Anxiety and 7 week update

[Laughter] all right guys this again because this is no the third type of record of this be sick of time you guys missed it which and may have caught something bit on camera I may not have my stitch knocked over my camera so to the point where like he scratched me cuz it scared him I was trying to keep him from scratching me and to save the camera and I failed on both parts so now welcome back to my channel and just giving my 7 week update video and oh my god sorry guys like I'm laughing at myself cuz I pre-recorded this I need to get this far the second time so take notice my same time recording us but oh my gosh man was job Mia and you're gonna hear such me Ani because I lucked him in the bathroom so I can fill this illness and anyways so home my 7 week video update 7 week update video oh I need if you guys so I have been nauseous this week I still have no appetite I'm still constantly using the bathroom I'm still tired once again iam online but it is still kind of sense I'm having it so so lactating and I have tenderness I've been busy and I've been cramping the baby is the size of a blueberry or 1/4 of an inch I'm like oh my gosh it says hey this cat is a lotta scat and then I will be having lots of videos for you guys coming out I know this week I'll make another video for y'all and I gots bonus video it will be our doctor's appointment and so a heartbeat and everything and so I hope to have some footage of that rush sit down tell you how it is and I'm gonna have some tags from CJ and oh that's gonna be fine and y'all will also get the normal what's my hospital bag and labor and delivery video when it comes I will also tell you guys the gender of the baby but I will not be saying the name until we do Miravalle so that is it will probably be the ginger and then the name well obviously you know I order duh faith and then we will move on from there and I won't make you guys work wait too terribly long to find out the name but there will be a little bit of waiting so you'll have to keep an eye out for those videos well i have i'm currently honest with you guys I have had really bad anxiety since finding out that I was pregnant especially after eating passed away and that's normal and I completely where that's a role especially to have any anxiety with any pregnancy but I have got such bad habit of when I get anxious it's just not really cloudy outside so I'm really dark in here when it gets when I get it has literally sickness days under the door to me either when I get anxious I pick out my cuticles and so I thought it'd be a good idea to get my nails done yesterday because you know they couldn't my cuticles and they can put nails like me it's also been peeling my nails off which is really bad don't do it hit it there's some that were really fresh and ladies I hear that do do it even if you're not pregnant or anything these have a natural anxiety or just picky or whatever at your cuticles and then if any of you have ever gone to get your nails look right after oh my goodness burns oh it's just like you okay like you guys so you see me like rubbing my fierce is there still very sore there like really red and hurt but picking at it though and I don't think I won't do it again any google my nails done I almost let him feel first and then I'm moving my nails done I'm actually really nervous it's pretty our doctors appointment because it it will make everything readable anyway it's really hard to explain like I'm super nervous but I'm super excited so if you have any questions about anything don't hesitate to ask me in the comments down below give me a big thumbs up and hit that subscribe button and forward to seeing you guys in the next video bye

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