5 Replies to “Are You Scared to Give Birth? – HypnoBirthing for Natural Pregnancy & Childbirth”

  1. hi,
    I am very sad to tell u that thee classes or home corse is very expensive for indians to bye home classes, do u have any alternative😒

  2. the labor terrifies me, maybe I will have a dramatic labor maybe it's gonna be so fast. I am dreading the pain so bad, not being strong enough to go through so much pain and maybe have a c section after all the pain, I am more afraid about c sections but also afraid they may cut a bit down there to help the baby go out. I am now regretting cuz I realized I don't feel I am prepare for that. 🙁 I haven't got attached to the baby cuz what about if something goes wrong.

  3. Thank you bex. I'm currently 36w pregnant with twins. This is my first pregnancy and right from the beginning its been tough. I was at high risk and landed in the hospital about 10 times. Eventually all that stress led to me having panic attacks. Ive never lost hope though. I've been watching your videos all day and they are a big help. I think what you're doing is amazing. God bless! And happy new year!

  4. I am a year into waiting for surgery to remove a huge dermoid cyst from my right ovary and waiting to see when they are 'in' there the state of the left one which they can't see right now. I am 29 and no children so far and although practicing calm, positive strength with my love… My fertility feels like it's floating in the air and I have no power or control over the next few months and the outcomes. Scary beyond belief to acknowledge that and be 'ok'! This video has really just hit me deep and made me feel like actually, I am clearing the way of huge trauma in my life that has manifested in me and I am now ready to let go of, making a beautiful, happy, healthy space for my baby to grow in… It sent a tingle down my spine <3 Thank you <3

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