Answering Postpartum & Labor Questions

welcome back to another video and today I wouldn't be answering questions you guys asked on my Instagram about my labor and post partum and even some questions about the baby filed during the videos are Sara's alright so the first question is was labor easier or harder than you expected and I was induced if you didn't know so labor for me was easier because it was brought on by something else I didn't have to wait a long time but it was a lot harder than I expected because I thought that oh I would be able to do it without any pain medicine I would be able to just get it done easy peasy and that wasn't the case because I went from one to nine basically one to ten in an hour it was super fast and super painful and I pushed her out and three pushes in like five minutes so it was that part I knew I would do I would just push her out I wouldn't wait three hours to push I would I mean I wouldn't take three hours to push but the pain was not what I expected and I don't think they prepare you enough for that because I just thought it was gonna be easy and it wasn't so that leads you to the next question is did you add a girl and was it painful just get I did get an epidural I got it at nine and a half centimeters so like basically right before I started pushing and no it was not painful to get a lot of people are scared I think to get it because it's a long needle that goes into your spine but it wasn't painful for me because my contractions were just so painful so it was almost like I was a poke for a needle and I was like good then I took a three-hour now so yeah what did her coming-out feel like so like I just said I got an epidural so I actually did not feel anything I just it kind of what I needed to push before I got the epidural it just felt like um something was coming out you know I don't know how to describe it but that's what it felt like and it just you like they also you have the urge to push and you do and you just do but because I had epidural I didn't feel that once I got that so they had to tell me when to push and I just kind of did it and didn't feel anything really um could you feel the placenta come out so I I wa if you didn't back my birth story I watched my whole labor my whole delivery with a mirror so I didn't really feel the placenta I just remember what I had to do just for baby you have these big pushes is this a bigger thing and the placenta you just have to do like little pushes and then they pull it with the cord so I just remember him pulling it and then getting rid of it how long does it take to heal from delivery so right now I am seven weeks postpartum and after six weeks with a vaginal delivery they say you're healed you can do whatever you can wear tampons or you can have sex or lift and whatever you want basically like before um but that's not always the case you could it takes I've read it takes up to a year for your body to heal because I took almost a year to bring your body to get in that form of getting a baby making a baby I'm getting the baby out but I am pretty much healed for the most part that's another issue I'll discuss later but like my incision is healed my stitches are gone everything is fine I'm cleared to do whatever I want basically what's been the hardest thing about postpartum so the hardest thing for me is not being pregnant anymore and looking at my body and still looking pregnant and if you watched my other videos you know that I was very little till about 7 months and then I was still very little and then I hit 9 months and I was pretty clam sick like I talked about in the previous video and I was no longer little I was huge and I got tons of stretch marks and I'll show my belly and at the end of the questions um but like I still don't look like how about look before I was pregnant and you hear my baby crying and I'm not knowing her she's with my mom so she's getting taken care of it's not like I'm ignoring her um but yeah so looking at my stretch marks and looking at my fat belly you know thinking there's not a baby mer you can't be fat anymore basically that's another part of me um do you and your mom ever fight if she's holding her too long and won't give her back um no I was told a few things I was told were someone's offering to help or helping let them take a break sit back don't feel bad and don't feel bad asking for help so I asked her for help like and she takes she helps me like I think sherry and I and I get to take a nap sometimes and she sometimes gets up with her in the night like she helps me a lot so she's holding him I don't I don't usually get mad about it um we sometimes do argue that I don't want something done or do you want something done she doesn't but then we she understands that it is my baby and I do get the final say she doesn't really gonna say she's just input so we she does know it's my baby so it's not like you know and she doesn't always want to hold her it's because she wants to do her own thing – okay that's not her baby so yeah um do you did you have a boy name picked out if she wasn't a girl so I said this I think in my last Q&A or even in my last video I did not have her knee you're gonna picked out until I was like 20 weeks some people go into the pregnancy knowing the name I didn't and so for that being said I didn't have a boy name when I first went out I was right now I liked Austin for both genders so that would have been his name but I wouldn't have stuck with it up to my delivery because I don't really like to that name anymore you know so dancers know I did not have a boy name and I do not have a boy name if I would have another baby I don't have a boy name they do have some girl named stuff what's your favorite thing about him so my favorite thing about her is everything I love everything about her but my favorite thing is that I'm her mom so I get to love her and pick her up and take be the one in charge of her and I'm always her safety zone so like if she's sad or she's mad if she's uncomfortable or she's her or if she's sick she always just wants her mom and even when she's not like that even if she's perfectly happy she just wants mom she just wants Miami all the time she just wants to hug me kiss me and love me and that's my favorite part about her hair me and now I mean I knew for your partner's that she's even though it's so sad to me that she's growing up kind of she's getting bigger so like she's starting to smile and she started to giggle and she can sit up and she can hold her head up and she tries to walking I don't know why she thinks she can walk because she's only seven weeks old but she tries and just watching her grow is my favorite so um now where are you moving on from now I'm gonna show you my belly my stomach and I'll tell you about what I've been doing to lose weight so um this is the front and see it's still jiggly this is the side you can see the stretch marks and the jiggle I did put my belly ring back in so that's that and so what I've been doing is I've been doing absolutely nothing and that's why I know that I can be skinnier because I haven't done anything I've literally just been breastfeeding and I don't even you know do that as often so I just I don't think I think recently like the last 24 hours I've been trying to eat healthier by 10 o'clock comes I don't follow that logic of transy healthier I'm on ice cream and whatever but I don't do anything really it's just breast feeding but yeah so that's my post partner video I will be doing a video update I know you might have more questions about Tatum herself and I will have her committed she can tell you you know but really I'll I'll um I'll do another video update on her when she's officially like 2 months she's not someone set so yeah thank you for watching like this video and subscribe turn that post notifications bell on so you can know when I post start away yeah that's it

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