100 Replies to “‘Are You Pregnant?’ Dr. Phil Asks Teen”

  1. She’s upset about something. Anger is usually depression and sadness. She deserves better! She shouldn’t be ostracized but loved.

  2. for some reason i feel like people nowadays pretend to be messed up and crazy and out of control because they want clout and attention

  3. For anyone wondering. I watched the whole episode and she ended up getting sent to a wilderness in-patient program. When I was a teenager, I went to one that was actually on the dr.phil show. It is an absolutely brutal 8-10 week program where you’re stripped from everything and everyone you’ve felt comfortable with and made to challenge even the toughest of people. Completely far out in the wilderness and super restricted. We peed in the trees and pooped in buckets that we had to carry on our backs to the next campsite. Every day is 3-5 hour long hikes. Food is absolutely awful. And some of the kid’s jobs include cleaning up uneaten food from the group and disposing of the poop. It’s awful. She’s in for a real treat 😋

  4. If she was really in a “gang” she would know you don’t ever speak on any of the activities y’all do 😂 what a manipulating little girl, ignorant also. Lmdaooo.

  5. Theirs a better program out there to straighten-out out of control kids & Teens like her it's called Beyond Scared Straight, not a wilderness program.

  6. I feel for rebellious teens. They don't realize what they might do to their life if they don't stop. I'm glad Dr. Phil is helping her.

  7. If she is refusing prenatal care, She is pretty much denying she is not pregnant or she does not want to get in trouble with the law with refusing prenatal care which Dr Phil is trying to help care for the baby and the mom to be. She also needs to get some help if she does have a baby on the way.

  8. She's obviously being groomed & turning into someone's puppet. She's gonna end up being trafficked. I hope she gets help and sticks to it. 💔

  9. OK I’m I’d like to take him to the fact that she clearly has some type of mental illness you can tell that she has an undiagnosed depression and anxiety a mood disorder and maybe alternate personality because the way that she writes she doesn’t remember

  10. If she doesn’t wanna talk on national TV and snitch on everyone saying stuff that they didn’t do, then why even bring her here in the first place?

  11. Okay I think she just wants to sound tough and gain attention and sympathy from people because honestly when Dr.Phil reads her writing, she denies some of the stuff. I doubt she’s even pregnant to begin with 🤦‍♀️. She doesn’t look pregnant to be in her supposed stage of pregnancy

  12. Are you pregnant? Yeah, but that's not something I want to talk about. Dr. Phil proceeds to talk about nothing else but that.

  13. Lol she dont roll with no gang.. And they aint gona kill her parents just because 😒 she aint there she aint that important lol 😆

  14. Someone needs to get on their knees and hold that girls hand talk into her eyes stop using a book sometimes of I counselor that even better then Dr. Phil😞🙄

  15. Everyone are joking about the child. Behavior is taught. Just because a parent gives a child a decent life doesn't mean something is not going on inside the home behind closed doors. There is a reason their not showing her face but her parents faces. From the time this girl opened her mouth i peeped the problem, she's seeking love and attention that she's not getting at home. Laughing and joking about these types are children is wtf is wrong with this world today. The parents need to be questioned also and interrogated just like Dr. Phil is doing to this child.

  16. Happy they open the comment section because hearing what others think when u put yourself on tv is the whole purpose. If things were to happen without tv then no reason to comment.

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