Answering TABOO Childbirth Education Questions with ProDoula Trainer Leanne Palmerston

welcome back to the produ new YouTube channel I'm Leon Palmerston a member of the training and development team at Pro Dula when you're meeting with clients in the prenatal period helping them get ready for birth or maybe preparing them for after birth in the postpartum period you're often getting a lot of questions about things are more delicate in nature a major concern of people who are teaching classes or talking to clients who are expecting is that they're going to be caught off guard and ask things that they themselves feel uncomfortable talking about but that's okay if that happens you have to remember we're all human we all poop some of us are gonna poop when we push out a baby and that's okay everybody who's having a baby probably had to have sex in order to get that baby in there so talking about that can also be a little uncomfortable but everybody's having babies is doing it so a lot of male partners are a little concerned about when they can have sex again after babies come and I get asked that question a lot and so in order for everyone in the room not to feel super uncomfortable I'll just make sure

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