Anti-Abortion Crisis Pregnancy Centers Thriving In Texas

last year Texas past a series a very
draconian anti-abortion laws when you do this did her best to stop
them from going into effect but unfortunately they did %uh starting in November now we have
some %uh the preliminary results all those laws go into effect and up primarily is that as these actual
abortion providing clinics which also provide many other services to women and men in many cases are
closing down they’re out the gap is being taken up by
these anti-abortion pregnancy crisis centers the call until medical clinics although
most of them provide absolute no medical services what so ever out what in particular is the McAllen
Pregnancy Center which is now gonna play a very important
role as community since McCown actual abortion clinic has been shut
down that Macallan Pregnancy Center release that at last year showing what they do let’s take a look
walk-up to McAllen Pregnancy Center my name is George E known Silas and I
represent the center were soldiers here chance and I plant seeds a don’t know in women warn I’m Britain’s from here BBC we strongly me or not only did PCR also no emotion are here tomorrow night communities the
given information the murder rate interim with the numerous resources this see-saw their the USANA grams in
many of the if they don’t use them for medical reasons though they say but just
to see the baby yeah of course it’s a way of making the
woman feel guilty she is seeking an abortion site to humanize a fetus or
zygote in some cases ed I have obviously a very huge problem
with these pregnancy crisis centers because everything they do is extremely
deceptive a lot of them have absolutely no medical training whatsoever however you walk in and they’re wearing
white coats as if the real doctors and then they sat down and made
literally live to the women about what an abortion does to your body
so for instance they will say ok you get an abortion you will develop
breast cancer which has been debunked in study after study %uh and basis care to women and they
force them to have the baby is right- would be coerced them into having the
babies in my opinion and what I always wonder about is okay
so Texas doesn’t like the idea of women having the right to choose so if you are going to pressure these
women into having babies they can afford what do you think about social services
are governmental programs that will help them raise the children financially
right there again about as well so you really
pro-life I highly doubt it when you’re saying
that we should use taxpayer money toward the services for the pro-life but it can
be a shitty life that I really care about the quality other a nice being a taxpayer dollars that
money goes toward these these billion we’re here we’re gonna get
all that yeah okay let me give you some numbers really fast before we get into
it are commentary so I i said that that was the problem I
see is that because it wanted the prather the areas the law that was
passed was that you have to have admitting privileges although you don’t
need admitting privileges to actually perform an abortion they
require it now that’s why many these are closing down and so here’s to many areas of Texas in
Dallas to abortion clinics close down but don’t worry you’ve got seven
pregnancy crisis clinics in Fort Worth to also closed for
pregnancy clinics the Texas Panhandle does not have any
clinics that can provide abortions but it does have four places where the
pretend to be doctors three close in San Antonio to pregnancy clinics waco the last to close down and their to
pregnancy clinics and so these areas you drive up to 170 miles now to receive an abortion on yeah and so
just give an idea on what how the pitch themselves are white people would go to
these all these clinics offer free pregnancy
tests and ultrasounds which be attracted to low-income women whose access to regulated health
providers was severely curtailed by state-mandated budget cuts in 2011 so easy to the really getting
hit on all sides here the budget is being cut for legitimate
services and so people feel that they need to turn to these alternative
sources %uh help support and as you said since
2005 the state health department is rerouted thirty million dollars from actual
family planning coffers towards price discrepancy centers night bended Texas I’ve been to Texas a
lot going to Houston all the time dallis right San Antonio also the
Riverwalk very nice very nice that people don’t
seem that stupid they seem like a regular people yet they
had visited their government is probable back its Tanner something inside what
how backwards can you guys be and what are the people in those like so
there’s gotta be smart educated rich people in all those cities and that
is go I guess we risk and I have care for women anybody that is that so
they don’t so somebody made to the budget doctors just don’t get together
and open up an abortion clinic in saint but it’ll be a in jail well it was a level ending when the days
make this simple rest and where they do simple day be happy I think they’ve been trying to been
really trying I think part of the issue here and you know I’m from Texas on race live their toes 24 are you from
texas or did you just gotta know I wanted five years ago I was there for
five years I i with the for 24 years my life I I know what it’s like growing up in
Texas and yes there are a lot of very intelligent people fundamental to this issue is that not
only are there a lot of very intelligent people interact with their love buried
religious people in texas and my biggest concern with this
legislation the legislation that led to the to these have medical clinics or
whatever they’re calling them what are they holding the bag right pregnant the crisis center aside from
what and was talking about which is my moral objections to this is that this is a
fundamental First Amendment violation this is
fundamentally unconstitutional putting legislation in place that shuts
down a woman’s right to choose shut down
abortion clinics and raises these religiously funded or religiously up inspire in for my were cross-linked a
rather parity and is in the I think this flies in the face a secular run governments wise in the
face up separating church and state and more than any other issues that I
have with that from a moral standpoint I don’t understand how this is fucking
legal well that’s all I can say is this get they have the governorship they have
control the state legislature please don’t know but I like how it will
see her the federal but he wants to tuition but like the old man is in getting
involved in in an NBA and the Supreme Court is not a problem right now gets
involved is it something actually makes it to the Supreme Court where are the
cases like you were saying where’s the civil disobedience where the women
raising single in Texas so they would actually work its way
through the court system I delay since November sure those will conduct their
newspeople intended to be a however I’m not
outraged that machine that we’re talking about it like the cards are so tire you out in
Texas I mean anything very very conservative lambs so I should
jump in with two thing so what are the reasons why this is happening so easily is because
when it comes to hospital admitting privileges oftentimes these hospitals will deny
other admitting privileges to the clinics because they have religious views
themselves or their religious views will shut down these clinics anyway %uh but I did make a point about the
federal government not getting involved that’s actually untrue %uh at some point a few years ago the federal government told you know
Texas we’re not going to give you any funding for Medicaid if you refuse
to take that money and put it into the abortion clinics right but at in the end it didn’t matter
because they successfully pass that legislation that shut these clinics
anyway and that’s a great thing about Texas to
is texas has a really thriving economy like Texas as a whole is probably the
state that the best position deny federal funding even during the
huge like market crashed during the finance bubble Texas was minimally
affected compared to a lot of other I housing market and their depend able to
insulate themselves in that way unfortunately you still can’t violate
the United States Constitution fortunately it you can be able to: and
up yeah fortunately got done poorly
protected so hopefully what we’ll see is I mean that the legislative process and the judicial process unfortunately is
very slow in this country and we’ve got to the president’s that by people actually taking course cases
table to set the spring practice to a Texas elect ann richards and then just go to the dark ages how
that have been remaining Richards was a lot mile democrat you mean I’m in the best sense
def and and then it’s just been dark ever since
then right it’s been george bush in repairing & like I think the mayor of Houston was on LGBT yeah we heard Katie that where we’ve
seen kinda polite in Texas you know we know that often is
it alright then well community well let’s bear in mind though we’ve got
this he said you’ve been to the city is that the true but if you go out into the
rural areas of Texas like you go camping in Bandera very different
than Austin elected gun barrel city that the good one there’s another one
called white settlement not live no like yeah entire there’s a nice entry up
there I go ahead and make your head yeah but but hey they don’t know about
that I and then I can say from my time in
Austin I remember driving down at 35 and seeing the prices Pregnancy
Center billboards and like I i even back then I had an
idea of what the actual objective those places are but just given ideas and is our
perception what these places are trying to do the national institute a family life
advocates were setting up the these places across the country says
ultrasound which they push opens a window to the wall where the mother is
first introduced her unborn child by allowing this connection to happen
medical clinics experienced dramatic increases in the
percentage the patients that she was life so when you shut down a clinic that
provides abortions but also breast cancer screenings St treatments and
things like that you not just hurt women in terms of
their overall health but your entire mission is different and medical clinic is there to solve
people’s health problems and to keep them healthy this place is just there to provide
religious propaganda and even in their advertisements you saw they had people praying and they had
crosses and for a person a young person who gets pregnant accidentally in an
austin and sees the billboard and finds out though maybe there’s no actual
abortion clinics around I can go there to be the same sort of thing and they walk in there and they find
someone in a white coat who lies to them about their fundamental role in that
person’s life who takes a min to put the Rosary in
their hands I don’t want a person going into a clinic in seeing across or keron or the hammer of Thor it
supposed to be a fucking medical clinic where you can receive medical care for
the problem you have yeah and I and i think that that hopefully
these cases that you’ve alluded to a common hopefully we’ll get to the
Supreme Court and hopefully the Supreme Court won’t be
overwhelmingly are conservative and how the evaluate these laws but we’re still
potentially a long way away from there and I feel bad for the people in texas we’re
going to be irreparably harm for the rest of their life by this law it doesn’t matter if in a year or two
years the Supreme Court changes that it’s unreal now and if you get pregnant
accidentally now you’re gonna be affected by an even even
in Austin where they said okay if you’re gonna have one is cry skunks you have to
put up a billboard or sign outside that says you don’t actually providing
medical care well judge looked at it and said well
we’ll consider it but while we’re considering that they don’t have to do
it right as they think that that violates free speech yet which is absolutely insane I mean
and a huge issue here huge secondary
consequence of this is that women are gonna go into these clinics women who are low income who are low
information I’m individual here and they’re going to
get an ultrasound non diagnostically it’s only gonna be
there to show them you have life inside a view and they’re going to oftentimes I would here assume okay that means that I have
a baby my baby maybe they’re convinced to keep the baby will my I see my baby
it has a heartbeat it’s probably say they may be less likely to get prenatal
care they may be less likely to follow up
intake air bed infant because they’re going to a place that is sure rating as a medical clinic
but not actually offering any medical care yeah they’re huge ramifications to that
to going to a place that pretends to have some sort of medical credibility
and they have none whatsoever and it’s amazing to me that public funds
are going to these organizations you know even considering their
religious %uh slant even considering the fact that they’re just doling out propaganda as if it’s true
yeah thirty million dollars have state health department funding has been a
real routed from for family planning into these
crisis pregnant female those ultrasound
machines are not cheap nothing clean air saving money by not receiving any actual
training and I’m not right

100 Replies to “Anti-Abortion Crisis Pregnancy Centers Thriving In Texas”

  1. Sue!

    People have to get together and advocate for their constitution, inform the clinics and the government that they are violating the constitution. WHEN they ignore you, you need to sue them and force them to abide by the constitution.

    If it was my country, that's what I would want and that's what I would do.

  2. Jimmy needs to learn how to tie a full windsor. This half-windsor nonsense is chaos!

    well………… based off this ONE video 

  3. I am eager to find out what will happen to those in favor of abortion as soon as they find themselves in deep shit, in a real life threatening situation and get out if it alive, I wonder if as gratefulness in return they will consider not threatening the life of an unborn, yes an unborn unhuman, an unborn fetushiny, an unborn egg or what ever they want to call it to dehumanize it, such pathology is know as SELF REINFORCING ALLUCINATION, a way to come to terms with an idea that goes even against their own nature.

  4. I can not figure out how people can honestly think of an embryo as a person…like the same kind of walking talking person standing next to you…

  5. Great Job getting Cara Santa Marie on there! She's right about life here in Texas and so were you dude. It sucks, like being on an island of coolness in a sea of closed minded meanies! My buddy is running for Office and we already have gotten a death threat! What did he say? Anything about abortion? Nope! Anything about Gun control? Nope! He said he was running as a Democrat! :0

  6. I'm fine with these clinics. I'd like to open some faith based ones as well. We can tell the women that getting an abortion will get their "children" up to heaven faster. "Children" are born in sin, but if we kill them, then we can spare them from the possibilities of them ruining their chances of getting into heaven. That's some serious logic.

    I'm really tired of people running around thinking that they know what god wants. I think that a lot of these right wing nuts would love to have a government like Iran or Saudi Arabia. They just want a full on theocracy where their delusions are State sponsored and above ridicule.

  7. Oh by the way Dude who's clinic closed and you're mad quit talking and get involved don't blame Planned Parenthood, they were FORCED out by the Government! They helped more low income women and even guys with more than abortion but real healthcare at a low cost, practically free to the tax payers! If you want to help  change happen VOTE! GET INVOLVED! There are a LOT of outraged people here! Why do you think so many people came down to the Capital and Marched for three days and nights!? AND THEN did it again?! We are ready and we WILL change this place from a State where the local government hides behind and uses Christian beliefs to advance it's own monetary gain and it's supporters, while providing no actual support for low income Women and infants. Once they have the kids they must immediately get on WIC and become an even greater expense to the government.( If you research this you will find Rick Perrys sister is strangely involved  as well.) Really even if you don't like abortion this is the wrong way to go about things, by denying basic healthcare because they were no officially set up as Hospitals in favor of Fake care centers for ONLY pregnant women? Crazy Help  Change it !

  8. DAMN IT ! 
    an abortion is a privet procedure, the decision to do it is not easy .
     there will always be some sort of guilt on the mother's part for going through with it even if she has a perfectly good reason.

    how did we let something so intensely privet  become a doorway to false medical care and forceful religious propaganda?  

  9. Science is always light years ahead of the law and culture. Neonatal science advances leaps and bounds every year and we are capable of saving a fetus as early as 5 months old now. What happens when science advances to the point that we can save a fetus up to 1 month or we discover that the fetus feels pain (highly unlikely in the early stages as there is no nerves or brains developed yet)? Are you liberals still going to argue that the fetus is not a "person" and does not deserve human rights? I am an atheist but I side with Christopher Hitchens on the matter of abortion. An abortion "cannot be simply the decision between a woman and her doctor."  I say abortion in the case of rape, incest, to save the life of the mother and extreme economic hardship. In all other cases you must have the child. 

  10. next the religious nuts will be targeting the male "nuts" by introducing legislation that outlaws male masturbation to prevent the deaths of millions of "unborn" babies. I can see it now the… "Thou Shalt not Spill Thy Seed" law.  Praise the Lawd!!!

  11. Religious superstition reigns supreme in Texas.  The people of Texas tolerated Governor Rick Perry hold a prayer meeting in Houston to pray for rain during their
    recent drought……BTW his prayers went unanswered for his modern day rain dance….

  12. Abortion should not be mixed with religion, abortion is an inhumane thing really, but in some rare cases it is needed. Abortions should not be in the hands of dumb people who just feel like aborting a child for no apparent reason

  13. Ana I don't think they are using the ultra sounds to create guilt but to create a connection to a unborn baby.  Chances are if you feel guilty about something there is a reason.

    There are other options to abortion, like adoption and there are many gay couples that want them.  This would give the mother time to develop a real connection to the child and if the individual still wanted to get ride of the kid, they could get some "donation" money from the adopting parents.  Good deal.

    The long drive is alright, gives time to consider a persons decision, and lets face it this is a big decision.  I do hope and I'm sure there are alternatives for sexual health concerns.

    Correct me if I'm wrong but isn't the American health care privatized? Meaning that those abortion centers that closed must have been loosing money?  One would assume if more people are killing their babies they would be making more money right?  Family Planning and Pregnancy Crisis Centers sound very similar to me.

  14. its completely the opposite where i live im from Canada so teen moms are rare because there so many abortion centres and very little crisis centres or any help whatsoever for young ppl who are pregnant 

  15. please please don't stereotype all Texans. There are alot of scary religious people here and we have the wrong people in power obviously 🙁
    But I don't know anyone in my social circle that is what you would call crazy or unintelligent.

  16. One thing I have always admired about the British conservative movement is that the majority of them consider the pro-lifers dangerous lunatics and terrorists. That and "fuck the US" are pretty much the only issues we have broad consensus on, on the street level at least

  17. Texas has the highest rate of repeat teen pregnancy. Obviously something is going wrong there. In my country I never meet a pregnant teen. I did hear about them, but among the minority where they usually get married around 15. It's a culture thing with them.

  18. C'mon, TYT: it's "Pro-Life," not "Pro-Living." 😉
    The plan is to get you into the world so you can die and pass your soul to Jesus.
    What happens in between ain't that fucking important.

  19. This is awful.. no one but the women having the child should having a say in this matter. Youre prolife? good for you, But you wont be the one giving birth and providing for the child after its born so you shouldnt even be allowed to say anything unless you go out and adopt all the children that are not wanted. The same people that say they are prolife are the same people that complain over whos are welfare for having too many kids. Prochoice ftw because they mind thier own business. 

  20. look… i'm not crazy pro-lifer, and I do NOT agree with lying to women about what abortions do to you, I'm for well rounded education in all areas of options for pregnant women. It bothers me to make abortion illegal, it's taking a step backward in all the womens rights. 
    But the thing is, I just can't get past the fact that even from the earliest time in conception the baby (or fetus, as a whole lot of people call it) it has a heartbeat… i just… I'm sorry, anything with a heartbeat is alive. I couldn't bear to kill my own child. 
    And even though I know no one will agree with me, I just don't know how a majority of women can deny the undeniable truth that the "zygote/fetus" or "sack of tissue" has a heartbeat… even if it hasn't developed everything else. It's alive
    It just… it makes me really upset and sick thinking about killing a baby like that.
    And I hate it when people say "they can't feel anything" because none of you know what a baby feels and can't feel. None of you remember being in the womb.

  21. Just to add about me saying religious people are creepy – namely you christians, I mean, holy fuuuuck! You're praying firstly to an idol, which is ironic considering you used to burn idol worshippers, but anyway…just another billionth notch on the christian hypocrisy  stick. You are essentially praying to a carving of a cadaver hanging on an execution stick. Imagine if jesus was killed the Carpathian style. You'd be praying to a corpse with a stick up his arse, skewering him the neck, maybe out the mouth. Which ever form of execution it be, it's pretty fucking sick! Imagine you're some dude who's never seen or heard of christianity and its ways, and you see countless people worshipping this brutally treated corpse just hanging there. It would not only scare the fuck out of me but ultimately creep me out. It's creepy! At least the Buddhists have a smiling 'god'. Christianity is just depressing! Whenever I used to go to church it was always this sad atmosphere, NEVER happy.

  22. I said to a "pro life" woman once, that if her movement wanted to persuade women not to have abortions, then society must stop stigmatizing out of wedlock pregnancies and provide the social services to support these mothers and their children. She looked at me and said, "Well then they wouldn't be punished for their sin, would they?"

  23. Why is this even still an issue, in Europe most countries voted on whether or not abortions are legal and once they were made legal that was the end of it, it's not in the news anymore, the laws don't change all the time it just is legal now period.  In the US it's this constant back and forth.  Women want safe place where they can make well informed decisions about their reproductive choices.  The end.

  24. Just because they provide one service you don't agree with doesn't mean they don't help women and their families. It's such a disservice, taking away these places that provide STD testing, contraceptives and prenatal care. Every time I have been there, there was a woman in the waiting room there for prenatal care. These clinics are so important. They put the power in the people's hands to find the right path for them to ensure their family is healthy. They key to lowering abortion rates is education, available contraceptives, testing, and healthcare. That's the most important services that Planned Parenthood provides. And I think that is what angers me the most about people calling them abortion clinics– they have no clue. It's like calling women breeders, as if we do nothing else.

  25. Does the "quality of life" argument apply to Kermit Gosnell? If so then the state should go ahead and kill him so he won't have to languish in prison for the rest of his life. He should have crammed those kids back into the vagina so they would have turned back into fetuses. Then he wouldn't have committed a crime.

  26. never heard about a pregnant teen in my country.

    well there must be some cases, but they are really rare since getting an abortion here is so much safer for teens.

    the clinics dont ask for money or for your name, you get in, abort, get out.

    I live in Israel, I guess our religious jewish community didnt really make it far enough in the medical chain 😛

  27. Ahh yes.Bush was the poison ivy growing.Infecting others & helping fellow ivy.

    Yeah.This religious hate will backlash religious teen moms to being non religious or not to there's.Those doing it obviously stabbed its self.:-) More signs stupid people making the world less religious.

    Solo a big time & smart male rapiests can go & impregnate women on a big scale.And she have to give birth to a raped child.Like that will screw her in all way & the child.How can out go & tell the kid you are a rapest child.The child or children will need so much mental help.Money.Where? You know most likely she won't able to.And now where will she get it.Govt. Now see. This wouldn't of happened if not for those religious fools.Putting a small but truthful strain on the economy. I could go more but I won't.

  28. my country is very religious, or pretend to be, and sometimes at school we talk to each other about horror stories of girls using coat hanger or having their friends kick them on the stomach so they dont have babies. its horrifying, i hope texas get back their medical care since those young girls are not that bright and very scared, they will force abortion or throw the babies in the toilet (another frequent occurrence here). please stop fighting about morals or religion – understand the psychology of scared young girls and you will know the right decision. 

  29. I don't support abortion. Even without religion, it's easy to see an argument that a fetus is not a living human is fundamentally flawed. However, these pregnancy centers are stupid too.  Can't people just practice self-control and then we can just be done with this and focus on some of the more long standing issues we have had in this country, like education that teaches kids the dangers of sleeping around??

  30. So what is wrong with gin or knitting needles? They work, don't they? And the higher mortality rate among mothers is hardly of concern to politicians and pastors, is it? 

  31. why would people drive 170 miles for an abortion when they have a perfectly good coat hanger at home? i only assume thats what texas is trying to do, teach women how to preform their own abortions.

  32. I love these guys and I agree with 99.99% of everything they say but I disagree with them on this subject. I'm absolutely against abortion, there is literally no excuse for ANY woman to need an abortion with all the options available to prevent unwanted pregnancies.. any woman that gets an abortion is a murderer, and I can make that claim, because facts are you have to be at least a few weeks/months in your pregnancy before you are no longer able to use pharmacy drugs to terminate the pregnancy on your own.. why is that? because the BABY is too developed for any of those pharmacy drugs to actually work! now personally I think its unfair for any person to dismiss someones life so casually. I really don't want people to get me wrong because I'm all about human rights and people being able to make their own decisions concerning THEIR own lives, but with a child involved its no longer just "your own life"  its another human life and since the baby cannot make a decision for itself  the government or someone ANY organization against it should be able to say no were not allowing that.

  33. These centers seriously need to be taken down.

    I'm not for abortion at all, i think there should be laws against it. But there should be limitations on it.. And of course rape victims should automatically be exempt from any laws on abortion. I'm just saying, abortion shouldn't be used as a form of birth control..
    These fucking centers… They make me sick!
    They should take them down, and use its funding money to actually help young mothers who need financial help raising their baby.

    Fuck paying these people money to try to guilt trip women like that.. Use the money to actually help them raise their babies! Wtf is wrong with our country..

  34. You guys are so so so right. This action taken in Texas is not only offensive to women as it makes them feel helpless and alone in a journey they don't want to take, but also a horrible violation of human rights. People, women, should have the choice to do whatever they want to do with their bodies. Religion should never be mixed with health nor government in a secular run country as it offends all sides; the seculars for forcing religion on them and the religious for giving them another reason to be mad a seculars.
    Women are people. In a liberated country where all people are supposed to be equal, who is the Texan government to turn down basic human rights? This should not be done. Thank you for raising this issue on this platform.

  35. Interesting they are talking about "moral standpoints" but the fact that destroying a fetus is absolutely not immoral even though there are a million of ways to prevent or abort a pregnancy in early stages without having a physical abortion procedure.

  36. "We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal and are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of happiness."
    Now explain to me which right we are violating here…

  37. I HATE the young turks! Abortion is evil and should not be permitted. Jesus died to save every little life that is concieved and no woman has the right to deny an unborn child the right to draw breath under the love of Jesus and the Father <3
    R.I.P. the tragic victims of Satan's abortion 🙁

  38. Don't get me wrong. I'm 100% anti organized religion but demonizing people who actually give two shits about children and blaming their empathetic behavior on faith is a shitty copout to the abortion argument. I hate liberals who have no cognitive thinking skills or the ability to express anything but sociopathic behavior towards other human beings for their own gain.

  39. The USA needs to move forward and ban all killing of unborn children. That kind of brutality has no place in a civilized society.

  40. What's up with all the ignorant men in the comment section. It's pretty easy for you to say abortion is EVILLL, as men. You won't have to deal with consequences like supporting kids born due to rape. Just think over that for a second. If I was in a woman's shoes at the moment I would go for abortion 100%. I don't have money to support another person over long time myself. So if I were to get raped I would have to live with that traumatic experience as well as go broke over taking care of an uncalled for kid. Double slap to the face.

  41. I don't think Abortion should be banned. 

    I just think there should be more restrictions and educate people after/before an abortion. 

  42. As the birth rate has been falling among the middle and upper classes, the government sees that they will run out of taxable flesh in about 30-40 years…. That is why this is going on.

  43. There should be simple test or evaluation made and those who pass it are allowed or permitted to have sex with other things than their hand. Presto problem solved. Any one fucking with out licence throw them in slammer, I have heard that there is thriving prison industry in Texas. Licencing fucking also creates revenues. Licenced fucking with perfectly legal contraception methods (until bible basher fundies start burn condoms) or using love making practices that does not have any chance of causing pregnancies (until bible basher fundies are spying all bedrooms 24/7 to make sure that love is only made "proper way")


  45. I am going to say this now.  Fundamentalists have found a way to shut down civil disobedience and have learned to circumvent the courts to make it look like this is what the people want.  

  46. As a Dutch citizen let me tell you all that my country has lenient abortion laws, but also very low abortion rates. How is that possible? Well, you can't abort what was never there. We don't teach abstinence here, we teach using your damn head. If Americans acknowledged that they are people and looked into real solutions to real problems, instead of being pretentious moral crusaders, they may actually get somewhere.

  47. I live in Texas and this type of thing makes me want to move to a more liberal state or even doing out of state college, but I am stuck here for at least another 2 years

  48. To be fair, feminism 'scares' women into thinking a certain way, as well. Apparently, there needs to be an ideology where women stop acting like sheep, instead of perpetuating it.

  49. Really???
    Making all this argument about the right too choose to abort cough*cough*killababy*cough*cough???
    Ok, what about your right to choose to have sex?  I mean after all, that is the most common way fetuses cough*baby*cough are made.
    It seems more like you want to have the right to kill someone for your own conveyance and pretend it isn't a person, just because the sperm and egg hasn't but split its cell division maybe once or twice.
    If you are worried about the quality of life for the person you call "just a fetus," adoption is always a reasonable answer!
    Your right to choose really was your choice to have sex with someone and your choice to fail to use sufficient protection measures such as condoms, diaphragms, the first pill before plan B…
    You wanna complain about "right to choose" after all that neglect?
    I am not even telling you you should or shouldn't have sex.  I am accusing you of being negligent about how you had the sex and how it is so very unfair to the person you call a fetus not having a voice or a say in the matter.
    If you are going to be worried about quality of life, the answer is quite simple, adoption.  That was how my biological parents handled my life.  I don't even know who they are.  And it seems rather irrelevant too. 
    After all, if you like sex so much to neglect protective measures that get your pregnant, don't abort!  your pregnancy will attract more men too you!  YOU CAN GET MORE SEX WHILE YOU ARE PREGNANT!!!
    So why would you want to abort that which will help you get what you want so much that you neglect protection?
    And if quality of life concerns you that much, why not seriously consider adoptions.  Your fetus will thank you, even if you 2 never see each other face to face through out all of your lives!

    If you like sex that much, I wont stop you.  Do what you want.  But don't kill someone else and try to pretend it isn't a person just because cellular division hasn't gotten very far and your afraid it will be an inconvenience to you.  You should be fully aware of the risk when and before you have unprotected sex.

    Don't kill someone else cause of your mistake and personal conveyance when they sure as hell didn't do anything wrong, much less to you.  And don't pretend they arn't a person just because their cells haven't divided as much as yours has, and cant speak.

    And on top of all of that!  There is a pretty long adoption waiting list out their of people who will be MORE THEN HAPPY TO TAKE THAT BABY OFF YOUR HANDS!  Support the "willing to be parents" on the adoption waiting list! 

  50. you can always not have sex, unless you end up with the second coming of christ, I doubt you'll get pregnant without sex, and then there is always adoption, many many couples can't have children, so adoption is viable. But the best thing for women to do is, KEEP THOSE DAMN LEGS CLOSED!

  51. Why do people assume that being "pro-choice" is being "pro-abortion?"  It means you support any choice a woman feels she needs to make.

    I'm pro-choice and my whole family is and I'm also a single Mom doing well!  Thanks to my family being pro-choice I felt comfortable telling them I was experiencing an unplanned pregnancy and expressing my concerns and why I felt abortion would be good option (mainly due to living out of state and the cost of fulltime daycare being over $1,000 per month).  When I told my very open minded Grandmother she said I'd have her full support if I felt abortion was right for me but she also mentioned that if I was interested in continuing the pregnancy she offered her upper duplex apartment to me free of charge and offered to babysit 2 days per week to cut down on my daycare expenses!  So after my maternity leave I quit my job– moved back to my hometown and found a comparable job and now live rent free above my Grandmothers house and with so many people offering help we're living a great life and are financially stable with a great savings account due to our financial savings from our living situation.  All of these things were possible because my family was open minded and I felt comfortable going to my family with my unplanned pregnancy and suddenly when it wasn't a secret anymore (and wasn't facing judgment from a Jesus Freak family) all this support surrounded me.   

    My income was above the levels of any help from the state so my family support was crucial to me continuing the pregnancy.

    I can only speak for myself.. I don't know what ever other woman's story is.  Due to that I am still very pro-choice and I trust women and know that no ones story is the same.  🙂 

  52. How could a sonogram humanize a fetus if the fetus sin't a human?  If it's not a human than a sonogram couldn't change that.  I also find it funny they accuse the Pregnancy help centers of lying about providing being services professionals when that is exactly what Planned Parenthood does.

  53. I'm smart, I'm educated, I'm from Texas, and I'm pro choice. my shitty government is the result of religious, sexist, homophobic assholes. Pro choice texans are trying!

  54. 2014, and you guys are still filled with so much hate, geez how the hell did I even end up at one of your videos again, there must be a way to block ALL of your videos. Why do you love murder so much? It's fucking sick.

  55. Why do christians need to lie for Jesus? Why deceive people to stop them from having an abortion when Satan IS the Deceiver. So it's not ok for satan to lie for himself, but its fine for christians to lie for Jesus.

  56. My story:  I am so grateful each every day when I look into my baby's huge blue eyes, that I chose life.  I walked out of the abortion clinic, moments before "the procedure". I felt that I was already a parent, and abortion would simply make me the parent of dead baby, not make me not a parent any more.  That baby would always exist in my heart, life and mind, from the very moment I found out I was pregnant. That is the exact thought that made me run out of the abortion clinic with my baby in tact- I had to protect my baby and allow the little one to grow, how God intended.  The first step of being a good parent is not to allow "a doctor" to cut my baby from womb and stop a human heart from beating.  I used to be pro-choice until I had my baby.  Now I live with guilt for ever considering an abortion and am so thankful every day that my baby is with me, safe, beautiful, growing and healthy.  I understand abortion for those who get raped- they do deserve the choice and should not be judged.  No women should be judge for her abortion or shamed.  It is her choice.  All I can tell you is I am so grateful I chose life and did not have an abortion.  And for any other women teetering on the fence, chose life, because is you are teetering and not sure, you will regret it.  I have more guilt than I can handle for even making an abortion appointment that I walked out of!   I can't imagine the loss I would have faced if my baby was not with me.  I thank God everyday choices:  I chose LIFE. 

  57. how about we close these cpc's and and put that tax money to welfare for the elderly, disabled, foster care, and childcare funds?

  58. The Young Turks are not as smart as they think they are. If they truly analyzed what's going on behind the Texas legislation, they will realize that the HB2 20-week abortion ban actually KEEPS abortion legal. It entrenches in our culture that killing a baby in the womb is perfectly fine. But the Abolitionists are changing the status quo. We are bringing the light of the Gospel of Jesus Christ into bold conflict with the evil of baby murder. Abolitionists do NOT support the HB2 20-week abortion ban. Babies younger than 20 weeks prenatal age are just as human and deserving of equal protection under the law as babies who are 20-weeks prenatal age.

  59. +Kristabella222 yes every women should have a choice on what they want to do in life but so should every child and just because it's to tiny to speak doesn't mean u can just rip its life away its simply not fair

  60. The Irony Christians using Deceit and Lies which is supposedly Satans MO LOL! O Wait Janet just brought me an update! Let's see here. Oh RIGHT Religion is a Complete Farce! I'm sorry back to your regular programming! THAT FETUS IS A PARASITE AND SO WE ARE ALL PARASITES We only become Human when We survive The Host Choices and Birth!!!

  61. My older cousin Ashley went to a crisis pregnancy center called carenet (they are very big look them up) and they were really good, they offer testing for stds and rape counseling, yes they are pro life but they give you information about abortion, but they don't provide it and they do not provide birth control, they set you up with adoption agencies but their main focus is towards women who want to keep their babies, so they offer you with emergency housing and you take classes to earn credits for things like diapers and formula, and they offer classes to learn skills to get a job, and honestly that seems a lot better than just going to planned parenthood to get an abortion because abortion isn't healthy, it brings physical emotional and mental problems on the woman, they get post abortion syndrome which is real and serious and abortion can cause complications for reproduction, and ok a woman was raped and she gets an abortion, but then after the abortion she gets PAS, and the rapist guy doesn't have to suffer and it's like a jail out of free card, and an abortion won't unrape you, so all I'm saying is, is wouldn't going through with the pregnancy and maybe keeping it or giving it up for adoption, wouldn't the healing process feel more complete? Murder doesn't equal healing, isn't one of the first human rights the right to life?, I am pro choice if only incest and life of mother but if you have sex unprotected at your own will you should take up responsibility, abortion doesn't teach responsibility, if you have sex at your own will unprotected you need to take responsibility, and if I was raped I would keep the kid and make that son of a bitch pay child support and put him in jail.

  62. premise 1: taking human life is amoral
    premise 2: a fetus at conception is considered life by embryologist
     premise 3: abortions means taking away human life
     Conclusion: Abortion is amoral

  63. It was a CPC that allowe me to keep my son. They provided me with maternity clothing. After my son was born they helped with material assistance and diapers.  Many times I got help from them between pay days.  Some are horrible, but not all are horrible.

  64. I fail to see how I should have any control over YOUR uterus, or YOU over mine? Don't like abortions? Don't get one! That's how far YOUR rights go. Choose life! Don't worry about MY choice.

  65. what about us women who would never ever have an abortion and don't want to ever go to a planned slaughterhood.  are we supposed to have nowhere to go.

  66. They want to make sure woman are informed of all her choices and not just pro choice side. If the woman really believes it's not a baby then would it matter.

  67. I’ve heard that for anti-abortionists , life begins at fertilization and ends at birth because they don’t care about the kid once it’s out in the world.

  68. and this is what we should have more of if people want to stop abortions of they dont want that to happen offer help and somewhere to go

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