Anti-Abortion Rally, Melbourne, Australia, 2012

and the abortionists and pro-choice demonstrators have clashed in the city as anastasia Salamis triacus reports scuffles broke out as police tried to calm tensions between the opposing sides for you it started as a peaceful march mattoon brown lace forming of human barricades up to 300 pro-choice activist confronted an estimated three and a half thousand anti-abortionists on the steps of Parliament there were several – scuffles as pro-choice protesters tried to push their way through both sides rallying to mark the fourth anniversary the decriminalization of abortion in Victoria the belief in leading calls for the law to be repaired we are here firstly and for mostly to mourn those children who have been killed and there was support from the world Nicholas Windsor a member of the royal family and I'm proud before you earlier anti-abortionist marched through Central Melbourne attracting an angry response from South but killing must stop [Applause] [Applause] you you

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  1. March ffor the Babies is the least baby-like or caring march of anything I have ever seen. It's fuly in your face that you should accept something completely wrong, like having a baby produced by an uncaring sperm donor.

  2. mattomeo – I also hope my kids do grow up and question EVERYTHING! This means they will be intelligent enough to seek the truth (this does not include some story your dad told you and claims it as the truth) I mean the actual truth!

  3. The best case for abortion would be if we could predict that the child would grow up to be a Socialist feral thug.

  4. Yes, you're right, only god has the right to judge. So stop preaching to people who support/want to have abortions and leave them alone.

  5. I hope i have very intelligent kids one day, kids who will look around and question for themselves. Question whether everything that exists could truly be explained by a matter of chance… or whether there must be something outside our understanding and outside our laws of nature. Now my mathematical brain doubts that you, me, the world, the universe and everything that dwells within it could possibly be explained by unguided luck. There's gotta be more to it then that… A designer perhaps?

  6. The Bible may be ancient, but it's also true.

    Did you know that babies feel pain when they are aborted? How can you justify murdering (& hurting) an innocent child?! It's cruel and horrible!
    Also, abortion does not only hurt the child, but the mother also, many people who have had an abortion have later been very upset by it – even suicidal!
    Most women that have an abortion have depression afterwards, some women can never conceive a child again because of abortion.
    The side effects aren't good.

  7. Please read the comment by MorningStarFilmz – It is true.

    A human being is created the moment of conception, the child is already human, and thus should have the same right to live that anyone else has, who are we to decide if the child should live? We are not God, he is the only one who truly has that right.

    Did you (anyone reading this) know that in the old version of the Hippocratic oath it said "..Similarly I will not give to a woman an abortive remedy.."

    Does this answer your question?

  8. No what I'm say is there absolute answer in birth otherwise I'd be pro-life now wouldn't. The trickle effect of a birth can be infinite only god & you know that. What I'm saying is that everyone's body is an enormous moral responsibility & your answerable to the life changing decision that it impacts & therefore it should be your choice. And God is mysterious you can't see all – so injustice to you maybe coming come some where else that's why it's important who we bring into this world & prayer.

  9. Charles Darwin son died in a car crash & he spawn off the theory of evolution though he wasn't exactly his original idea he did steal some of it from Greek philosophers. He entertained a group of Christian in his home before he died though there's controversy as to whether he recanted – it's neither here or there. Don't over think it when in doubt go to the source what would be more important then immortal soul. I'm not here to choose your belief but certainly no choice is more important.

  10. Look if your not clear by what I saying – I'm pro-choice call me up if there is a political rally. Birth is sacred responsibility entrusted to mothers. Catholicism really Fucked up Christianity which is what happens when you mix politics with religion but I assure you Pokemon won't answer your prayers & my parents are Buddhist so I don't have much reason to be loyal to God except he is only one true God if you doubt pray with a humble heart & see what happens. Make good choices is all I can say!

  11. Define human being, what is this human being when it is conceived and what differentiates it from another collection of human cells? How many cells make a human? Is two enough? Ten? 100? Are a hundred human cells a "human being"?

  12. Sorry I don't read archaic desert texts to inform me on topics of science and medicine, I only read current medical and science journals.

  13. To all you idiot bible bashing narrow minded people –
    I don't need to write a comment on how dumb you all are!

    Go to the Census page and see THE FACTS – Your religion is waning and soon your children will speak to someone at school who will plant a seed in their head and they will start asking questions about what you have told them and all your hard work will fall apart no matter how you try and save it.
    They will ask what you know, not what you believe.

    THE FACTS will set them free 🙂

  14. And if God doesn't exist then what remains The Big Bang that's like saying that books are the creation of a great explosion in the printing factory that harder to swallow even Charles Darwin showed doubts when he died if he's wrong it's like a spiritual jump out of plane without a parachute Of course if there's anything that I can help you with happy to try I'm not an evangelist or even very well practiced but God and the truth is as plain as your face if you really look! M: 011 61 426 070 607

  15. Again I will illiterate I am Pro-choice & I am guessing that what ever you believe it's obviously not Christianity but if you think God is misogynist or that Christianity is a patriarchal religion created by primitive men then your sorely mistaken many millions of witnessed miracles pay testament even today. God has instituted the highest calling for women as seers of the church as prophetess & apostles don't get caught up in the bureaucracy of religion when in doubt go to the source & pray.

  16. As for plagues & storms you really need to ask God those questions but the infinite effects of life or death is far reaching one we all can relate to. You don't have to believe in the anti-Christ to see Evil or Good exist just watch the news. I've come to realize these decisions are better left to someone omnipotent. God works very mysteriously but if you study the etymology of the original text in Hebrew or Ancient Greek, pray and diligently ponder with your mind & heart you can find truth.

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