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  1. Doctors just make more money on c section births PERIOD!
    A woman is 3 times more likely to die during a c section. Doctors just want more money for c sections!!! Plus a c section contributes to autism because of the baby not going through the birth canal and receiving it's gut biome.

  2. Efficiency has taken over whats good for you in the long term, if i ever have a woman who loves me i would advise her to have a natural birth unless there's complication, she would have a right to choose.

  3. I just don't understand why a woman would want to see section you get a scar a little pot belly that you'll never get rid of it unless you have a tummy tuck plus you have so much time to recover and it's like the worst pain ever

  4. No. Just no. Not yay science! I would rather have 10 babies vaginally with no epidural rather than have a c-section!

  5. Thank you for your video. There's a very interesting TED talk that implies ladies might be better off having their babies at home.

  6. all of my children were born by C-section or four of them however my wife steals 4 foot 11 and I'm 6-1 our first child was born by emergency C-section our second child was born by emergency C-section after that we had no other choice but to do C-sections. with that being said I agree it is being overused my wife feels that she was robbed of what it feels like to give birth vaginally but I would rather have her have the C-sections to lose her with her first child she was in labor and try to give birth vaginally for over 38 hours before they decided to do a C-section and she still got infection from prolonged vaginal delivery and so did our son he was 8 pounds in 1 ounce and 22 inches long. now that's a big baby for a woman that is 4 foot 11 inches

  7. Cant believe what im reading here. C sections are quick and easy ?? Not if you endure a 36 hour labour followed by an emergency c section by spinal block its not!!
    Also, a c section is a major abdominal operation so you dont just get up the next day and walk out the hospital like some people believe! That is nonsense.! I had to have 2 emergency csections but would loved to have given birth naturally for many reasons.

  8. Dnews, among all the other things you forgot to take into account, also talk about how birth rate survival was affected (did it go up or down?) by the increase in c-sections performed. Thanks

  9. Only 30% of today's US obstetrical practice is even based on evidence, the rest is mostly opinions of the doctors and its abhorrent 😑

  10. The number of people in the comment section that didn't listen to the video is mind blowing. She is not saying to never have a C-Section. GOSH!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. This is actually increasing my anxiety of having a baby in a hospital, especially since I want kids in my 30s, 10 years from now…. Apparently OBs misread and overreact to fetal monitors too frequently, and are not taught how to deliver "breech" positioned babies vaginally, even when it's medically possibly with low instances of neonatal injury. It's so typical for for-profit hospitals to treat patients like machines, and put the overall wellness of the mothers and their kids behind in place of convenience for their wallets and schedules. Great.

  12. not a question go natural becouse you are ment to do it… if we deal with all the junk science and fear monugering and brainwashing media then you will relise this is how it is ment to be….unless its truley life saveing and urgent than stay home and hug your midwife becouse she actually trustes your body unlike doctors and knows that even multipul birth and breech births were all normally delivered at home with right safety rates in the past.this is just money makeing at the expence of traumatiseing familys unnessesarily……trust your body and instincts.

  13. This seems to be an old issue. I worked in a hospital from the 80s-90s & this information & medical suggestion of limiting the number of C-sections so only done when actually necessary was out then. My first child was natural & shouldn't have been but, the pressure was to allow births to happen as natural as possible at that time, my 2nd was C-section & necessary.

  14. I actually found the opposite to be true with my birthing experience. The midwife respected my wishes for a vaginal birth and encouraged me to have one. I almost had to have a c-section since my son was not descending though, but the dr allowed for me to push way longer than normal (since no one was in danger) and it ended up being fine!

  15. well if the baby is coming out the wrong then you have to do a c section. Otherwise dont. plain and simple.

  16. i wish i ever had a C-section but I didn't have a choice it was emergency C-section for my other 4 kids I had them all natural but my fifth kid was it C-section.. her hands come out first so they rush me to have a C-section I think that's what was the worst pain I never went through…

  17. they tell you not to eat (INCASE) you need surgery so I ended up eating ice chips for 14hours my body was so drained and weak that I stopped dilating and they wanted to give me pitocin my husband and I said no cause I wanted to do it natural well low and behold the I was still contracting but weak and far and few in between the baby's heart beat was not doing so good so I had a emergency c section 🙁 why do they tell you not to eat BECAUSE they want to pump you full of drugs to any way they can oh no don't get energy from food just take this drug that will help you the scary thing is my mom told me you better eat something or else you'll dry out and have to have a c section I brushed the crazy old lady off I should have listened she had five babies all vaginally I felt so weak so stupid so low it was hard to be happy about the baby I wish I had a dula

  18. This bitch did not go to medical school! She doesn't know what the hell she is talking about. My mom was 9 months pregnant with me. She went into labor with me. In 1986 ultra sound technology was not as good as it is today. My heartbeat stopped completely! My moms OBGYN rushed us to the OR for a crash c-section. C-section is the reason why I am still alive right now.

  19. More efficient? More easily scheduled? Let's be honest here, I'm a doctor and I know why those Ob/Gyn's do C-sections more: they pay better, period. Debate all the heck you want, this is the real reason. I've had patients who were sold on it because their gynecologist told them "it was better." I ask the patient why and they can't say why because they weren't explained why, they were just told it was "better." The heck is wrong with those doctors?! That's why I didn't go surgical.

  20. I am due in a month and HAVE to have a c section. My 2nd was 3 lbs 14 oz and I well… It was painful. I was just told that I was "petite" down there and would have to do a c section. This is my last child so I'm not worried about a future V back or anything but even if I did this birth vaginally, I'd still have tons of pain to deal with. It's not ideal but it's better than baby poss "getting stuck". My OB doesn't mince words. Anyhow off to the ER bc I have cholisectomy (sp) possibly. I'm going to have my tubes tied thrice.

  21. I was BARELY born vaginally. My mom has narrow hips, and so do I. So when I decide to have a baby, I really hope I have the baby vaginally, because it's actually proven to have a lot of future health benefits for the baby.

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