Are Kimbella & Yandy Still Friends? | Love & Hip Hop: New York

What’s the current status
of you and Yandy’s friendship? Lord, where do I begin? Yandy was in my wedding
and that was because I felt like we were
in a better place. Today, she feels as though
I’m speaking on all her kids. And me as a woman,
loving my kids, not even just my kids. Our kids grew up together.
We had kids together. So, I will never accept
the fact that anybody (bleep) everybody else,
especially her, to feel like I’m speaking
on her children. I hated that I had
to re-see that scene and I’m sure for you, too, but I felt like we spoke
about it in Costa Rica. All these conjured up
because I’m angry. I’m upset at you and I
do wanna apologize to you. I told you exactly what I said,
but then- No you didn’t Kim. I didn’t even know she was upset until I text her five days
after the episode aired. Five days, yes. She never called me,
she never texted me so I’m thinking, “All right,
so now I see you have a problem. Why didn’t you call me
and let me know that you’re feeling
this type of way?” So Yandy where did it go left
for you? Because you were
in the wedding. You guys hashed it out,
we thought you were okay. Now you saw it and you feel
like you saw a different story? So in Costa Rica I said,
“I just wanna know, did you speak on my child?” She said, “I hope you’re doing
this for the right reason.” I was offended. Because like I said,
“What do you mean you hope I’m doing it
for the right reasons?” I was offended
with just that. The minute somebody
mentions any child, what you say is,
“I don’t speak on children.” Period.
Kids are off limits. I don’t care about nothing we
do, this TV (bleep) people get extra
for TV, I’ve done it. I’ve done a lot of
(bleep) in my life. I done a lot of motha (bleep)
great (bleep) but one thing I do
the best in my life is be a motha (bleep)
mother. And if you sit across
from somebody and say me bringing a human
being into my house is fake as (bleep) you disrespecting my mothering
to (bleep) kids. That’s not what happen.
And you not gonna insinuate that I would ever speak
on any child, period. She spoke about you and it
was wrong what she said, but she did not speak
about (bleep). Did y’all see what I saw? Did anybody here
see somebody say- We all see what you said. Your relationship is fake
as (bleep). -First of all, I’m not–
-Did I not– Did anyone, clap
if you heard her say, “That relationship
is fake as (bleep)” I’m not buggin’. Now you the victim. No I’m not a victim,
stop saying that. You know who’s a victim. Yes you is. There’s a 16 year old girl
that has to sit there and possibly be bullied
by people saying, “Oh your mother don’t really
want you. She doing it for
(bleep)” When I’ve come to your house
three o’clock in the morning for you.
But then I put it on (bleep) when I open door for you and my
kids. Was that on (bleep)? Why would you put that on
(bleep)? What are you talking
about? When I sat in the hospital
with you for different things. Was that on (bleep)? Same thing for you. Don’t talk about (bleep)
I ain’t never (bleep) do to you. I would never do that to you.
I ain’t never (bleep) so don’t be talking
about I put (bleep) You come to my house
and I’ve never Exactly! I ain’t never (bleep) exactly. Yo, yo, yo,
yo y’all doing too much. Yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo,

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  1. Kimbella is clearly jealous of Yandys eye's and marriage. That's why she wears those ridiculous colored contact's!!!

  2. Idk the situation but if you ask me this seems to be deeper than just what Yandy interpreted as to what Kim was saying about the girl and her kids and only they know what it is

  3. What kind of contract does VH1 have with this host? I really don’t like her hosting. I didn’t really watch the season and don’t really do ratchet tv much anymore but every time I hear this chick on the reunion show, it’s such a turn off. Her questions sound weird sometimes. She talks to People like she’s best friends with them. She tells people to tweet on wild moments, that’s like pimping the cast in front of their faces. Must be Mona talking but still… it’s time to cancel these scripted love and hip hop shows.


  5. I also feel as tho although people document things for different reasons I myself wouldn't find a need in documenting everything I may do for someone. So with someone telling me they hope im doing it for the right reasons I would assume they would hope its for the person and not for tv or the world to think im bragging. Im not saying thats what Yandy's intentions are of doing that but I just feel this may be what Kimbella meant by that. Prove me wrong tho

  6. If that’s what Kim said. Kim didn’t speak about her kids, she didn’t attack her. She asked a simple question, was she adopting the girl just for more attention. It must’ve been true, for her to get that mad, and say Kim was talking about her kids

  7. No matter how bad your friend did you ain't no need to bring what you have done for them when where how I do not care that's not fkng okay just bc she said some does not give you no rights to bring them that's why I do not need no mthrfkng friends what's so ever I got my 🎶 my 🍿🍾 any damn one who needs a friend can go check it out to hell specially y'all 👭🗣 ain't fkng with y'all the fact that I know even if you doing me wrong I can't ever ever do it back to you cs I don't have a heart for this to see how we used to be than just bc we mad for me to start opening my 👄 nag I can't than I'm so good by myself 🤗🙌💃👼💪🕊

  8. Yandy BEEN getting money b4 MONA S. YOUNG Came 2 her n ASKED YANDY. 2 B ON LAHHNY

  9. I'm more mad at the stylist that let Yandy walk out there with that hair. I didn't even recognize her. It's horrible!

  10. People need to analyze the facts properly. Kimbella did not "speak on Yandy's kids." Like Juelz explained at 2:10, what Kimbella said about Yandy was wrong, but she didn't say anything about Infinity herself. She didn't say "Infinity is this" or "Infinity is that;" she questioned Yandy's motives for adopting her. That's not speaking on the child herself; that's speaking on Yandy, basically insulting her parenting skills. What Kimbella said was bad enough without exaggerating or misconstruing it.

  11. Is it me or is Yandy losing all her friends. First it was Jim and Chrissy and now its Kimbella and Juelz…

  12. kimbella shouldn't have said that about infinity….but that don't have anything to do with skylar and omere…..i think yandy just trying to find more if a reason to be upset us black people so dramatic😅…if I say u bringing a kid in your house for clout that's just wat I ment….im not low-key trying to throw jabs at your other kids I didn't bring them up but of course yandy had to dig deeper and say Kim meant something else by it right? You have the right to be upset but u don't gotta put words into that lady's mouth just u want more of a reason to be extra

  13. Yandy. &. Kimbella. Need. To. "Work Out". Their. "Differences", Because They. Seemed. "So Close" Like. "Sister's"

  14. If. "Kimbella". Really. Said. "Something's". About. "Yandy's "Adopted Daughter",. She. Would. Be. "Wrong"

  15. This friendship to me is fake is it just me?…a lot of negative opinions coming from both Yandy & Kimbella smh😟

  16. I didn’t like the fact Alexis Sky is trying to agree when she did a whole video with Zell Swag putting down all Fettys kids making her child seem above the rest of the kids

  17. Here's the thing she not getting, when you talk about why someone wants to go into being a parent when it comes to adoption, that's gunna get back to the child. Adoptive kids already have to worry about weather the parent really wants them or wants a check, now we throwing unnecessary thoughts of wether the parent actually cares about them or not.
    All that aside, the fact that y'all all on social media, you know DAMN WELL that what you say will linger. So now this doubt will be planted into that child's mind, FOREVER. Talking negative about why someone chose to become a parent is just as bad if not worse than talking about the child outright. The only ones who got ANY right to speak on that is immediate family with direct contact with the parent(s) and child, including the parent(s) and child.
    General rule of thumb when it comes to raising kids and talking about peoples kids or how they raise them in a negative light, if you ain't family, keep yo mouth shut.

  18. Idk what Yandy was going to spill but hunni Julez jumped out from that seat so damn quick.. Kimbella either was getting her ass best or have a sexual infection ..

  19. I think kimbella is jealous of yandy. U can love someone with all ur heart and still at times be jealous. May god bless their friendship

  20. Ksk ok with you should have my hair is u me like you to make love u I got a few things that are your thoughts about it and a new job to be at

  21. All she said was hope ur bringing that girl in ur home for the right reasons. And that 17 yr old IS NOT her child. She’s fostering that child. A run away who was lookin for a come up. I’ve seen her social media. She doesn’t look like she struggles in any way.

  22. That's the reason I don't have friends. Cause most of the time. They will cross you the wrong way. Kids off limits. Yandy should've whooooooop kimbella for that

  23. I'm sorry and I'm plus sized as well but maybe these women need to be more concerned with how they look rather than cussing one out and yelling Kim Bella done blew up, and yandy look like she slathered herself with grease plus why blonde yandy pls why?

  24. Exactly how I feel Young living oils and I have to go over the game is on the way to the end of the month and I will be in touch when I get back y I don't know what

  25. I'm surprise Juelz dentures didn't jump out his mouth when he kept saying……..yo yo yo. One tooth alone look like a fuckin dentyne ice gum

  26. I can understand Yandy being upset but why she's lowering herself to speak in the way that she is generally she doesn't curse like that so something severe must have happened in order for her to come out of character oh, Jonathan makes me sick to my stomach oh, he came up on K Michelle's cocktail, I can see right through him everything he does is with a motive, I think he's vile and a disgusting human being

  27. Yandy is a liar she lied every season .. Talking about kids being a fucking step mother ooohhh I'm glad Samantha and Erika backed away from her ass😂😂😂

  28. YO‼️ Am I the only person who can’t look at Yandy with the peroxide blonde hair, looking like a Meth-addict🤔💭❓

  29. Kimumbrella as a woman can you not come back to this show. You’re wrong asf you’ll always be mean and delusional .💆🏾‍♀️😭🤳🏾😭💆🏾‍♀️

  30. I think it's funny how Kimbella was trying to go off on everybody but now she's the one in the wrong that cant own her own💩💩

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