Anxiety Free Pregnancy | Kate's journey with Ava

my name is Kate and I live in Santa Cruz California so I first heard about Ava online I got served an ad on social media and I clicked on it and I started learning and started researching and it seems like a really good thing so Ava it's able to tell me what it's tracking what I should be tracking and how they use that information help me learn about myself in my body after getting Ava it was three cycles before we conceived Ava made this process so much easier and we don't know if we would have conceived with or without a bath but Ava gave me the peace of mind which was really priceless when it came down to it without Ava I wouldn't have known as much about my cycles and I wouldn't have known that every other month my cycle was going to be a week longer that is information that I just couldn't have known without a bath and that is information that led us to conceiving we were able to try to conceive in the right period of time every other month as opposed to trying in the wrong week I really believe in what David's doing that's the truth I really think that Ava played a big part in our trying to conceive journey and why we have our little Ava baby it's an incredible piece of technology and if everyone can benefit from that or if anyone can benefit from that and I can help get them there then that's pretty incredible so I like to tell all of our family and friends now about our Ava journey because it really made something that could be so scary and so nebulous it really made a tangible for us

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