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  1. I'm a sucker for children and want My own so bad but I'm only 16 :') Lmao My Mom would kill me if I get one before I'm 25

  2. Just had my son a month and a half ago, and I totally agree with EVERYTHING you said in this video.

  3. You should do a coffee video. What's your go to coffee drink at home? Starbucks? Mcd? Dunkin? Where ever you get your coffee fix. do a ride with me type video!

  4. I had my boys 5 and 2 years ago but this video brought all the fun memories haha! Very informative!!!!

  5. That’s so funny because I didn’t have an epidural and the nurses kept trying to pressure me into one! When I wasn’t even hurting!

  6. I didn’t want to have sex after two months 😐I think because we both were really exhausted because our son wouldn’t sleep after two month jaja

  7. Good for you for not obsessing over the scale and your weight, i'm sure the first weeks of postpartum there is fluctuation with all that your body goes through that to get hung up on the numbers isn't worth getting obsessed over. That number factors so many different things.

  8. Love your video and all of it is ABSOLUTELY TRUE! THANK YOU for doing this video and helping so many new/future moms out there with truth. HAPPY SUNDAY! ❤️

  9. That's really interesting that you felt a little pressure from nurses to not get an epidural. I am a doula and in my area it's typically opposite. I see many nurses pushing epidurals. I think epidurals are amazing and have seen them help avoid cesarean births. I have a positive opinion of epidurals IF that's what the mother wants. It's no ones choice but the pregnant person. Many of my clients are planning for an unmedicated birth and that's why they hire me, but I also have plenty of clients who are planning to get an epidural or having a planned cesarean.

  10. I labored naturally with my first, and then had to get a C Section. As soon as the drugs kicked in, I wished I had gotten the epidural sooner! I’m pregnant with my 4th now! ☺️💕

  11. I love listening to other womens' experience with birth and postpartum! One thing I'll say about your period coming back – mine came back just before 6 months postpartum, even while I was breastfeeding – is that you'll know when it's coming. I was SO scared of just being surprised by it one day. But you will notice the change as you body goes back into a normal rhythm with all of the normal PMS type symptoms in the lead up. I could tell it was starting back up 2-3 weeks before it came, so I knew to be prepared when it did. Hopefully this helps someone!

  12. Wow I wish I had nurses against epidurals. They kept pushing it which stressed me out. Never had one. Never needed one. Two lovely births. The suckiest thing for me was peeing and pooping after. Basically one painful week of healing but i would do it all over again

  13. I loved this. There is so much about post labour care that women are not warned about! But I just want to say to some moms out there, if you don’t feel that amazing connection with your baby on first hold or look, DO NOT FEEL GUILTY ABOUT IT! I was so overwhelmed that I didn’t really have any feelings towards my son and within a few hours he was light of my life. It can take time

  14. Thank you for sharing your story with us , I lost my baby this past October before my husband deployed but we are gonna try again once he comes home and going from the high hormones to the low hormones and dealing with the life lost is just an awful depression and I still haven't gotten out of it but it is different for everyone

  15. As a mom, this was beautiful!! You did this with such grace and honesty. Very much appreciated. Wish I had seen something this positive when I was pregnant five years ago. When you started crying, I did right on cue!!

  16. I really appreciate your honesty! What tough questions! You’re awesome for doing this. It will help many women.

  17. I feel the same way about an epidural! So glad to hear that in the middle of all the "natural births" vlogs. Obviously it's great if people choose not to have one, but I feel like there's that pressure of going natural and some women can sound superior when they tell you that's their choice. Also, as women we often feel like pain is a big part of our lives and that if it doesn't hurt, it's not real or something. So, enough of Eve's guilt, and if it's what your want, get help from modern medicine.

  18. I just adore you! Well I have grandchildren now you were pretty much spot on with all that you answered! It’s funny when you mentioned how you went through the not sleeping phase I smiled because I remember you going through it!! “It’s a phase” is a good reminder for life in general!! Hugs to you, Miles and Michael!

  19. When it comes to the pain it was just opposite for me.. the labor was the painful part lol.. once i was able to start pushing it was such a relief… tearing.. i think a lot of women go thru that.. i did😏 i mean .. as Carol Burnett said, youre pushing something the size of a watermelon out an opening the size of an orange😆

  20. I'm a mom of two little girls. Breastfed/pumped for both of them. I had post-partum hair loss after they were both 6months, so it may be coming your way soon. And I didn't get my first period till after my 1st was one year old, I exclusively pumped for 13months for her! And my second is 15months now and I still have not gotten my period back, and she kinda self weaned a month ago or so. So, yea, everybody and every pregnancy is different! <3

  21. Great vid! My experiences were similar with my kids. I agree, the best thing in the whole world is holding your new baby for the first time!!!

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