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a react video to the pilot episode of Grey’s Anatomy. I have taken all of your
suggestions into account I have written down a couple of key episodes from
different seasons of Grey’s Anatomy as well as some different other medical
drama shows I’ve heard you loud and clear that ER is the OG medical drama I
totally forgot about that I remember growing up with that as a kid like being
on prime-time television so I have taken all those into account and I’m going to
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Christman’s labor and delivery story and her subtitle is my epidural fail I
figured and I don’t know what’s in this but I figured it could be a really good
opportunity to explain why epidurals fail if that happens and figure out why
her epidural failed like was it technical difficulties does she have an
anatomical problem which is much more rare but all those things I thought
might be interesting to adjust so I’m really excited to watch this so without
further ado let’s go ahead and start it I love labor and delivery stories
because they are so emotional they’re always just so emotional and no matter
how traumatic some people’s experiences may be they end up usually with the baby
at the end so you know mom’s healthy babies healthy and that’s what matters
hey guys what’s up and welcome back to my channel if this is your first time at
seeing my videos hello my name is Farley nine months I’ve been following Carly
for a number of years and I have to say I love that the direction that she’s
taken now that her she’s you know married and she is a mom and I just
think that being a mom gives so much richness to your life and I really suits
her so here she’s saying that she thinks she has PTSD from the experience and
that she wasn’t really willing to talk about her labor and delivery story that
soon after she delivered and this is more common than you think
birthing experiences are not uniform throughout the United States or even the
world what can happen to one person can be different at another hospital or can
even be different from person to person in the same hospital on the same day so
it’s so variable my biggest tip is to go in with zero expectations obviously pick
the doctor pick the reputable hospital that the doctor works at and do all of
your prenatals and all that stuff just tee yourself up to be as in good a shape
as you can to go into this but come in with zero expectation that may seem a
little bit like really dr. Brawley should you be saying that to patients
but honestly it’s not that we don’t want to impress you our goal the entire time
is to make your experience as safe and wonderful and memorable and emotional
and heartwarming as possible the fact of the matter is is that this is one of the
most unpredictable elements of Medicine at his labor and delivery you never know
when baby’s gonna come if you do you never know if something could go wrong
there’s a lot going in there that’s invisible so you know babies can
struggle during delivery and can have some problems during delivery their
heart rate could plummet their heart rate could go too high because of other
reasons and all those things mean that we have to scrap the original plans and
go to another plan BCDE what what have you so that’s we’ll get in well I’m sure
we’ll get into a birth plan or something here because I’m sure she probably had
one maybe she didn’t start so this isn’t really interesting so she does end up
saying that she does have a problem with her spine it’s called scoliosis and what
that means is there’s a curvature to the spine the spine can curve any number of
ways there’s no one way for us find a curve if it does curve at all that is
called scoliosis there are different degrees of varying severity of scoliosis
just yesterday I was on labor and delivery and I not only got a phone call
from a prospective patient who was approaching the term of her pregnancy
and was concerned because many years ago she was told by her spine surgeon that
her scoliosis was so severe she would never be able to receive an epidural
flash-forward many years later she was curious if that was still going to be
the case and wanted to talk to somebody from the anesthesia team and actually
she approached her OB Jen and her OB Jen referred her to the anesthesia
department since I happened to be on the labor and delivery deck yesterday when
the phone call came through I was the one who responded to her questions so I
called her I called her at home and spoke to her about it and advised her on
a number of different things that she could do to help improve her chances of
receiving an epidural I nine times out of ten I will always attempt to place an
epidural if at all possible because I want to give the patient the benefit of
the doubt it is so transforming to have an epidural if you want one and it is
really difficult for me to ever say – anyone on an epidural there are a
number of different reasons why I would say it’s contraindicated but unless that
patient that has a spinal fusion or has had like different even-even the
patients will have rods and up and down their spine like spine straightening
surgery there can be ways to go around that and place the epidural either way
that same day yesterday I had a patient who did not tell me she had scoliosis
and I opened the back of her gown when I was standing behind her to place the
epidural and I was like oh and she was like oh yeah I have scoliosis and I was
like okay and I still place it one attempt no issues totally smooth worked
beautifully she delivered her baby like an hour and a half later so there are
varying degrees hers was probably on the medium side
just based on looking at her Anatomy but all these things to say it is not
impossible to have an epidural when you have scoliosis so I’m curious to see
what happens here but it’s really smart of her to gather all her information
gather the images have that ready place it in your hospital bag place the
information it’s somewhere where you’re gonna grab it and not forget it and you
get there if you have scoliosis say I want to talk to the NSC geologist right
away because I want them to have time to review my images review my chart look at
my notes my history my surgical history all that kind of stuff so well I was 36
weeks pregnant I was diagnosed with high blood pressure so I had gestational
hypertension my doctor was incredible she was there I think with me for 24
hours like she didn’t sleep she was there the whole time she was like my
lifesaver so I just wanted to make that very clear
checked in I got to my hospital room it’s really nice that she was
complimenting her doctor that’s really sweet
I think she’s acknowledging that the whole situation can be overall
unpleasant but that’s not attributed necessarily to her medical professional
without but I was trying to be positive Patti about everything they couldn’t get
the IV in they tried it first on my left arm so not getting an IV in on the first
attempt although undesirable is unfortunate
something that will happen more often than not with obstetrics as compared to
any other situation where you might need an IV and that is because when you were
in your third trimester you are so much more swollen than you were before that
your veins don’t sit at the top of your hand or in your arm or you know close to
the surface of skin as much as they they would otherwise and so it does make
pregnant patients a potentially more difficult stick I do wonder who ended up
placing the IV for her if they did call anesthesia but I got stuck three times
and I’m an anesthesiologist I was about ready to just stick it in myself so
legally at – there’s no such thing as not legally being able to attempt an IV
only twice there may be a hospital policy in place it’s usually not as low
as two attempts though it’s usually three or higher if that even exists so
that’s a little bit interesting but they told her that it kind of sounds like
Bender maybe I don’t know maybe the nurse was just like all right I’m going
I’m throwing it so there have been times where I can’t get an IV and I’ll – I’ll
just feel like you know what I’m gonna stop and I’m gonna see if one of my
colleagues can do a better job than I can because clearly I’m not having the
best of luck with you today so I really don’t want to like just keep trying and
trying and trying and not getting it so let me go ahead and ask one of my
colleagues to help and there’s no shame in that there’s no pride in anesthesia
or any in medicine at all and you have to be willing to say you know what maybe
this is not my mojo today so I don’t want you to suffer from that so I’m
gonna go ahead and ask someone else to step in and that’s totally exactly my
rate went basically in a balloon so she’s talking about a balloon I don’t
know if that’s a cook balloon or not our or what version of the balloon that they
use and it’s a very common device I’m not an obstetrician so you know I’ll
fumble a little bit with the terminology here but this is just from absorbing it
over the many many years that I’ve been exposed to labor and delivery and I find
it really interesting there there’s our pharmacologic methods of inducing
service we call cervical ripening and any one of those things will help to
start softening the cervix and dilating the cervix which is kind of the
prerequisite to be able to start labor so when someone like her it’s really
interesting that she said she did not want to have be in labor and that’s
totally common it’s common that you know all you go for your checkup and like
this is where I say expect the unexpected because you can go in for
your checkup and then all of a sudden your blood pressure’s are high or you
have protein in your urine and all these things are concerning for preeclampsia
the preeclampsia concern is a double concern for mom and for baby the high
blood pressure for mom can be dangerous to the point of causing a cerebral edema
brain swelling which can actually persist reciprocate a seizure which I’ve
seen when it’s left untreated and it also is harmful to the utero placental
unit meaning the part where the uterus and the placenta with a mom’s blood
supply and the baby’s blood supply interface that can actually cause
problems with oxygen and nutrient exchange so that can actually cause
problems in the baby as well going with it do you also was like man I’m having
some real difficulty getting this in I might have to go get someone else to
help me do it and I like the payments are thinking me to kind of like take the
edge off in the induction process it made me really really really nauseous I
remember being like oh I’m so nauseous is this normal and then I started to
vomit let me just try to save on water and what come back up if I had an extra
it’s very common for pain medicine that’s IV or oral during labor and
delivery to cause nausea sleepiness drowsiness and then anything that you
take that’s not through an epidural is going it’s going to potentially affect
baby now if it’s early on and labor then it’s gonna wear off before in the baby
and in the mom before the baby comes out but if you take it too close to the
delivery it actually causes neonatal depression and depression not meaning
like depressed mood but like depressed central nervous system they might
require additional tation at delivery because of those pain
medicines which is another reason why epidurals are far superior to any other
type of pain relief I have heard really good things about
nitrous oxide though and then that’s not a commonplace thing here in America yet
but I do feel it’s coming and I’m really really interested in that I’ll worry
when it fell out they checked me and I was dialing it’s like three or four at
this point before they break through water and I was really concerned again
with my scoliosis that was something they told me during my consultation is
maybe get it before you’re like screaming in pain because if we have to
spend extra time plotting it out on your back and you can’t new during it you
might need to do it when you’re not like screaming and contraction painful it’s
like sitting on the bed everyone else’s love they’re about to like do it they’re
looking at my spine and the guy was like oh this might be a problem I’m a piece
like this thank you what do you mean this might be a problem
like I literally there’s not something you want to hear as a patient we talked
about this I love that that’s hilarious yeah yeah I mean it’s not a surprise
that that would be an issue but it’s not something that you that any patient
wants to hear whether you’re thinking it or not probably not in the patient’s
best interest to hear something like that that might be a situation where
you’re like okay and your head but you’re not actually saying something
like that out loud I was really trying to not be fearful of all of that kind of
stuff he got the epidural in and I was like see everything’s okay boiler alert
everything wasn’t okay that federal everything wasn’t okay so it sounds like
they were she had the epidural place and it sounds like it was very it was
segmental II not high enough that’s what it sounds like to me and so really with
an epidural you need to choose your level that you’re going at and we’re
basically choosing a level based on the exterior and being able to pad and look
for landmarks the back of your spine and you your epidural is segmental it’s not
like a spinal which will go from basically a very predictable
distribution all the way down to the bottom of the spinal cord but the
medicine instead is segmental meaning it’s based on volume and it’s based on
the the concentration like how dense how concentrated that numbing medicine is so
you want to have a good spread enough volume to get enough high and enough
flow to cover that space of the abdomen that is hurting and the nerves that are
hurting from the uterine contractions they needed to really inject more
medicine or even dilute it out with saline or something to cause a higher
spread and get a better book it’s very common for your legs to feel almost not
like totally numb and very heavy and not be able to walk with an epidural that’s
an expected result so that’s not uncommon but it is unusual not to have
good spread up here because you need a very high block for early stages of
labor because that’s really really the pain most pain is up high or in the back
and as the baby comes down that progresses to lower and lower but the
epidural is covering that just fine typically a baby went into distress so
her heart rate drop so then everyone came running in the room to try to flip
me back over they put oxygen yeah so when the baby so they’re continuously
monitoring contractions in relation to the baby’s heart rate and vice versa and
whenever they see a deceleration which is when the baby’s heart rate goes down
that’s an assign of fetal distress and when they do that they need to do
intrauterine resuscitation intrauterine resuscitation simply means maneuvers and
techniques to help restore the blood supply to from mom to baby so it could
be that mom’s flips blood pressure is too low it could mean that the uterus is
pressing on one of her great vessels that supplies the blood from her body to
the you to the placenta it could be that a number of different things are going
on there could be some compression of the cord the cord can be wrapped around
the baby’s neck any number of things so what they’re going to do is try and
change the position give her some oxygen to really increase the the oxygen that’s
being carried by her red blood cells so that whatever perfusion is going from
mom to baby is carrying more oxygen in that timeframe so my labor had stalled I
was dilated at fourth I broke what felt like forever and I was getting really
really concerned that we were getting closer and closer to me meetings it’s
not common that an epidural will stall labor so I’m not certain that that’s
actually the cause labor can stall for a number of different reasons and stalled
labor is more common during an induction because you’re basically chemically
trying to induce labor in a body that is not physically ready yet so it’s more
common to have stalled labor just because of an induction than it is from
an epidural but it also actually helped labor progress c-sections called the
spinal and they do that for your spine as well I can literally feel else I said
to Kody I didn’t want to end up on a TLC show again once it’s good enough okay I
remember my doctor coming in and me like solving her she was like I will sounds
like her doctor did a really good job of explaining her priorities and listening
to the patient’s priorities about what their desire was for birth because some
people will be like look at the slightest sign of trouble just cut me um
I’m over this I’m ready just pleased you know whatever you need to do that’s fine
and some people were like c-section no way nohow only if it’s a dire emergency
and and I tend to fall more towards that second opinion I would rather try my try
the hardest to avoid a c-section healthy mom healthy baby and result that’s all
that matters so it’s really it sounds like they had a
really good communicative discussion about that and it’s something that is
really nice and heartwarming to see I’ll try to figure it out his theory
behind why it didn’t work as a biblical high enough he showed like my body yeah
the second anesthesiologist is talking about how he thinks it didn’t go high
enough as well that’s something I would totally agree with okay it’s starting to
work my legs were still completely numb I
couldn’t move at all but the contractions at least were starting to
become a little bit tempered I have to get a c-section I won’t feel anything
that’s good the nurse has got me out into a position
in my side I had a big exercise ball in between my legs I was laying like that
for a couple of hours during that time that actually helped my labor to press I
remember a new nurse that coming at this point we had it funny it sounds like she
had a working epidural and then her labor progressed well so like I said
labor epidurals can help labor progress on the side of your bed like you can
push the button to give you more what she’s talking about is called a PC EA
and that is a patient controlled epidural anesthesia and what that means
is you get a little button they can bolus themselves a bolus is just getting
a little bit more medication than what’s already kind of dripping through at a
constant rate and so if that rate is maybe not sufficient to really keep that
level high enough if you need to top yourself up
we have programmed a certain pre-programmed bolus dose with a lockout
period and with an hourly lockout max of total volume so that you can never
overdose yourself unless it’s pro unless the anesthesiologist programmed it
incorrectly and so those things really help especially during different stages
of labor when the patient needs more or can push it right before some major
contractions and all that kind of support can push it before a check for
example being checked down there that kind of thing so that’s what she’s
talking about and it does sound like she’s saying that when she got the bolus
all it was doing was making her legs more and more numb and wasn’t really
going high enough so again we’re talking about probably a volume issue that
there’s just not a good level achieved that was crazy
so finally around Friday night like nine ten o’clock that’s why I think
things actually started grass a little bit she checked me and I was out like a
seven in that fall like life-changing because I’ve been stuck at four or five
forever and then when she checked me around one in the morning
she said we’re getting ready to push exactly I was actually going to be able
to attempt pushing I was like oh my goodness we might be able to make this
I’ve been in labor at that point five twenty nine to thirty hours thirty nine
thirty hours is a really long time to be a labor girl Friday now we were going
into Friday at 1:00 2:00 in the morning I had been throwing up I hadn’t eaten I
hadn’t even had water they gave me the green light to have like a little bit of
apple juice would give me a little bit of shit and that apple juice can be
life-changing like in bushes because they were still
worried that I was gonna hurl up so I would flush they would give me a sip of
apple juice and then I would push again and so now I call apple juice Kenny
juice I just remember pushing and sipping apple juice being so exhausting
like after every push I was just like we lay there and just want to go to sleep
and they were like you got this so close my doctor kept being like you’re so
close you’re so close and I was like I’m not so close I know I know
they they’ll tell you you’re so close and so much of it is about motivation
and positive reinforcement and encouragement and you’re like it can’t
be because I’m still pushing I was pushing for 45 minutes and I was like
when is this going to end back in my face I was covered in cord blood I was
like I was like the perfect and to my labor experience oh my god she’s covered
in cord blood really like the icing on the cake you like everything else has
gone wrong for the most part and then to get spray I’ve never heard of that
happening I’m sure that a lot of obstetricians could chime in and say if
they’ve seen that happen before but that is really sucky like I am so sorry that
that happened to you that that cord blood sprayed on her face
you’re like wanted to be this precious moment that you get on video like her
coming onto your chest and you’re like covered in blood like a murder scene
like that just sucks I’m so sorry that happened to you told us that the core
was actually wrapped around her neck too so the fact that the cord is wrapped
around her and we had no other problems that’s what we talked about the nuchal
cord wrapped around the neck chills thinking about that when we had gotten
into our recovery room and they could just sit with Kody and with Kennedy and
they kind of have a moment of peace I remember holding her and I looked over I
said I want a million babies it’s great but she mentions that because no matter
what you expected no matter what happens during your labor and delivery process I
was the same way I turned to my husband and I she was on my chest and I turned
to him and I said let’s do that again on my back I don’t believe a word like
after coming home from the hospital the Shelf eventually and it sounds like she
had a complication that was a little bit longer lasting from her epidural and
that’s from multiple epidural attempts just local edema from pregnancy from the
epidural and fusing from the local numbing medicine the local anesthetic at
the site of the skin that gets injected after multiple attempts all those things
might lead to some local edema there and that’s what she’s saying that kind of
shelf it sound like she had some local swelling there and that would dissipate
over the next few days to few weeks and the soreness from just having a large
gauge needle 17 gauge needle and you know inserted multiple times does go
away as well similar to you know having a surgery or a knife or an incision a
needle going in can cause some trauma and so if it goes in multiple times
especially and so that would be that like kind of longer lingering pain but
it should be localized only to the back up to the skin and that area it might be
tender but it shouldn’t be like a long like term shooting pain or earth pain or
in here they’re like brand-new clean of birds
they’re pretty big like how do those just go missing and they’re just like
sorry I’m not gonna say you that they were stolen because I don’t know that
for a hundred percent thirty but all I know is I went to the hospital wearing
ugg boots and I left not wearing out good oh my gosh it sounds like she had
her shoe stolen of all things I’ve never heard of that happening I mean I know
things get stolen from hospitals but that is really unfortunate I can’t
imagine that that would happen but I’m assuming it does is it probably happens
more often than we realized but that just sucks like the last thing
you want is like your shoes you have to walk out in slippers when you’re taking
your baby home like I’m sorry that just sucks that really does suck and I really
do have a lot of sympathy for you Carly because nothing really went right except
having a healthy baby which is the ultimate goal and it sounds like Carly
was healthy all in all to say I’m so sorry that all of those experiences kind
of traumatize you and it’s totally normal to feel PTSD and we would never
wish that on anybody for sure but yeah at the end it sounds like you’re super
happy healthy babies happy and healthy Kennedy could not be more beautiful so
I’m really proud of you for sharing your story Carly and I’m really glad that you
share this on YouTube so that other moms can see that there are more than just
only positive happy-go-lucky labor and delivery stories and that will
help to set realistic expectations so that will do it for my anesthesiologist
reacts video if you want to watch my previous one it’s from the first episode
of Grey’s Anatomy I would love your feedback on that one and while you’re
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and thank you for spending this time with me today their time is precious and
I really appreciate that your you’ve chosen to spend that with me
so I really appreciate it so thank you for watching again and I’ll see you in
my next video bye


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  12. New RN here, through my training we’ve always been told that you get two shots at a blood draw/IV and if you don’t get it in two attempts another nurse needs to try. I’m not sure if it’s general policy in hospitals or where that practice comes from.

  13. Oh Kristina when I have a child i need you as a anesthesiologists i just might move to Texas You’re such a loving Healthcare Provider 🥰🥰🥰😂😂. #ScoliosisPT

  14. I’ve had 4 babies and 4 epidural attempts- my first two worked like beautiful magic💗 My 3rd baby the numbing went down one leg up then a few minutes later went up the other leg and then 10 min later (from recollection?) it went back down and up with the pain and never worked. My 4th baby they tried sticking me MANY times and she couldn’t place it- she said she almost ran out of (supplies/needles??) on her cart. I don’t want to exaggerate but it was either 7minimum and I’m thinking it was around 10 attempts meaning cleaning prepping and inserting that would not take- finally she did place it but I did not get it to work well and again half my body went numb this time the other side never went numb and eventually wore off before time to push. I am curious as to why an epidural works hemispherically sometimes. The last anesthesiologist recommended I get my spine checked out, the X-ray didn’t show anything my doctor noticed so I am still confused as to why it happens for some people. I’m thinking/guessing I either have bad luck or maybe I do have an issue with my spine that the X-ray didn’t pick up. I am still a huge advocate if someone wants a pain free delivery for an epidural. When my daughters have their babies I would encourage them to do whatever they wanted but for me, I have never gone to a dentist and asked for a natural tooth extraction so I was happy with my decisions to try and have the epidurals 😆❤️ Anesthesiologists are like angels in their white coats and I do not think they get enough credit regardless if it is childbirth or surgery. They truly are such vital necessary members on this hero team either while delivering a baby or for surgical reasons- Taking away someone’s pain is angel work, true ANGELS!

  15. This video was so informative and awesome, but now I have so many questions! I am 24 now, but had my spine fused from T1-L1 when I was 16 AND I've recently had bunion surgery with a nerve block that was supposed to work for 6-8 hours, but I never felt the effects of it on my 1 foot & felt the effects on the other foot only until I got home from the hospital. The doctor told me that I must metabolize the block quickly and mentioned that "an epidural when you're pregnant should be fun!" Does this mean when I have children in the future, a block will be impossible/not effective?

  16. I too had an epidural that did not work with my c-section for my second child. Most horrible thing I ever went through.

  17. What does it mean when the epidural slips out of the epidural space and into the epidural stream? Almost 18 years later and I'm still not sure exactly what happened. I just know that they discovered it right away (my husband had just come back into the room when the anesthesiologist mentioned it), that I was REALLY numb and that they had to do my epidural over. I've done some light googling about it and can't really find anything.

  18. The anesthesiology team at my hospital said I'm not a candidate for an epidural or spinal (so I had to go under GA for my c-section) due to my neurofibromatosis but my pain management/spine specialist said that that isn't necessarily true and they probably just said that because of liability.

  19. I wish I had you doing my epidural! Haha my husband and I watched this and he was like "she explained it exactly how they did when it actually worked for you!" and hearing you explain the post-epidural edema made so much sense. I wish they would have said that to me afterwards because it would have helped to understand! Basically what I'm trying to say is, if we get to have a second, can you please be there?! xx

  20. I wish you were my anesthesiologist 10 weeks ago. First Dr poked me few times and then called someone else for help. They had a hard time placing the epidural in the middle. I kept feeling the medicine on the left side or the right side. I was hunched over for about 20-30 minutes and my baby came out a little blueish red. Btw … love ❤️ these types of videos!!

  21. Mine didn’t go well during my first birth. It was complete error on the doctor. I started to feeling things on one half of my body, so they supposedly made adjustments. Soon I was feeling everything on both sides. Then, instead of turning my pitocin off, the nurse turned off the epidural. So when it came time to deliver the placenta and clean things out, I was screaming bloody murder as the doctor was elbow deep in me. It was the most horrific experience. Sadly, it was a military hospital, and they later had dozens and dozens of malpractice cases against them. My second birth went better, but the anesthesiologist was a complete 🤬 to me. I was terrified from the first experience and he was not at all helpful or reassuring. My nurse was an angel and helped me through the whole thing.

  22. Speaking of scoliosis did you see the wedding last year on October 12 2018. Where the Bride who has scoliosis did not wear a veil and wore a low back wedding dress just so that she could show off her scar from where she had surgery for her scoliosis when she was 11 years old. The Bride had titanium rods placed in her back to correct her scoliosis at the time of her surgery when she was 11 years old. She has been very vocal about her scoliosis. So can you guess who I am talking about watch the video to find out.

    Here is the post on the Brides instagram about her showing her scar from her scoliosis surgery:

  23. I had to have an op as the baby had died. In all the confusion I took my wedding rings off and left them in the top drawer of the table next to my hospital bed and someone stole them while I was in theatre….or they just went missing. This was in Norway where we were living at the time where people are mostly very lovely. It was the saddest day but I did end up with a healthy baby 2 years later.

  24. I am a nurse and I’m so glad you did this video because it helped me understand a lot! I had a similar experience. I was induced at 40 and 3. My legs were numb, but I could feel all my contractions. They bolused me 3 times I think, to where they couldn’t do it anymore and I still had no relief. I ended up having a csection because I wasn’t progressing. They got me into the OR put me on the table and I had to stay there for 45 minutes because another patient’s baby went into distress & my doctor had to do an emergency csection on her. This all took place at a smaller hospital. They had pulled my epidural & sat me up to do a spinal took 3 attempts and then got a “high spinal” is what the CRNA called it because I felt like I was suffocating the whole time. It was terrifying! And all of a sudden my baby was there! I felt slightly traumatized over the whole thing and it took me weeks to process everything that happened & I feel like I never got an explanation of what possibly could have happened from my anesthesia team unfortunately. But my baby girl was happy and healthy, which is all that matters! Love your videos!!

  25. Hi Kristina! I have been wanting to ask this question for so long. I had a very healthy pregnancy all the way up until delivery. Even during delivery my baby was completely healthy and normal. However, I have a pretty scary labor and delivery story but the important thing is that we are both safe and healthy. I was in labor for over 24 hours before I went into surgery because I didn’t dilate.
    Can you please tell me how common it is to use ketamine during a C section? I also had a central line put in my neck during surgery. My doctor has been practicing medicine for over 25 years and she said she has never seen it happen before. It took anesthesia over 45 minutes to prep me in the operating room because they couldn’t get an IV in. It’s a long story but I have been trying to understand what went wrong. After my baby came out I was on the table for over three hours because they couldn’t stop the bleeding. Once she came out I said that I started to feel and I was blacking out. At that moment they also saw the part of my arm with the IV was the size of a golf ball. I came out of surgery with over 20 needle sticks and bruises all over my arms where they were trying to get IV access. Of course the central line was the last resort. The ketamine worked for the most part but I remember anesthesia panicking and trying to get access wherever they could. Afterwards no one really wanted to talk to me about it. My doctor explained a little months later but I’m wondering if it was a medical error that they were trying to dismiss. Of course I want more children but I am definitely nervous now.

  26. So I have a question.. What happens if the obgyn ultimately determines a c-section is absolutely necessary, but the patient refuses? Have you ever heard of this happening? Does the doctor have the ability to take the patient for a c-section against their will? Or do they have to let whatever happens to the mom/baby happen?

  27. been an ER nurse and director for 16 years in 11 different hospitals. The policy has always been two attempts before another person needs to try.

  28. Why isn’t nitrous oxide used here in the US? I’d love to have it in the ED. Seems like it would help avoid the common use of narcs…

  29. I have hard to place IVs not being pregnant. Anesthesia is always called for me to start my IV’s. It has been added to my hospital records so now they usually won’t even try they just get someone from anesthesia. Ive even had to wait for a flight for life medic before. I have had someone poke me 9 to 13 times before and that is one of the most frustrating things when you aren’t feeling well.

  30. I have scoliosis and my spine is fused. I didn't think to ask about trying it when I had my daughter. It was years ago but I'm glad you did a video about it so that people are aware that it's possible.

  31. So I had a failed epidural too per se. It was actually the pump that kept going out. It would work for a bit then stop then they would come and play with it for a bit then it’d work then stop. It was a mess. Getting it in my back wasn’t the problem. It was that dang pump.

  32. I wish my epidural for my second son had gone smoothly. I really felt cheated out of the experience. My epidural was 12 tries ( teaching hospital). Even my husband was grossed out. I knew my baby would come quickly and nobody listened to me. By the time he was born I had about the last 15 minutes of labor covered by the epidural. I should have just done it without it altogether. I had dreams about my labor and delivery for about a year. I didn't need to be so frustrating. And no, I don't have any anatomical issues. 😑 Yes we were both healthy afterwards but it could have gone better.

  33. I was dx with roto- and dextro-scoliosis years AFTER I had all four of my kids via an xray for something else so it was an "incidental finding" Now I'm wondering how the anesthesiologists never noticed it? At least I don't remember any mention of it during my labors… however with my last child the epidural wore off almost completely so yep felt everything!! lol! Interested in your thoughts as to how they could have missed me having scoliosis 4 times!!

  34. From a double boarded obgyn, 👍👍👍. You did excellent on your terminology on the obstetrics side! We always love to work with anesthesia providers who are super keen on being on the baby side of the hospital. Everyone has a preference and OB seems to be your “other” calling.

  35. Can you please react to Channon rose’s failed epidural birth video?? I think that’d be interesting to watch too

  36. With my first child I guess you could say that my epidural took hold really good. I still couldn't walk or really feel my legs after 8 hrs. It was crazy. At that time the hospital only had I believe it was 3 nice labor and delivery rooms. The goal was to deliver and then move to another room. I however, got to stay in the "good room" all night because I couldn't walk. With my second child the epidural was successful and wore off at a normal rate. This was a really informative video. I wish YT was around when I was pregnant and having my kids.

  37. The timing hits home on this one! I gave birth to my third baby last Wed (8/14) exactly 6 wks early. I had my first completely successful epidural & I so understand now why they are magic. Total game changer. Various reasons my other two didn’t “take,” but you might find it interesting that I have an intrathecal pain pump & the amazing anesthesiologist still got it perfect (none of my babies were impacted by the medication or needed special care). I had Xrays in my chart showing where the leads are placed in my spine (forgive me if my terminology is off!) which she said helped.

  38. My first epidural didn't take at all. I was told that I have a "window" in my spine and I've always wondered what that meant. It was many years ago, so the details may be fuzzy, but I remember my legs being heavy but was able to feel every single contraction. Horrible labor with my first. With my second, I also had an epidural. That one took better, although I still did feel the contractions. My doctor was concerned because he said I shouldn't have felt anything. I was just happy because the pain was very minimal. He almost didn't believe me except for the fact that I would tell him exactly when each contraction was happening. So my question is, do I indeed have some sort of defect with my spine; a window of some sort?

  39. I just had my daughter via scheduled c-section a little over a week ago, and I’m so glad I watched your c-section video right beforehand! It definitely helped me feel more at ease, and I took your advice and told the anesthesiologist as soon as I started feeling nauseas during the procedure 👍🏼 I was terrified of throwing up while laying there cut open. Thanks for the great information always!

  40. Could you please make a video about your journey into anesthesiology and how you were able to pursue the career and still have a family at a young age (idk how old you are but you still look young), because I really want to become an anesthesiologist but my parents keep on telling me that it might not be a good idea because it’s going to take a long time and after I’ve finished college, med school, and residency it’s going to be hard and stuff for me to start a family/ get married because I would’ve been focusing on school and stuff during my 20s 🙄 but I feel like I can honestly do both, but I just want to know is how you managed to do both (sorry that this is long and btw I’m 17 and a senior in high school)

  41. I was first given paperwork to read and sign to get an epidural, but then the delivery nurse took a look down there and said it is too late for that and time to push that watermelon out! Not to mention, turned out that doctor was away so no epidural would happen … Wasn't that painful to push the baby out in my case, they just put the needle in my butt in order to make a small incision so I wouldn't tear up. Hardest part was the really painful contractions shorty before pushing the baby out to the point I think I left teeth marks on the bed 😀 xx <3

  42. Really loveeeeee this new more!!but please do handbags review too because ive been waiting for you to review your kelly28 and constance24 for so longggg 😍😍😍

  43. So interesting, love this video! I live in Sweden and I had an epidural with my first daughter, but it did not work at all – big fat fail! With my second labor everything went too fast and they didn't have time to place the epidural.. and there was no difference in pain. Thank god for laughing gas!!!! We have another kind of epidural here which makes it possible to walk around and get things going. I was all about pain meds before and I'm just thankful we have laughing gas, that saved my labor!

  44. i have a little tip for these videos: maybe try turning up the volume for the video that you are reacting to because it is hard for me to hear it and so i turn the video up and then your voice is too loud lol so just try and see if there is anyway that the other video can have a louder audio!

  45. I relate to not wanting to speak about delivery because it was traumatic. My first delivery went smoothly epidural took 3 pushes and my daughter was out however my Dr. Stitched me wrong and my recovery took far longer than it should have. 2nd baby high risk had my gall bladder removed at 14 weeks. Was induced at 37 weeks because of my youngest daughters size. So they induce me everything is progressing fine and they ask if I wanted my epidural which I didn't at the time as I wasn't feeling too much pain. When the contractions really got rolling I asked for my epidural but there had been a 5 car pileup and the people from that were airlifted to the hospital I was at so no anesthesiologists were available. I didn't get an epidural till 5 min before I pushed my healthy but sunny side up 8lb 4oz 21" long daughter.

  46. My first baby, I got a tap cuz I entered the hospital 8” dilated. I didn’t know it felt like being zapped with electricity so I moved. 😩 all the hospital staff was amazing!!! ❤️ thanks for this video pretty momma. 👍🏻😘😘😘Sandy

  47. Love these videos so much! I would love, love, love to see you react to an episode of The Good Doctor, particularly S2E2! There are a few plot lines, including a brain surgeon preparing for/selecting staff for his own brain tumor removal surgery and a doctor purposefully performing a different procedure on a teenage patient than the one she consented to. Such a good show!!!

  48. I got an epidural. I had back labor which did not fully resolve with the epidural, however I remember the nurse anesthetist had issues placing it. She couldn’t get the catheter straight into the epidural space, it continued veering off to one side. They eventually called who I believe was the attending anesthesiologists.. sweetest lady ever. I ended up with an emergency csection, I had to put to sleep, and this women held my hand my entire surgery. She was still holding it when I woke up.

    Unfortunately, my baby did pass away so my story doesn’t end with a healthy baby, but that one women brought such light to a very dark time. I’m now expecting my rainbow baby. And am going back to the same hospital for my scheduled csection simply so I can have that same anesthesiologist. ❤️❤️❤️

  49. Oh my gosh, I feel so bad for her!! That’s enough to scare some people away!😬 I was terrified hearing all the awful stories and didn’t know what to expect!!
    I had the best delivery ever!
    I walked in not knowing how far along I really was! I changed into the gown, went to the restroom and came back feeling the urge to push!
    Hopped on the table and one push later my daughter was delivered by the midwife!! Doctor never made it in!!! I thought I was having false labor until I was forced to go. Thanks, loved the video!🌺🌸🌺

  50. Hi Kristina, I had a similar outcome with only having numbness in my lower limbs and feet particularly. My understanding is the epidural was tried again and cause a severe neck spasm that was more painful then labor pain. Can you speculate if that is caused from multiple attempts of an epidural or due to another issue. Also, If you experience pain while pushing after an epidural, does this mean “you” are experiencing actual child birth pain? Or a variation of it? Thank you 😊

  51. During my last epidural, I was getting it a little too late. I was very loud and in a lot of pain during contractions but I was able to stay still between them. And the nurse anesthetist actually told me that I would need to give him a moment to concentrate. Like that I was distracting him. 🙁

  52. I had a doozy of an failed epidural experience, and I love that you took the time to explain pieces of the process! When people sign the waiver for anesthesia I think nerves and labor pain inhibit full comprehension of what the possible implications are. I had an accidental dural puncture, and the anesthesiologist a few days later for the blood patch told me that he reviewed my chart, and my epidural space was 3mm (not sure what he means exactly), which he said was unusual. You really can’t predict anatomy issues, from what it sounds like. My epidural site did hurt for about 4 months, but I had 2 epidurals, followed by a spinal, so a lot of trauma in that space. I thought a nurse said they hit a bone too, b/c she warned me the site would be sore. Again, you sound like a really skilled and compassionate doctor, and this makes a huge difference to a nervous patient! Love your videos!

  53. My second cesarean was more dramatic for baby and me. We tried a V Back fist 22 hours of oiticin induced labor … main doctor was called off vacation , I still hear his shoes clicking as he Ran down the hall yelling orders to prep for surgery , they stopped the drip of oiticin and young me thought yes no more contractions lolol not! Then after the spinal they had to go in so fast , baby was in stress that I felt the first cut my anesthesiologist jumped up did some thing and Finally pain free ….baby was saved and so was mom. I'm still sensitive on the skin from that first cut and that baby is now 30

  54. Omg….My mom was in the hospital for her 5th…. Yes 5th spine surgery…. Someone stole her purse from the cupboard of her room!… That was 4 years ago, the items nor purse were ever found!…. Lock your items up ladies!….

  55. I appreciate these videos so much. I hope they dispel fears brought on by things others (not just youtubers) talk about.

  56. Just the way you talk would make me feel SO SO comfortable and safe if you were my doctor!! Your patients are so lucky to have someone like you.

  57. New to your channel and I have a question from an anesthesiologist standpoint.

    How common is post op amnesia? I’ve had 2 knee surgeries under general but with the first surgery to this day (10 years later) I still can’t remember anything that happened after they started wheeling me out of the pre-op area. I was in my early 30s if that’s relevant.

  58. Yessss, you need to react to season 6 episode 13 of Grey’s Anatomy where a women wakes up from anesthesia and an anesthesiologist character is introduced!

  59. I love your normal content, but I love this new content too!! As a nurse, this is fascinating to hear about other areas of expertise!!

  60. I had severe preeclampsia that started showing signs at 21 weeks so by the time i gave birth (29 weeks) i looked like an suv because my kidneys had shut down and i couldn't pee for a few days before i gave birth so i was holding in 42lbs of fluid so to say that everyone had a hard time placing my iv is an understatement. I had 5 nurses try throughout the last week and when my brain started to swell and i lost my sight and they needed to give me magnesium sulfate my anesthesiologist actually was the only one able to find a vein (very awkwardly placed in the bottom of my arm by my armpit) but hey me and my baby are alive and well so thank you anesthesiologist whoever you are cuz i never actually saw your face since i was blind at that point 🙏🏻

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