“Are We Alone In The Universe?” Instagram Live & "Law Of Attraction Q&A!"

oh man what's going on people I am out want a quick skateboard and ride in my neighborhood whoa all the big fishes I was a big fish oh man but this is Saira here this hand notice this alligators in here and they are like I've seen some see some offices in here man but I'm good I'm always protected no matter where no matter where look at that I don't one second there it goes it's a full moon right here okay guys he's over he's a real question a real question I want you to answer it do you believe we are the only intelligent life in the universe what do you honestly believe comment now everybody comment I just want to know I'm very curious about other people's opinions on this okay somebody said no no wow everybody said no so you do okay Wow so okay I don't know no wow so everyone saying no believes that there is other life out there in this solar system or other solar systems I agree I agree it's way too big it's way too big you know listen so so since I started strange but true stories I have received tons of emails from people telling me that they've been adopted they have seen things they've seen traps my cousin my cousin who I believe 300 to 20% told me that one time that he was by ok I'm he was by a forest and it was him and a friend and from outside the trees this this huge disc just like flew over the head very slowly and it was the size of a small house and he was honest to God smart guy actually he works for Facebook actually – super smart guy but um yeah I don't think we are alone I don't think so I I think that um I think that we are we are a creation but not the creation there's there's tons and tons of different life forms and species and oh man oh man listen I mean not to say too much but I know for a fact that we're not alone here and imma leave it like that but um yeah yeah I mean it's fascinating whoa something's jumped in the water what's going on guys so here I am chillin I'm by a park or something to show you all that Oh same here children but um yeah so okay how about this so if anyone wants to talk to me about okay since I am the the creator of strange for true stories it if anyone has any stories of I guess encounters with beings from another planet or dimension AI me contact me you know I have listened I am I am a really curious person and I have to know every single thing about every single thing so yeah I mean let's talk on here let's talk right now so if you have any you know experience let's talk right here send me a split screen conversation thing I know this clock beautiful beautiful beautiful beautiful hi I met at und truck how can you hear me yes can you hear me yeah okay I met you in Detroit you and your wife when you guys came it was probably about two years ago really yeah and I have do you hear me say that one more time I'm sorry thank you so very much I appreciate it like seriously but that course was made from years of just trial and error and every single thing that we've learned how long you know what you got us here we go there we go but you know what I'll thank you so much I appreciate it thank you your affirmations online but I feel like I've been listening to them for a long time and I am not taking action like I'm taking action so okay so you take an action but you're not taking major action yes like I know that that being aligned because women same thing your wiper into and when I talk about being aligned there'll be someone else an entrepreneur that will somehow a course on being aligned and my bill bill like fell out of the course or you know whatever they're selling and it's like I'm just talking about it but I don't have any Oregon ways to collect people's money like I know one important where you get your certain clips from then you tell us why you talk for like 30 seconds and then show a clip but it's like I haven't cooked in the action too so okay so my course is more geared towards metaphysical yes in Erica's course is more practical so here so for okay you should probably study Erica's course more than my course because all about getting organized but also using you know a practical means that actually work you know Derek when it comes to Monday there is you know spiritual laws but there's also man-made laws Erica is excellent at the man-made laws I am excellent at the spiritual laws but also do know some man-made laws as well so Justin what you're saying is that I can listen to her course and maybe get some tools on collecting an organized way of payment 100% so Erica knows she knows all the e-commerce you know I don't know we call those things up see they look well yeah I mean I don't really seriously I don't handle it the business side at all I don't you know I'm not there but the spiritual side the the mental work that's on me but but sure if you want to learn how to get organized study Erica score I'm telling you like she breaks everything down perfectly do you guys think you'll do more in person talks no we will for sure for sure like 120 percent you know lately you know you know I'm business busy we're so busy with my company with the company which is we're so busy but this is my passion so I love doing this like I love teaching this information this is why this is why I came this soul Amanda this is my thrill this is my my play you know then I wouldn't be here right look like me I know that I can do it for myself thank you so very much what's your name Denise are you a member of the you are creators mastermind group I you you you need to be so basically listen this $5.00 pays for itself so basically what I believe in is giving more servants okay giving more service than the money that that you receive basically okay so with you our creative start TV I mean we're coming out with the TV show on there all my affirmations and the mastermind group included so just $4.99 a month check it out y'all thank you again for your support I appreciate you we got hey thank you for anyone that is a member for you who you are creators mastermind group everything what's going on bro is everything I'm a regular guy really yeah yeah so I mean so basically my girl's house I mean so basically I've been like kind of stumbling into like a lotta hello can you breaking up some bro what about now me a little better good yeah bro I mean breaking up a little bit yo oh it's not better yeah okay it's better that's what's up bro okay what's your name I'm Gilbert nice to meet you either way no I mean awesome planning on going what is it what does it call VidCon is for you to it's like 82 huh because I was not invited yeah you know what actually I was invited I wasn't invited but I was not invited to be a speaker I want to speak I want to speak on that you know I'm a firm a shion's and everything you know positive thinking and stuff like that but sometimes you know I find myself like like I find that it's sometimes hard to manifest because I feel like I don't like how would you say is the best way to kind of balance things out so you know sometimes like I'm just like a super high vibration like I know right so there is just like it's kind of like a mood shift you know like rather you know I experience somebody else's negativity or whatever food shift to where you know I'm not really I'm not really you know pursuing what I should so basically you want to know how you can stay more persistent in a higher vibration exactly like how I can would that give you like kind of like my natural my not good state if you would like you know more you know more of a higher vibration than lower right so so basically what you got to do is it's warm brand new habits bro yeah so for me I have I successfully trained my mind to remind me every time my feelings take a dip right yeah as soon as my feelings take a dip I do something to raise my vibration instantly because your reality follows how you feel about it your vibration and if you're and if your vibration is it slow you're going to start attracting things of like energy that that you don't want you know I'm saying so it's true now do you also do you have like any ways of you know because we're all not perfect like you have any ways of kind of like getting rid of you know like something you know maybe you that you didn't handle the situation in in the proper way like what I kind of like is there a way of balancing out and out doing like negative karma in the sense sure for sure um there is a chapter and Rhonda burrows book so she talks about what she call she says they started on the power but the chapter is the 51% rule okay and it's basically if you can think 51% more positive thoughts more positive energy so based on based on the law of averages like you have to like attract more of that same dominant energy you know uh but if it falls to 49% like you you know you're losing so the goal is to rock is to be positive uh-huh 90% of the time 80% of the time ain't nobody perfect bro you know I'm saying but you gonna do what you can you got to do what you can and always be conscious of your vibration because your consciousness your reality follows your vibration period yeah so I'm constantly checking my viola I just like you you feeling uneasy about something what's going on you know and I kind of sit back and I think I'm okay well I'm yeah you know I'll time to change my vibration basically yeah and I guess my last thing for you would be so I mean you know doing this YouTube journey that's why I'm going like VidCon and everything like that and you know I was wondering if you had like any any advice so like my main thing I want to entertain people cuz I DJ right now and you know people like in and you know be able to reach out to more people and don't mind that Beyonce post over my girls anyways hey bro own july's man you know I love the card is so perfect you know just any advice that you have like for being been successful on it you know just because I want to spread you know positive energy and touch as many people as possible and you know be able to like kind of incorporate the law of attraction you know in an entertaining you know kind of way like you know also doing the same there like a video where somebody can like you know laugh but also you know being informed kind of like that that like Dave Chappelle type of comedy you know like to wear you know is he's funny like he's super funny but you know he he also you know kind of wakes you up a little bit like while watching serious action so my advice to you is really being sober yeah be yourself and it's sometimes better to ask for forgiveness than permission yeah so you gotta sometimes I take risks you know me um but also you gotta have this crazy believe that you could be successful you can have it bro like I got a crazy belief in myself I have a really really strong belief that I can really have anything I want to fight there's nothing that gonna stop me you know and I think I got that confidence from knowing the universal laws you know I'm saying like knowing that like I actually create my reality you know I'm saying like I really create my reality out here yeah you know so what I did was I kind of just I made a life that was tailor-made for me you know it's it is structured to my liking yeah you know because I have consciously monitored my vibration yeah for me bro like I only talked about wealth and abundance and prosperity and more than enough you know just everything that I want to manifest I thought I'll talk about I don't talk about what I fear I will talk about what I don't want to have that you know monitor but not to the world period yeah I feel like it's hard to like with you know especially certain people's beliefs like they like they're very lemonade you know even sometimes his family and they don't they don't acknowledge it you know conscious night now that's for you but you know sometimes even family could you know anybody our family I know about family you know I'm gonna keep it like that but um yeah bro listen all is well hey question are you and you are creators that TV remember I'm not man Oh see bro you can't be open asking me questions bro let's say you know hey no no but listen man is uh you know a check it out bro you know link in my bio check it out the next time we do this I'll be I'll be signed up and I'll be manifest in that Ferrari 488 that I want along you got mad bro you got listen if you know what you want you're gonna have to do straight up listen I'm living proof listen I'm not up you know okay I'm living proof that whatever you can clearly visualize like clearly visualized I'm telling you that that that scene has no choice but to show up into physical reality yeah I've seen it so many times that I'm not used to seeing it still you don't saying it's like man like this is crazy yeah the same scene that I saw my hair like just transpired right in front of my face you know thoughts become things bro straight up period how do you like how do you manifest personally because I know everybody kind of has their different way so I was looking at videos like you know kind of before you go to sleep like keep that vision and you know constantly keep thinking about it repeating to yourself you know writing it down so like how do you personally like manifest it to where if you think of like a orange Apple for example like eventually gonna see an orange apple how do I personally manifest yeah like I'd sold personally visualize like how do you go about things like constantly seeing or thinking the same thing yeah technique of any sort that would save me I do got a technique and I do share all my techniques on my master class listen listen bro listen first thing in the morning bro I am always visualizing the main thing I'm trying to manifest okay so look it just being transparent with you by honest with you my goal is to is to take all my members from YouTube and Vance and then put them on my new platform yeah that way you know I don't have to depend on YouTube okay so right now my goal is is 5,000 sign up so right now I'm in bad about I don't know you know that 5,000 yet so that's my next vision so therefore every morning kind of like visualize seeing that number there you know not visualize the lifestyle that could provide my parents and then and then that bliss you know you know it turns into another scene I think about just listen you know my advice to people is make friends with money make friends with the money so I just want to sound crazy I know people say – man is out of his mind but just hear me please listen something everything that you see is energy and if everything is energy energy ever has a consciousness so let me show you come to let's play the grass seeds later grass yeah this is alive this is alive its alive okay let me show you something else believe it or not believe it or not let's say that you have a silver canister show you something that's right here well if this silver canister is made out of energy and everything's made out of energy technically speaking this also has a consciousness something is the reason for me saying this it's because I've read numerous native experiences where people say that the rocks were alive and giving off heat a musical note how how at the bark on the ground it's actually like a live because it was a part of this organic you know everything that you see yeah it's energy everything that you see is energy therefore everything has some level of consciousness to it this is why I say make friends with money on a money energetic level because just like Reverend Ike said money is a woman she has ears and if you talk bad about her but you want nothing to do with you at all miss P speak highly of money yes you always be around you because everything has a consciousness yeah now you probably never heard that anywhere no never you will start to hear more often yeah man I'm definitely gonna become the sign of the class cuz is this like so recorded courses or is it like actually like in contact with you or how does that work exactly okay so okay so you are creative that's easy is different from the master class I mean from the mast of course master course okay you are Peters TV is $4.99 a month and you get you get all my affirmations mmm you get full access to the master class oh really you also get exclusive content just for the members and members get $97 oh no no I'm sorry $200 off the prosperity master class yeah yeah so afford for $4.99 a month you know I'm you get the master class you get affirmations more videos more contents and audiobooks and everything go so okay now check it out bro yeah will do man thank you so much for you know taking mind taking my request bro means a lot listen a.m. I'm sure I have like I'm sure there's one question that I've been like trying to ask after I get off this call I'm like oh yeah that's what I was supposed to ask always happens well Burleson a.m. hey thank you so much for your support bro I appreciate I'm gonna take it easy bro you too all right I see something okay so like I was saying y'all how are we alone in the universe and that's the question that's the question are we alone what am i doing right now how do I do this all right let me see I got some what people don't want to go live not at all somebody said I don't know I'm the one and only Jacob Lind Annika you'll ever meet bro I'm very awake I'm thankful to be on here but I found out he was a wick as well it's crazy like it's crazy how everything is aligning and everything I've seen last year it's happening this year fantastic brother fan okay tell me this so you okay so you claim that you f hat caught what I mean what what a contact with with beings you know enough from me what you saying bro oh I was I was saying that I have seen aliens before they are real okay so this is a separate topic that I three one once okay tell us a story tell tell the audience tell me everybody your alien story the full detailed story don't leave nothing out don't leave nothing I'm talking about all the details go when I was younger yeah see you know what see I don't know bro I don't okay so okay so how many times have you had I don't know you know a contact with these beings what it look like it was really cool it was a round spear and it was really low to the ground right I was like so low I could literally touch it was like a light pole right windows on it but it was crazy it was the craziest thing I've ever seen my wife my friend saw with me but he doesn't remember doesn't remember a thing interesting interesting please hey you know what thank you so much for sharing your story I appreciate you bro no no no no I mean what I say was thank you so much for sharing your story thank you so much brother appreciate you man we from Indiana the Midwest so you know what I'm from Chicago I'm from Chicago so you know we're neighbors right guys you bro we'll look you know a thank you so much for the call man and sign up to you are creative TV if you haven't already brother thank you so much man let me tap in with you somebody say hey these commas are hilarious right now aleeah's comments oh wait Amy do that all right what else we got so I mean truthfully I just wanna know the truth you know how come guys want to know we are alone here these beautiful beautiful planet I love you hear me okay happy Father's Day thank you so much I appreciate you appreciate the love from everybody I some handsome questions right now all right here we go everybody thank you so much but Allah really appreciate you all all right I'm trying to harm beer for death okay so for me guys truthfully I'm me I'm gonna be like honest with you go I have no fear of death or anything because you know a next question next question have no fear at all all right next question all right I'm reading all your questions right now fascinating questions fascinating but everything is possible can Christians initiative all right let's see let's see so who wants to talk with me anybody wanna talk that's it holy God hello hello hello I'm magnificent are you very nice to meet you Danny no problem okay no problem ooh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh so here's the question you're holding on and he's holding on or is it one side what we look I mean what do we do it's just you so right so okay so basically it's like this you can't force anyone to stay you can't cope right right so um sometimes things fall apart so better things can fall together which is very strange understand it's like why um from my personal experience anytime something has happened that doesn't feel okay anytime something has happened that I don't understand when I remain positive the outcome was always glorious every single time every single time things okay some things that look bad aren't really bad they aren't really bad so sometimes things fall apart so better things can fall together now I mean I don't think you wanted to hear that did you oh and what's going on a panel was going on there we go hello hello I just wanted to say thank you so much i watch all your videos and affirmations thank you so very much I'm gonna join your TV as well I was wondering if you could manifest my dream and give to me your course so you want me to give you my course for free yes interesting interesting um here's what I can do because I worked really really hard on that course and the knowledge that I got um wasn't cheap you know so what I can do is I can give you a $200 off discount so the course will be $97 only $97 yeah but but but the course pays for itself see I mean once you understand how to make money passively online online you can now focus on any any and everything that you want for me passive income is the name of the game because I love my freedom I love my freedom and with technology nowadays it's too easy to make money online it's way too easy so I mean trust me you'll love the course 100% ebooks that you introduced me to so many thank you so much again for your support I appreciate you thank you can you please tell me if you ever used in your morning full moon on the manifest I don't you know I don't follow the moon cycles at all I manifest strictly on thoughts I don't chant I don't do any of this I really focus on just thoughts and feeling good and speaking good and visualizing good things happening so I mean I don't do you know like the moons and the stars I don't do none of that the golden sea about that I made a painting based off it so I look at every day oh wow fantastic tremendous tremendous so what would you like me to speak on the one you visualize it it's basically you imagine yourself at this golden sea every time and yes you're taking the abundance in and what is it that you I guess I I don't know how to connect the feelings to them okay so think of okay so think of a ocean right how infinite the ocean is we'd like to view God's abundance as an ocean something that is constantly replenishing itself even if you take a wheelbarrow full of water and you you know you take out I guess like 50 you know you know 50 scoops every single day that ocean has no choice but to continue to replenish yourself there's always more than enough there's always more than enough so my mindset is I am a peace of God and God is infinite so therefore my supply it's more than enough I always have more than enough no matter what no matter what no matter what and people don't understand but your thoughts are literally things your thoughts are physical things the physical in the universe so when you think about and visualize yourself surrounded by prosperity that is that is a creation somewhere and sooner or later if you hold that energy you have to see it here you just have to because that's the law thoughts become things because thoughts are are literal things and I feel like I'm going on I ran again but I'm sorry I'll have to say Florence Scovel Shinn she was a painter in writer in the 1900s and some of her paintings are actually on sale right now and I'm thinking of buying maybe all of them but um she was a sage she was a mystic she was a mystic this lady she was so ahead of her time oh my goodness there's so much missed them so my favorite book of all times you can find it in my app the law of attraction library my favorite my favorite book is the game of life and how to play it by Florence Scovel Shinn Erika and I will listen to that all night on repeat and a very low value I love it so much I love it so my book is based on that book and another book called um because unless it's lessons from the light from Sandra Rogers Sandra Roger she had a near-death experience and when she came back she came out with all this knowledge is I'm talking about this just for side and inside and just in-depth knowledge her book is like a bullet point style book and I thought I was so so rare so I decided to to base my first book off of that book straight to the point no BS no fluff because I mean I don't like wasting time I don't like I don't like fluff so with all my books you'll see I get straight to the point and that's how I base my book say that one more time from the sleaze I'm sorry are you familiar with John Kehoe he's a Canadian psychologist and he is into metaphysics I've never heard of him no I have not heard of that but um but I'll check him out it's a big world out here hey you know what I'm okay I'm ask you a question okay are you listening okay do you believe in life on other planets what do you honestly believe I think there is a bigger universe out there and we may be just you know one little piece of it Gaja and do you believe that they have visited us most likely the pyramids and everything before this century it just proves that there was some intelligence out here how would I build pyramids with such primitive tools great question great great great great question you're right yeah I have so many questions and I have this I used a here's a huge you know a curiosity and I have to know I have know these things it's a fascinating world we live in yeah I thank you again for your time I appreciate you okay it's a dream come true speaking with you thank you oh wow thank you so much for that thank you all right here we go Sammy is my losses so Erica she say she won't pick up all day I know she won't pick up I understand let me stop I know she's watching all right here we go I speaking oh let's talk it's a big world out here hey are you doing magnificent how you doing man right great great I've been listening to your videos forever now and it's just like like life just been on it's just been changing so much well you know I thank you for that like some of your guidance you know like some guidance yeah just some guidance like oh you whatever whatever you feel like needs to be said to me cuz like I feel like a heart I thought always was you know interested in the law of attraction and you know just believing in manifesting things so you to come to me and it's just like I feel like I'm on the right path and I'm moving in the right direction but I just feel like I just need that extra it's just amazing that I'm even on the on this live with you well yeah I just I just want some guidance whatever you think needs to be said or just whatever you got for me you know how are you I'm 20 mm-hmm so I discovered the law of attraction when I was 23 alright and by the time I was 25 I had earned my first hundred thousand and I bought my first home Wow so do you have a heads up the other heads up on me by three years you can be a millionaire by the time you're 25 years old one of the reasons why I put so much emphasis on money he's people to understand the freedom aspect and how if you don't have a lot of money you are stuck as a slave in the rat race you would not create it to be in the rat race you were created to create and sometimes working a nine-to-five job can stagnant your energy you are you are a creator believe or not whether people like it or not bro money gives you freedom in the physical world it just I mean it just does peirong period so since that's the case it just makes more sense to make friends with money on a mental level right you don't Sam yeah like visualizing speaking things into existence you know keeping things on my focus you know from you know having vision boards and writing things down right you know eyes closed visualizing look I want to speak to say that it's like I'm gonna get better at it you know I want to get better at visualizing um you know just seeing things in my um you know just being able to visualize okay you know I want to get better at that so you know what's some ways that I could write tips or anything that you know to being able to really visualize and really see the things that I want like you keep doing it so what I found out is visualizing it's like a muscle right and if you get good at it you can do it with your eyes open you know say you do with your eyes open anywhere like in a trance why I'm getting really really really good at visualizing what I want anywhere you know um but it's a muscle it's a mus approach that work it out man easy does it easy does it so you know what um so Instagram is telling me I have 20 I've had 19 seconds left and then we're gonna end it for me so everybody I love you all sign up to you our creative TV only $4.99 a month and join the mastermind group man and um yeah pshaw thank you

42 Replies to ““Are We Alone In The Universe?” Instagram Live & "Law Of Attraction Q&A!"”

  1. Money is my friend like the word from the Bible says a friend sticks closure than a brother . Thank you money for being my friend. 😃

  2. I know we are not alone. I used to see starships in the sky frequently! I don't see them that much like how I used to though

  3. No WEARENOTALONE !!! and we would have to be very narsacistic to think otherwiswe the universe is far too big !!!

  4. Yes I believe. In Dc back in the 80's, my friend's and I were playing in the alley one night. I happen to look up at the dark night sky and I saw these elongated white objects flying in formation, like you see on TV, triangular formation. There were no lights and anything between each object. I exclaimed,"Look… look!" They were really far up there in the night sky too. But speaking on visualizing, I stated before on one of YouAre Creators videos, I've visualized since I was very young; seeing myself with this and wanting that, be it college degree for example, even recently, remodeling my entire house. The money didn't manifest in my bank account for the remodel…. haha… but I did it and happy that I did with all it's good and bad (contractor 🙂 ).

  5. We are definitely not alone. Have you read Dolores Cannon books or saw her videos? Very interesting. Just yesterday I was watching a documentary on UFOs.

  6. It’s unlimited what the universe can bring when you understand the great secret that thoughts become things.

  7. For thousands of years they have helping and observing us.. It's just nowadays they prefer to stay out of public attention as much as possible so our so called governments will not create some mass hysteria to these benevolent yet highly advanced in both technology and awareness beings

  8. I still remember my first experience of sleep paralysis at 12 years of age I'll never forget the feeling that, some sort of being was taking me over, I'm now 57 and the memory still pretty clear.

  9. If you really want to meet some beings from another dimension, then smoke some DMT, and you will 100% meet them😁 blessings 🙏🏽

  10. Absolutely not! There is definetely other life out there! God is bigger than all of it and all of us and I'm sure he can handle us all!

  11. Psalms 148:4 "Praise him, you highest heavens and you waters above the skies."

    According to biblical cosmologies, there is nothing else outside of the earth, just more water. How do you think the flood of Noah was possible? Research how the earth actually works and why we are powerful creators created on the image of YHWH, not physically, but in the spiritual sense.

    You will never find true images of space, just artist impressions.

  12. I don't think we're the only ones in the universe, that would be arrogant of me to assume so…but I'm not looking forward to running into any other beings anytime soon… although they might be a pleasant alternative to some individuals who are oblivious to the power of love for ourselves and for others. – namaste and thank you for your efforts

  13. I believe there are other beings in the universe besides us , they definitely don't look like us that's for sure

  14. How arrogant for us as a race of beings to believe we are the only ones in this unfathomable vastness. I think we are like a grain of sand on a beach of innumerable life forms.

  15. Hey Justine I'm buying my skateboard next month, I'm 42 years and THANK YOU for sharing that skateboard your other video…..

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