we do standard IVF followed by embryo testing and then after embryo testing transfer genetically normal embryos in a frozen embryo cycle I am extremely gratified with the results we have to date I can report pregnancy rates in excess of 80% this is extremely Kuragin for any future patients who might wish to enter the program to keep things simple there are four stages of our one-by-one IVF program Stage one ovarian stimulation is individually tailored to optimize the number of mature eggs we collect in a single ivf treatment cycle stage two the embryos are culture to the blastocyst stage and monitored by time lapsing imaging Stage three there is no embryo transfer in the fresh cycle to avoid a Varian hyperstimulation syndrome and to improve your chances of pregnancy stage for all blastocysts undergo genetic testing and a frozen we then transfer only genetically normal embryos in a series of frozen single embryo transfer cycles we came to the bridge center because it was close to my workplace and everyone was really friendly here so we really liked it all the nurses were really accommodating for appointments and they're also really supportive throughout the whole process staff here were knowledgeable and the rate answer all our questions and everyone made us feel really welcome once I found out I was pregnant I came back to the bridge Center for my first scan I got on really well mr. Sommers he was a doctor and we really trusted him and it worked mr. Sommers s our doctor was a very welcoming and he explained everything in a very good way as far as the bridge Center is concerned mr. Sommers is mr. bridge was having summer totally changed our lives in a good way we really enjoy spending time with her and now I stay at home as a full-time mom to look after her here at the bread center we've specialized in the genetics of early embryos and we understand how important chromosomes are to IVF success we believe it's in patient's interest to screen every embryo for chromosomal abnormalities the main cause of IVF failure and what really has been a surprise is younger women in their 30s can have perhaps a third of their embryos affected by these abnormalities and so it's very important to include this screening in the treatment cycle if we can identify those that have a normal number of chromosomes and transfer those embryos selectively one by one then there's a very high chance of implantation and the establishment of your pregnancy the one by one program is unique in offering testing for any number of embryos generated in an IVF cycle because what we're aiming to do is to find that one normal embryo that we can transfer that has a very high chance of developing to live birth the bridge' Center has a long history of genetic testing of embryos we have a highly experienced team so we can provide patients with an expert report on how they should develop their treatment plans to optimize their chance of a healthy baby at the end of their treatment my advice for anyone thinking of going to the bridge Center would be just to go for it and just do it because it's totally worth it one by one at the bridge Center is a dedicated clinical program led by a world-class team of experts we use the most advanced techniques for screening embryos in order to maximize the chance of pregnancy from a single cycle of IVF treatment the transfer of only genetically balanced embryos will achieve a high cumulative singleton pregnancy rate of around 80% come and talk to us about our one-by-one IVF program today for more information about the 1×1 IVF program go to www.hsn taco UK

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  1. Amazing clinic! We used them in December 2016 on the one-by-one programme and now we are pregnant with our first child. AMAZING TEAM. Such an amazing programme!

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