Anxiety after a stillbirth: Jennifer's story

mark I've got two girls eldest mean Emily who's five and our youngest Isabella who's now fifteen months and we've also got son Alexander and who would have been three this coming December and but unfortunately he was stillborn at 36 weeks it took a while to get pregnant and then I started worrying is there something wrong and then when I did relax a bit more and you're getting pregnant only for that to end in a miscarriage though so again had the same feeling but into getting pregnant again thankfully I think my my reaction is similar to as when I found out that I was pregnant with Emily and Alexander was over the moon really happy but then as the moms progressed I just got more and more nervous because there's no let-up in thinking is this going to be okay and we're going to get a baby in my arms this time that's going to be alive I kind of set milestones so because I'd previously had a miscarriage around eight to nine weeks once I got over at the eight weeks it's like I have got over that bit at 20 weeks I was still it could still go wrong so there's no let-up at any point of thinking everything's going to be okay and worried about any little thing not sleeping at night just any slight twinge it was like is this normal should this be happening I'm fearing it's going to every scam that was going to thinking is this going to be the last gonna see what this guy I'm going to tell me you just living on your nerves all the time to manage and cope with my feelings do you think my two friends who were pregnant at the same time dude both lost their babies because you could talk about your the children that you'd lost you believe that you were happy that the moment I also kept a diary as well during my pregnancy so if I've ever felt that he did suggest it and my feelings but didn't want particularly Evan to anyone I just wrote it wrote it down mark I chatted quite a lot of whilst I was pregnant with Isabella which was really helpful and because obviously marks buster child as well and also because I have a five-year-old daughter errantly she kept me busy I read that the risk of a syllabus can hide and if you go of new Jude 8 so as adamant I didn't want to cut my due date so actually got in juice the day before my due dates and I think eventually Wed sorts the Midwife led unit about 9 o'clock at night and Isabella was born 20 past 11:00 alarm just want to bring the baby home as well I wasn't as anxious as I thought I would be as fire started to give them mums that I've had in the last I think is if you've got any concerns speak to people tell people how you feeling and to get the reassurance as well because there's no point he's chewing over something getting anxious about something and can hopefully give some reassurance what can people at least give you reassurance for that one concern you've got some bad moments you

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