Apryl & Fizz Are In The Hot Seat 🌶️ Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood

– Reunited and back on the road, the B2K back finally seemed secure, but they soon lost their grip thanks to rising questions of Fizz and Apryl going bump, bump, bump. – Trying to make it seem like this whole Apryl situation downplayed. Everybody’s like did Omarion fight Fizz? You know what I’m sayin’ it’s like. – I mean at the end of the day, you know, he ain’t bringin’ up nothin’ to me or I had no conversations so. It is what it is.
– Right. – Saw you with your new wifey. – Who you talkin’ about, Apryl? Cut it out, bruh.
– I saw you pull up. – Don’t even put that out there like that, bro.
– I saw you pull up! – [Fizz] Me and Apryl is friends. – It ain’t nobody’s business,
but I seen it affected O. I don’t care what the relationship is, but it should be clarity
there, it’s not clear. – The issue is that they’re
afraid this situation is gonna break the group up and we not gonna be
able to finish the tour. – I can’t break up a group
that already has issues. – With Apryl and Fizz, what is the status of your relationship? – We’re together.
– Yes. – You guys are together.
(applause) – Now, yes.
– Absolutely. – Okay, well congratulations.
(clapping) – Thank you. – Moniece, how do you feel about it? – I don’t care what they’re doing. That’s the point, I don’t give a (beep). – You care.
– It’s when there’s a kid in the mix.
– You guys disagree. – She cares.
– There’s a kid in the mix, that’s what I care about. – We know who you are behind the cameras. – She hasn’t been to a game
in I don’t know how long. – Right, I show up. – I personally am not showing up anywhere because I come to Cameron’s games alone. I come to Cam’s games alone!
– It shouldn’t matter who’s at Cam’s games, you should– – I don’t know what the (beep) I’m walking into
– ‘Cause it’s your son! on any given god(beep) day!
– Period, point blank. – I’ve been to jail for
cracking a bitches sternum and fracturing her cheek bone. I’m not going back! So I’ll sit at home! And I’ll sit in my dressing
room, and we won’t deal. That’s what we gon’ do.
– Moniece, don’t leave! – Oh shoot. – Don’t leave! That’s not the right way (mumbles). All right so look, we’re gonna try to get
Moniece back out here because I don’t wanna continue
the conversation about that relationship without her here, so we’re gonna keep it moving and hopefully when she comes
back we can get back into this. Boog, if you guys didn’t
have this reunion tour would you have had a problem
with them being together? Did you feel like it
was overstepping a line? – I don’t get in people’s relationships. I don’t wake up–
– So if he start dating your baby mama? – I’ma (beep) him up.
– Okay! (applause) But, but, but, but, but–
– That’s different because of the status of me and his relationship. We close, there’s a difference. – But listen let me just say this. On the outside it looks like there was a code that was broken. – Well, guess what, it happens all the times in groups.
– We don’t live our lives for other people, and I think people get it confused that people saw this
relationship with me and O and they thought oh this was
such a great relationship. It was the most terriblest relationship. – To be real, you know what I’m sayin’, Fizz been my buddy since Jump Street, and when he didn’t wanna disclose to me how serious the relationship was, that’s when I knew (beep) was real. What’s (beep) up is it’s unfortunate that you (beep) with his brother
before you (beep) with him. You hear what I’m saying? (applause)
– It’s not unfortunate. – No, no, no, no, no,
no, no, no, no, okay– – You gon’ say my brother, bro? Come on, bruh.
– Okay, okay, okay, okay. – Because you know that
I know certain things. – Okay, his group member,
– I don’t wanna have to put nobody (beep)–
– His group member. His group member.
– I do! – All on the table. I’m not gon’ say that.
– Open up the box then, baby, trust me I ain’t the one to (beep) with! Trust me, I ain’t the one to (beep) with! Hey, you want me to say it for you? Do you want me to say it for
you so your clip is empty? – There was other relationships
that were happening with members with other family members. (shouting)

100 Replies to “Apryl & Fizz Are In The Hot Seat 🌶️ Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood”

  1. I'm just gonna go on ahead and say it fizz is dating apryl to get back at O for B2K and Apryl is with fizz to get back at O for their failed relationship……simple

  2. I know its none of your business but tierra marrie out here winning and Princess is getting all the bullshit from ray with children as seasoning and as for the other two clowns am going to play Omarion in this drama series 😏

  3. It's like they trying to force moniece to care and be jealous when she not. All she cares about is having a healthy co-parenting with fizz for the sake of their son.

  4. Apryl is so full of shit. Seriously stop blaming everyone else for decisions you’ve made as a grown ass woman 😒 and stop coming at moe like why should she have any say so or comment when it comes to fizzle pop and mo’s son

  5. I can't wait for this relationship to go down my prediction is Lil Fizz is going to treat April like shit and she is going to cheat on him and leave him…And we all know this to be true

  6. In my opinion Monice is very beautiful and it seems that she changed alot and became a very good mom April and fizz need to shut up and sit down because they are both back stabbers and they want Monice to be jealous of there relationship but she not sweating them she just wants to be with her son

  7. She walked away cause she knew she was exposed.. you worried bout yo son but admitted to not being there for him cause u dont wanna attack a bitch if that ain't the most ass backwards bullshit I've ever heard.. like the mother in you should be able to put your child first by supporting them period. Fuck whoever there!! Y'all don't need to sit by each other at events to have a successful coparenting experience. Yall keep saying he made cam lie but he ain't put a gun to the boy head like fr kids lie ALL THE DAMN TIME she probably salty she can't get info outa him.. I think mo seriously needs help to heal whatever hurt she's got inside..

  8. To be honest I see why his boy was mad because he lost him money plus instead of keeping it one thousand with him he kept b.s. him

  9. This woman just dont understand how pathetic she really is! This is if they had treated moniece better and apologized, show some form of remorse for the situation I don't think ppl would have been that mad! But know she sits on her high horse and pretends like ppl just hating on her and fizz when they just wrong as hell and refuses to take any mind of responsibility for their sick sick actions!

  10. Honestly I noticed whenever Fizz is single he’s back being nice to moniece and wants to co parent and be friends. when he back dealing with someone he acts funny towards her and try to show out infront of his lil girlfriends that’s where her issues come from. When he gets disrespectful to her the women he is dating think they can do the same.

  11. It's funny how everybody got all this sympathy for moniece when nobody says nothing about her having a lesbian relationship with the stud white girl flaunting the shit while their son cam was around….fizz ate that and kept it moving

  12. If April or how ever spell it was secure in her relationship he should be able to have whatever convo he needs to have about his son and she shouldn't have a comment yall not married. And Since her relationship was so badd she should be calling him out for the dumb stuff he do
    and you see she ain't say nothing when ol girl basically said she trying not to trash her lol

  13. I love to watch human behaviour versus hearing what they actually say. Rewind and look at Fizz's face when Moneice walked out he felt that despite what he said. That's the mother of his children Apryl be very careful. Also during the reunion show when Fizz realized the negative feedback they received he looked as if he wanted to dodo…lol. This relationship is headed for destruction. Apryl you letting the secrets out the box whew chile I feel sorry for you. A woman should never do what a man do… wink wink….You swimming in shark infested waters.

  14. its crossing the line period fizz and april trying to justify it but its not right . whether you consider him a close friend or " brother" any more yall once were plus its the mother of his two kids. Plenty of other women out there dude thats some simp spiteful shit

  15. Apryl & Tiny fizz are gonna catch Mo on the wrong day and she's gonna rip them in half! They'd do well to leave her outta their fuckery, she's walking the line between "this doesn't need my energy" and "I'll go right TF back to jail for a double homicide"!

  16. That was a set up, nobody splittinh tour money 3ways…especially if you dont like the third person. They probaby wasnt [email protected]$!ing but after %@t was blown out of proportion. They was like we might as well.

  17. It's weird how Fizz says he wasnt close to Omarion. There's ton of interviews with Fizz saying that he is super close to O. He crossed the line now he lost the bag for a dumb hoe bitch that already cheated on Fizz.

  18. Man, the both of them like lil children saying stuff to justify their relationship/outlook on situations which in turn makes it fucked up. Needing to say tit for tat doesn't make the decisions justifiable regardless if it is🥴

  19. Hell I stopped watching love and hip hop after they came out and said they was together. I was too disgusted. And Moniece don’t want that lame mf! Y’all need to leave my girl alone for she reverts back and pop that bitch. April need to remember who she fuckin with while she talking super hard like she about that life

  20. Why she keep trying to downplay her and Omarion relationship?! Like cut it sweetie , y’all over and done with , you smashing the homie now , just deal with the hate and negativity that you’re getting from dating the homie regardless if they’re not cool now they were at a point . Hell who knows Fizz probably started beefing with Omarion because he had his damn eyes on Apryl ass..

  21. Ms. Apryl better watch what and who's business she puts on blast before she catches a defamation lawsuit. You just can't go around saying things about other people that can hurt their character & careers. Loose Lips, Sinks Ships!!🙊

  22. I feel like fizz and April are wrong for the lies and how they went about it things happen but take responsibility but Monica needs to focus on herself she has a bit of jealous tendency with who ever fizz is with

  23. I hope J Boog exposes these too frauds. Can’t stand Apryl and Fizz, they disgust me and the fact that Fizz lets Apryl disrespects Moniece like that, makes me wild.

  24. Apryl is a snake and a dirty ho taking about O not realizing that the kids might see this one day and think Mama was doing all this on tv embarrassing daddy and daddy never spoke about it. Fizz is the most sneaky snake 🐍 I have ever seen there is a code never take the ex of you’re brother. Apryl already got caught with that rapper fbg the goat 😂🤣 and she will leave fizz and he fucked up the bag 💼 with b2k

  25. Fizz n apryl really f up n the head I would never do my homie/ group member or whatever u wanna call it this way. Then they got kids together shit like that will get u killed in some hoods

  26. Why all of a sutten Omari was never his “brother “ so now they dating he wanna switch up like if they ain’t never been close?

  27. They are so wrong. If they really wanted to be together they didnt have to tell the world. But Omarion and Moniece should had been the first to know because their kids are involved

  28. Apparently Moniece still have feelings for Lil Fizz and she try to hide it and should have never gave them the ok or boost them up to be together knowing she had a problem with it!…..JBoog know the shit file he just tip toe around the situation instead of being straight up honest! Regardless how they or anyone try to paint a pretty picture of Apryl and Fizz the shit is trifling and nasty

  29. Moniece is way too beautiful to be hurt n upset ova pig face fizzle pop…..she's a beautiful elegant women who don't know her worth….She should just move on and marry a man who will treat her right….let piggy fizz and hoeprly have eachother…hoeapryl will prob fuck his pop next….that's on facts….cuz I know for a fact if I was a nigga n had a girl like moniece I would year that ass up n buy her everything

  30. I just find it funny how fizz is down playing him and Omarion’s relationship like they weren’t shit to each other.. but Yu can go to fizz sons game but what about your own kids since she’s been up his ass I’ve not once heard her say I got my kids, getting my kids, or I got to workout a custody agreement or anything about her kids..

  31. Fizz and april stupid. Y’all legit kept saying y’all was friends cause y’all thought y’all was hiding something then you come outta no where one day like yea we are together. Just say y’all talked or something instead of tryna downplay it like you’re just friends. That was monieces problem. Y’all made it seem sneaky instead of being like yea I’m fucking yo baby daddy.

  32. She's gonna go after JBoog next 😂 also Fizz better show O some respect, that's his Dad, he would be NO ONE without Omarion.

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