AOC: "Hyde Amendment Isn't About Abortion"

the hyde amendment isn't about abortion per se the hyde amendment is is truly about a quality of health care and healthcare access for low-income women and women of color and women that get caught in our incarcerate in our mass incarceration system the debate surrounding abortion rights is not only a hot topic on the presidential campaign trail the politics of abortion now front and center is the Hyde Amendment the 42 year old provision blocks federal funding of some abortion services Democratic lawmakers on Capitol Hill are also being forced to consider where they stand on the issue do you think Biden is officially answered the question of the Hyde Amendment which bans federal funds for abortion he had supported it year after year after year now he says he's against it for many years as US senator I have I've supported the Hyde Amendment like many many others have because but circumstances have changed I've been working through the final details of my health care plan like others in this race and I've been struggling with the problems that Hyde now presents that closed the case for that well I'm encouraged by the fact that he is now against the Hyde Amendment I think that that's where all I think it's a very base level we're all candidates need to be I'm excited to be introducing a repeal of the Hyde Amendment via amendment we'll see where it goes for incarcerated women and the the maternal and and reproductive health care of incarcerated women is it should be guaranteed as it is with all women in the United States and so I think it really depends and that's really what the Hyde Amendment is about the Hyde Amendment isn't about abortion per se and we're like what like so the Hyde Amendment is is truly about a quality of health care and health care access for low-income women and women of color and women that get caught in our incarcerate in our mass incarceration system and so the Hyde Amendment is is about income inequality and it's about women's health care in a system of income inequality so I think that we need to repeal it I think that that having that a strong record I think all of this is stuff for voters to decide but I think that we really this is not in the niche topic of women's issues anymore this is an American issue we're talking about fifty fifty-one percent of the American public being impacted by the realities of the Hyde Amendment

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  1. Climate change is not really about changing climate…….and the beat goes on….  Poor child……This little taco making douchebag is so clueless.    OMG!   Everytime she opens her piehole the stupidity flows….like a breached dam.    $$$ORO$$$ PUPPET.     Big City Rat Eyes….."I Look like a Whore" lipstick…..Huge Donkey Teeth…..Pikachu Eyebrows…and her Fake glasses.   The complete package.   She looks like one of those Inflatable Sex Dolls…..Both have  a lot in common……both are filled with Hot Air and have NO BRAINS!!

  2. Search Jane Elliott she will tel you who stated this anti abortion Laws non-sense… The Birth Dearth by Ben Sussman a Neocon.
    It is all about White scared ass false fears and xenophobia – that they will become a minority in 30 years.
    And thus this anti-emigrant mania and anti-abortion push. This NOT religious belief that drives it – but but phobia.
    They could pay Women to have babies like they do in Europe – but no they said we will have to pat Black women also.
    But 70% of the aborted babies are white and if abortion is banned that will be a net gain for Whites. And thus it was OK to roll back womens' rights over their own body… there was nothing Christian or catholic about this.

  3. She keeps saying "I think this" and "I think that". Who gives a rat's ass what she thinks? She has the IQ of a wet muskrat. I throw up in my mouth every time she speaks.

  4. New drinking game. Have a shot every time AOC says. “ I think that”. The word “like” is excluded because you will die of alcohol poisoning in seconds.

  5. Does this woman from the worst city in the world know that one man was responsible for the deaths of 6 million peoplem?

  6. Just because it's your body it does not give you the right to impose your will on another person. That would be why rape is considered immoral and, thus, illegal. The purpose of "rights" is to protect those who would otherwise become victims of injustice. How are you a victim of your own choices? That's called responsibility. That's why sexual intercourse with a minor is also considered illegal and downright unfathomable; you cannot expect a child to be sexually, emotionally, physically and mentally matured and, thus, responsible for the situation. The same goes for a disabled person. Imagine someone with severe Autism being coerced to have sexual intercourse. Another example would be a person in a coma. A suicidal person. An age-addled person. And so on, and so on, and so on…
    And what person is then considered the most precious, fragile and vulnerable human being of our society? One who cannot possibly choose for itself? Who is completely and infallibly incapable of responsibility? Who would die without its mother and father? The answer: the unborn baby.
    If we are not protecting the children, the future of our species, then what are we protecting? What are we living for if our future is dying? The sun could burn bright and the fields could be greener than all of Ireland; the stars could fill the sky, beaming moonlight all over the forests of the Amazon; the oceans and rivers could be as clear and peaceful as a spring; the mountains can scale the stratosphere with tremendous heights; but none of that means anything if our sons and daughters are dead.
    I beg of you, of your humanity, choose life! Choose life! Please! Please, choose life!

  7. well the truth is, abortion isnt about health care, its all about BABY MURDER. AOC is a BABY MURDERER.

  8. Could one person who is right to lifers and Trumps immigration supporter I explain to me how you can claim you care about children when you don't care about kids who are dying and in concentration camps in our borders

  9. this stupid little wench should be sent back to the sewer she crawled out of. Or better yet wrap her in a burka and send her to the Taliban for a good beating.

  10. I thought I knew what AOC stood for….Now, I'm not so sure, Alexandria…..could it be Always Out of Contact (with reality?)….

  11. I'm proud of the Alabama women (& others) not supporting sanctioned, taxpayer-payed murder.
    May God be with you…
    Let the murderers find their own funding (elsewhere).

  12. Criminalizing abortion is beyond government interference. It is authoritarianism. If you can't even trust your fellow citizens to make choices about their own families and health, then you are a disgrace to our nation and to the servicemen and women who have fought for our rights and freedom. There's nothing moral about government overreach in contraception or criminalizing abortion. Especially when you consider that most people having abortions already have children. Birth control is not always effective. Health risks arise. If you want to survive under religious tyranny and moral hypocrisy, there are other countries you can do that. This is America. We afford citizens the right to make their own choices about what works best for their families and health.

  13. Foolish little girl that thinks she's got ALL the answers. Just another 'Dem. Star that will come crashing back down to Earth .

  14. Conzer Vative wrote
    “Rather than a personal attack, why dont you try a reasoned argument.”
    Because you conservative Clapping Seals
    can neither be educated nor can you be reasoned with.
    If you could be reasoned with … you wouldn’t be a conservative.

  15. Conzer Vative wrote
    “spending my tax money on abortion raises a moral issue with me.”
    That’s not how government works.
    You need a lesson in reality.
    And just like shoving a dog’s nose in his own feces,
    to teach him to quit shitting on the rug,
    I’m now going to provide you
    what you should have learned in school:

    Every person doesn’t get to decide where their taxes go.
    Our representatives do that.
    It would be impossible to let over 300 million people
    fight over where their tax money goes.
    If you are unhappy with your representatives, then vote them out.
    But you conservatives keep electing people who ONLY work for the rich …
    after they play you hicks for your votes.


  16. Conzer Vative wrote
    “I never attacked your views.”
    That’s because I replied to you, you dumb fuck.


  17. Conzer Vative wrote
    “Am I not entitled to mine”
    Nice “Straw Man” statement.
    No one said you weren’t entitled to your views.

    Based on your comments,
    I would guess that you could fit your entire cerebral cortex …
    inside a tube of Chapstick.

  18. Conzer Vative wrote
    “ (says the guy rocking a fussy toddler at 1230 am. A guy who wasn't planning on having kids but ended up with one anyway). I got a girl pregnant. Now we raise a daughter together.”
    Why does that not surprise me in the least?

    Actually, now that I think about it,
    conservatism was really your only option.
    And a channel like DC Shorts is perfect for someone with your …
    cerebral limitations.

  19. Conzer Vative wrote
    “Life is sacred.”
    That statement couldn’t be farther from the truth.
    Humans kill each other in wars, crimes, etc. constantly.
    Life is virtually meaningless.
    The best you can hope for is to keep your head down
    and hope your luck holds out.

    And the people who tell you life is sacred are the ones most likely to be putting a magazine clip in their Glock when your back is turned.

  20. Conzer Vative wrote
    “That's my belief. You are entitled to your own opinion.
    Kindly respect mine in return”
    Not a chance.
    Opinions, like everything else must EARN respect.
    You entitled little bitches think everything should be given to you.

    Well, you can go jack yourself off in the corner
    until you figure out a way to form a logical evidence-based opinion
    deserving of respect.

    So far I haven’t seen it.


  21. I can’t believe she’s in Congress. What a joke! I mean we really have this goofball in office. I want her to be thrown out. I say we rise up against this crap.

  22. She's straight out of the sequel to "Being There". Her inane and vapid comments sound like BS nonsensical answers to college essay questions.

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