Anti-Abortion Docs Can Lie To Women (Even If It Kills Them)?

kansas is pushing an anti-abortion bill
that i think is probably the worst that i’ve ever heard of this anti-abortion
bill would basically exam doctors for malpractice lawsuits if they lied to a
woman in order to prevent an abortion so i’ll give you an example if of the woman
has eight feet is that has severe birth defects the doctor can live in that one
man and uh… withhold that information from her in order to prevent her from
getting an abortion if that fetus threatens the woman’s life he can withhold that information off
commodity only i don’t like it could lead to ali only a way that a doctor
could face uh… a lawsuit is if the woman actually does die he can face a waffle deficit all address again all okay so you don’t tell my wife and my
threaten our life and then she was a dot all of that i get
to show you around thank you i really appreciate that but if she does and i
would say he’s permanently disabled to something terrible is gonna rock because
permanently disabled i can even see it because you’ve decided because of your
so-called morality the you know with all that information in the state is going
to back you up i would counsel against that man you do
that kind of stuff any of these people when faced with that kind jess’s decal
on their own hands ok ending their pushing people to do a visual and he
stopped this is terrible ok and i know they think they got the marker
quarterback visual aid delivery of now you know what if they don’t get their
way through the wall of a new day assassinate abortion doctors right yes
uh… and it’s a terrible way to go and i don’t want anybody going that way in
any way shape or form but this is outrageous man tell you how angry would be the my doctor without any of that kind
of information must that aidid doctor last year kansas pass a lot of
anti-abortion the lies that art very very hard on women who want to get an
abortion on demand example in kansas right now there’s one abortion clinic
and looked it up there’s literally one and what happens is that the woman does
want to get an abortion she has to drive all the way to that one clinic see the doctor uh… and then uh…
after talking to doctor the doctor can counsel her against happened in abortion
right that’s basically what the doctors do and then she has to go home and wait
three days and really think about it before returning to actually have the
procedure done so in kansas getting an abortion is
difficult enough but they’re trying to make it difficult as possible nearly impossible
to have an abortion other things in the bill include uh… the right for doctors
to lied to a woman about what could happen to her help if she has an
abortion so in some cases the doctor can sale throughout this abortion you have a heightened risk of developing
breast cancer which by the way is completely false he stays in the state
of kansas are born with birth defects because the doctors live do their own
idea morale morality right so what’s the seeking a delay are they
gonna help low-income families paid for all of these disability know you’re on
your own then said i have for you how he lives here that’s very clearly about weight that’s
very moral thank you for your more rally

100 Replies to “Anti-Abortion Docs Can Lie To Women (Even If It Kills Them)?”

  1. @dragonfighter4171

    Stephen Hawking was born normal. He got Lou Gehrig's disease in his early adult life. Your points are foolish at best and English is clearly not your first language (if it is, I pity you). Just walk away. You disagree with me, whatever. No one cares.

  2. @dragonfighter4171

    You're not right. I have a 2nd cousin who has the mental capacity of a child and he's over 40 years old. His parents are going to die soon because they are 70+ and in poor health and he has to look forward to living in a home for the rest of his life – surrounded by strangers. AWESOME.
    Nature proves me right.These people would never survive if we were still cavemen. Nature weeds out the weak. Survival of the fittest…evolution.Stop being a bleeding heart douchebag +sack up.

  3. @SolidGoldKalashnikov actually reading a book cover-to-cover is a little more than a few passages, and hard to take out of context. Interesting that the only thing close to a reference to abortion in trhe bible is when god COMMANDS the isrealites to cut the fetus' from the bellies of the Samarian women and dash the babies on the ground "god is TOTALLY pro-life and against killing babies, right?"

  4. Abortions are not suppose to happen anyway. It's murder and i applaud the docors who do this because abortion is WRONG. NOW STUFF MY MORALS UP YOUR GOT DAMN ASS BITCH.

  5. Question? For those who are so Anti-Abortion (Pro-Life), You guys would HAVE to be in favor of WELFARE, right? I mean how else are thse women, who don't want to bring a child into this world in the first place and have access to limited resouces, going to provide for their child? It just makes sense, if you're against abortion, you have to be in favor of welfare if you value life, right? RIGHT?

  6. Handicapped children are great for business.. especially if you live in a country where pharmaceuticals, medical equipment & -services are overpriced by 300-30.000%..

  7. @AlinaH80 How would YOU like it if you were raped and impregnated against your will and had to carry the constant reminder of a traumatizing experience for 9 months? Or what if the baby was gonna be born with a debilitating disease? Would you rather let it be born and suffer for a few years and then die a miserable death? How about you put your money where your mouth is and adopt the unwanted babies that women gave away because they couldn't abort them…

  8. … I would fucking kill the doctor that had my wife or kid killed. No seriously not I might, I would get a gun and shoot that smug ass fucker in his fucking face.

  9. I hate being so eugenesic sometimes, but I think America [and the whole world] needs to start thinking that a few years from now, there are going to be MORE old people than young people, and that people with malformations live longer now than 50 years ago, this will lead to no money for old people's care, so GREAT, they didn't kill the fetus that could never work but they will leave with no health protection [and help to kill] that old man that still pays taxes and works

  10. @bluebird1494 yes, she would, sad but true. Unluckly people think that just because they would carry with it, others would, too. And out of the reminder and the baby with a disease, I think it's important to remember that woman's body changes and suffers from pregnancy, it may be mortal and none has to go through something they don't want to.

  11. @RavenBlaze
    1. The term "anti-choice" is meaningless. I'm not against the concept of choice, just one option of one choice.
    2. So I have to be willing to adopt someone to say they shouldn't be killed?

  12. You DO know that assassinations are generally frowned upon in the pro-life community, right?

    Also, the abortion/breast cancer link does have some credibility, but it is not a 100% link. As far as morality, I find it intriguing that your "morality" says someone loses their right to live if they are disabled.

    So far as "wrongful birth" suits, those disgust me. Suits for lying are one thing, but it is a good thing if a state isn't able to say some people should be dead.

  13. @Nulono -I am not against "life", but by being for clean, safe, medical procedures I am put in the opposite position of a "pro-lifer"

    -and my second note was just pointing out the hypocracy of some ppl who are "pro-life"

  14. @Nulono I am against a person who does not know that person what to do. Do u know if that person was raped? if that person can mentally/emotionally/physically handle a pregnancy? do u know that persons education? economic shape? do u know if they have an abusive partner? do u know if they have a support structure? a family? a job? I don't know that person why should I take away their options…

  15. @RavenBlaze Your level of education or economic shape does not give you a right to kill someone. Would you support taking away the option of infanticide?

  16. @Nulono my point is that you and I do not know that person, there fore why should we take away the option of a clean, safe, medical procedure. If abortion is made illegal we will have desperate people shoving wire and foreign objects into their uterus to attempt to terminate the pregnancy and possibly killing themselves from puncture or infection in the process.

  17. @Nulono would you want someone who does not know you telling you what to do with your body? Invading your most private parts? making laws against you?

    I think one issue we have here is our focus, correct me if I am wrong, but your focus is on the fetus. My focus is on the person carrying the fetus.

  18. Even if you are pro-life, even if you hate abortions as much as anyone, how can you possibly justify not telling a woman if her pregnancy threatens her life? If a pregnancy kills a woman, both she and her baby die as opposed to just the baby.

    I swear, the stupidity of some people never fails to amaze me.

  19. @RavenBlaze we should take the option of abortion away from some people because they just get abortion after abortion after abortion, instead tying their tubes or using safe sex and etc…people should never bring unwanted babies into this world but I also believe that if you get pregnant you should also be prepared to take care of your child. After all the pregnant person wouldnt be in that mess per say if they were responsible enough to use some type of protection

  20. @RavenBlaze

    The fetus is NOT her body, and the laws are not against her. I am not focusing solely on the fetus, but you are not focusing at all on the fetus. The fetus has a right to live regardless of the woman's financial or social status.

  21. @pipper1232002 rape, incest, broken condom… while I do agree serialization and birth control should be encouraged. Abortion needs to stay 100% legal so people do not resort to coat-hanger or other methods which would possibly kill them. Plus I DO NOT KNOW THAT PERSON, WHY SHOULD I MAKE A LAW AGAINST THEM???

  22. @RavenBlaze No, it is not. The fetus is another organism, not part of the mother. When the fetus can survive depends on the level of medical technology available.

  23. @Nulono the fetus is half her DNA, connected to her and until a certain point can not survive outside of her and while medical technology is opening that window further and further, until the fetus reaches that point it is still part of the person's body. There for part of her.

  24. @RavenBlaze I wasnt talkin about rape and incest cases, I mean cases of where someone is with another individual in unprotected sex and they get pregnant time and time after again and use abortion as a way out of not taking care of the kid because its to hard, I see it in some people I know and have met and it disgusts me that they'd abort a child time and time again instead of tyin their tubes or protected sex

  25. @stefers08 its called they start to realize they got more than their own life to take care of and they have a child so its time to get a job a try to make some money as best as possible, that is what my older sister did when she got pregnant at 17 and had her kid at 18…First finished her education and furthered it a bit and now works for a comp place and has since and is a boss there now with 3 kids married to their father if you want it to work it then sometimes it just might if you try

  26. @RavenBlaze Is a 21-week fetus in the 1800s part of her body, but not a 21-week fetus in the 2000s? When technology pushes viability back further, will a 15-week fetus no longer be part of her body?

  27. @Nulono in the 1800's we did not have the technology to know what a fetus even looked like while developing. In the 1800's we did not know at what week a fetus generally develops a nervo-system. But my ultimate point still stands: I don't know her so who am I to make a law restricting her options? who is anyone who does not know her?

  28. @RavenBlaze No, your point does not still stand. I'm sure you'd be perfectly comfortable with restricting the options of women when it comes to, say killing her 6-year-old daughter.

  29. @Nulono but that 6 year old is not connected to her, it is not inside her, not relying on her body, not connected to her blood supply, not feeding off her body, not connected to her in any physical way. My point stands, it's her body who am I or anyone else to tell her what to do with it.

  30. @Nulono it relies on her blood for food, air, waste disposal, it is affected by the chemicals she takes in, it is literally inside her body, and is connected by a mass of vessels. I don't see how it could not be part of her body at least for the 9 months or so of incubation.

  31. @RavenBlaze "X is inside of Y" does not mean "X is a part of Y". Also, nutrient transfer happens through diffusion in the placenta; there's no mixing of blood. If there were, the mother's immune system would attack the fetus, as the fetus is a foreign entity.

  32. @Nulono The fetus has half her DNA and relies on her body for air, food and waste disposal and is connected to her period. Just like a ribosome INSIDE a cell.

    And no matter how you slice it, it is better to keep abortion legal as a safe, clean, medical procedure, because otherwise the days of coat-hangers will be back up on us.

  33. Abortionis not an easy disision but saying oh then dont have sex is ignorent as fuck sure that u have only had sex once in your life to make a baby thenyou dont have sex againuntil u want another…mabe you should fucking have sex and u would be relaxed a little and stay out of strangers lives..if u want a kid cool ..ihave no problem so if idont want one then back the fuck off..its not your life so u have no rights in this matter

  34. Anti abirtion people run around and try to strip women of their rights..its the equivolent of me forcing a prolife women tohave an abortion..prochoice respect a women weather or not she has a child. They could at least stay out of our lives willnever be able tomake that choice for a women ..

  35. @nightdiver29657 So you support welfare right? I mean, if women are forced to have babies and have limited resources to support themselves, you would want them to have a good quality of life. You wouldn't want these babies to be living in poverty.

  36. its not a baby. its a fetus. by that logic, you should never jerk off as one of your sperms might end up producing a baby. you dont take the fully formed baby out of your stomach and cut its head off

  37. its a fetus. no nervous system, no conciousness, its not a human at that stage. just something with the potential of being a human. If that threatens the health of someone i care about i would ask them to terminate. If that reminds her of something terrible that happened to her, i would do the same,

  38. Mabe if i signed up to be a serrogate..but for now no ..adoption wouldnt be my pro choice i dont care what you do when you get pregnant..cause its your choice…so i expect the same your life how you please and ill do the same..ill have a baby when im ready and not before

  39. Also im on the pill ..i take messures to make sure idont get after work i will go home and have sex with my boyfriend…hopfully i the pill will work as it has for me for the past 7 years..a person here did have a coment that i liked..telling guys not to masterbate cause thete killing possible babies as well..i like that ..shes or hes right.they keep telling us to jeep our legs clised..well then keep your dick in your pants as well

  40. I work 43 hours a week and i know i wont be able to support another mouth on that income..most people in that situation go on wellfare not gonna be that person..i earn what i have and when i can make enough for another then ill be a and my boyfriend allready have his two kids to care for moneys tight for everyone..people try to guilt others into doing things they dont nit givong in to that pressure ive allready had an abortion at 20 im 26 now.ill have one when im ready

  41. Did you really say at least a rapist isnt a baby murderer..ether your 12 or you realy are retarted

  42. Well that is the sane way of looking at it but its hard for me to keep my cool when this shit is even debated

  43. Do you want some woman to return your sperm? Not likely because no one will go near you in the first place, heh?

  44. Hosea 13:16 "The people of Samaria must bear their guilt, because they have rebelled against their God. They will fall by the sword; their little ones will be dashed to the ground, their pregnant women ripped open.”

  45. Those of you who feel so strongly that abortion is a sin that you actually support doctors lying to their patients (and being indemnified should something go wrong) heres a concept: Don't have one. Tend to your own bodies, your own souls. Live your own lives according to your beliefs and morals – and stop trying to stop others from doing the same. Women are fully capable of understanding all the ramifications of such an important decision. Nobody has the right to dictate how another should live.

  46. I'm from the Netherlands and I've been following the recent news about anti abortion and anti conception laws, transvaginal echoes and most recently the law in Arizona were a biological miracle was performand by stating that pregnancy begins at menstruation and not at the actual conception. I've been wondering.. Have you all gone mental over there?!?! By passing those laws you're becoming some sort of christian extremist country.. What's next, make the women cover themselves on the street??

  47. Any doctor who would lie to a woman about something as serious as life-threatening birth defects has zero business wearing the white coat. IMHO, putting your moral self-righteousness ahead of a patient's best interests – even if it's "legal" to do so – is a disgrace to the profession, regardless of your religious/political beliefs on the matter at hand.

    This bill is disgusting; an insult to women and those of us who value honesty and freedom of choice.

    Seriously, hands off our fucking uteri.

  48. good GOD People are so fucking stupid, please help them Lord Jesus. Do you dumbass pro-lifers think that women have abortions for fun? Please, please, PLEASE try to step inside someone else's shoes before shaming them and condemning them about making their own choices in their life. As in, THEIR LIFE. Not YOURS. So stop trying to tell people what to do because not everyone is going to agree with you and share the same beliefs so you might as well shut the FUCK up and learn to accept it. Ok? ok.

  49. This is absolute bullsht. Kansas lawmakers should be ashamed of themselves. It is not ok for doctors to lie to their patients just to assuage the doctors medieval morality. Women aren't going to their doctors moral guidance. They are going for medical care…The doctors who lie & endanger the health of both mother and child should lose their licenses.

  50. send me a link to what the bill actuly is. ………….. im not beliving you guyz version of events . im not stupid Like your banking on)


  52. *Google "Bob Enyart JonBenet Ransom Note" to learn about the *pro-life* convicted child abuser & cult leader in Denver GUILTY of brutally murdering Jonbenet Ramsey & framing her parents for the crime. His ShadowGov is the "Small Foreign Faction" with a violent "Group of Individuals" who run an organized & sophisticated underground network of Satanic Ritual Abuse against children. *Google "Robert Adolph Enyart Arrest Record" for more PROOF of his guilt! *X-Pose the TRUTH-GenerationXpose(.)com

  53. Apples and oranges arguement. Your basic premise equating murder & abortion is opinion not fact. I think you misunderstood my original comment. Let me try to clarify: You have one life which is yours to live. I (or anybody else) have one life. We are individuals and as such are entitled to autonomy over our own bodies. You don't tell me what to do with MY body – and I don't tell you what to do with yours. It is disgusting AND immoral to allow doctors to LIE to a patient.

  54. Your ignorance is off the scale – are you for real or are you just trying to make everyone else here sound reasonable? Forcing someone to have a baby? Seriously? I guess in your world there are two classes of people – men and women – and men have the right to force women into giving birth against their will? You need to give yourself a shake – who exactly are you to have a say in anybody elses life beyond your own?

  55. And for those who don't believe in God? Whose punishment should they consider it to be? How bout those who don't have any repercussions from an abortion? Did God approve? Please take a few minutes to think about your posts before you hit send.

  56. Lying is probably the worst way of preventing abortion. It only leads to problems. I believe that the doctor should instead tell the woman that he is about vacuum the baby's arms and legs off or inject saline into the womb and let it burn to death or pull it out and suck its brains out. It doesn't matter that the baby is suffering the worst torture mankind can ever produce it only matters that 91% of all women who have perfectly healthy babies should happy.
    Babies has just as many rights as you.

  57. Well, yes the rape is a terrible thing, but it's no worse than murdering a child, born or not. The baby shouldn't have to suffer the rapist's crimes, and they have just as many rights as anyone else. I personally am for helping the mother just as much as the baby.

  58. It's not a baby before it's born. It's a fetus. A fetus in the first trimester doesn't have a functioning brain, it's not a person yet, it doesn't feel or think anything- it hasn't experienced anything. We end life support to someone who doesn't have a functioning brain, it's not murder, it's the end of a mass of cellular tissue. Wouldn't want to end my own mass of cellular tissue knowing it would become a child, but I can't speak for others; it's no1s choice but their own(the one who carries).

  59. So you would terrorize them mentally? score, good job Jesus, your religion worked out so well. Calling it a baby is inaccurate. I've seen babies, they make noise, babies aren't physically maintained by their mother's consumption- they consume for themselves. A baby doesn't have the right to vote, a baby can't drive or consume alcohol; they don't have the same rights at all- not that a baby should die. A fetus just isn't a baby (if you piss off a pregnant woman and she aborts are you a murderer?)

  60. I apologize if I have offended you in any way, but if I do piss off a pregnant woman and she aborts, am I a murderer? I want to know what YOU think.

  61. All these people are arguing about abortion, and I'm just sitting here glad my mom chose life. Did you know that in the Hippocratic Oath it used to say that a doctor would protect people "from conception". Conception being the union between sperm and egg. They took that out. Why? Because they wanted to LIE to people about what LIFE was. Sperm is not life. Egg is not life. Fetus is life. That's the truth, make your own decision.

  62. When did I say it wasn't life? No1 cares if the bacteria dies either, we're talking about whether it is a human being, a living, breathing, *thinking* human being. It can't think before it has a brain, it is living tissue, so are all the animals we actually eat.

  63. No…they're saying that women who are pregnant with babies with birth defects should have the ability to choose for themselves whether to carry the baby to term or not. That's an individual choice! I personally would not have an abortion, but that's my choice.

  64. I am against abortion 'for the sake of it' Like people who'd have unprotected sex then abort because its affecting their weight or curves. However if the mothers life or health is in serious trouble if the pregnancy is continued I have no problems with abortion.

  65. "Most women suffer from permanent health problems as a result and can no longer have kids"
    I don't think thats true. Id like to see some proof for that statement please.

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