Ariel Castro Victims’ Horrifying Torture and Miscarriages

aerial castro uh… is we’re getting
more information about who aerial castro really is uh… and family members of his ex-wife
and upcoming foreign sharing some of the really horrible horrific
things he did to his ex-wife now zack’s wife up passed away as she
was struggling with a illness for years and um… he just made her life a living
hell while they were married according to the associated press figaro
as relatives say castro savagely beat her pushing her down a flight of stairs
breaking her nose and dislocating her shoulder among other injuries her sister
ellie that kara karo bio sec castro one-shot figueroa into a
cardboard box and close the flaps over her head apparently he also did uh… psychological treks and things like that
to frighten her castro add to frighten his wife kept a
manicure wearing a dark week propped up against a wall and sometimes drove
around the neighborhood with it melted set neta whatever young american territory
be afraid okay i that some creepy-ass though and and i think part of his logic that you know
jesse here is that he had the manikins so that if anybody
ever saw the real growth to sell you crazy just automatic you see what i’m saying maybe who knows
what was going to the scripps mind i mean you are you reading more about
women who she really was and he already knew musically because the fact we held
these three innocent women captive for ten
years right but that all the horrible things he did
to his wife uh… you know of course he was breaking these of girls and of you
know i’d they would get pregnant and the way that he would handle it the
pregnancy is he would starve them for two weeks and then you would proceed to
punch them in the summit until the fetus was aborted so he apparently did this at least five times and for all the
girls i mean the degree to which this guy’s a monster
is indescribable to to to do that the somebody well
alright interpreted by raping you so i’m gonna start you and then put in the
summit of the have a miscarriage and so now prosecutors are considered
ethical theory is that now uh… i don’t agree with that uh… look i want you know as i said on the very first day
of my visceral reaction ripped this guy a liberal in right now river mishra split if you set a precedent that based on a
miscarriage you get a death penalty sentence uh… certainly you’ll be bad precedents
that definitely any cancer um… you know anti-abortion advocates this you know huge argument while in this
case it was considered murder aborting a fetus was considered martyr therefore
should extend to anyone who decides they want to abort a fetus on so i do think it says about breast
president of when it comes to the death penalty it’s funny because if you were someone you have the chance
of are getting sentenced to death right and i’m against and against the death
penalty but and that’s why it’s important to get
taken motion out of it and revenge out of it because as i read the story i
wanna faraway all logic and all reasoning and just say you know what
kind of get was returning underwent trial i wanted to add you know time and
so uh… the that’s except that you know example against
that in this story so i can say explained earlier the same
exact visceral reaction first time i read the story and that we didn’t even
know about the punching this comic in the miscarriages and he had them of course locked up in
the basement with a chain in the let some of the second floor bodies terrorize them as he’s terrorizes white
he’s used to terrorizing madison transfers others live if you do training
anyway concern a car be with his wife nikkor four blocks he must have done
that for those girls if you do anything wrong incentive so
everybody’s like let’s go get the guy but if you’re a member of the first day biscuit appear that the three brothers
and i were doing it together maiden and then we found out later that
wasn’t true the to castro brothers that were not a real pastoral prolly didn’t do it all didn’t have
knowledge of pain and on that day when we didn’t know that
had ori concocted a turkish fantasy in my mind where i find the guys in the basement
and start going one by one right now and then you know what would happen whose you kill two innocent people and
outlook at that slide i don’t actually want the death penalty for the sky or
anyone else i don’t believe in the death penalty i’m just talking about motion verses watching and we knew are logical
about the situation you do want him to uh… have his
miranda rights you do want to go through my dry up and
you want him to get life in prison as opposed to the death penalty uh… so i’m just you know saying it’s like if i
were inside which i’m not an unhappy and not i would want to bury the sky yet and and will for adult and edited this guy’s going to get planters and
possibly thousands of different counts of rape so that they make sure in the air organiser nigeria right so is it very very likely to be a life sentence now forever and there was a suicide note
from two thousand four eighty basically admits everything you would be shocking if he didn’t get a life
sentence remember that could be much worse than
the death penalty because this is not going to be the most
popular guy and jr definitely use that i have to do bullet
with back terror locked up for the rest of his life that’s up for a good punishment and that’s bringing him to justice exactly what we’re supposed to

100 Replies to “Ariel Castro Victims’ Horrifying Torture and Miscarriages”

  1. I love how crazed people are about this story. Like Castro is worse than anyone. Ever. If you sheltered altar children knew anything about what goes on in prison or the other people that are imprisoned, you'd go mad.

  2. Put him in the general population in a super max prison with clothes 2 sizes too small and tell the inmates who he is and what he did

  3. If you really had any sense, you would know that I'm not talking about myself. Please get off the internet if you don't know how to comprehend words.

  4. the death penalty sounds lije a party compared to life in prison. death penalty is like a gift compared to spending your life locjed up

  5. do you know what the general population will do to him once he's in? I say worth the cost of housing this shit peace of DNA

  6. Life in prison and bar him for going into protective custody, Let the wolfs get him in general population

  7. I'll argue till the end with anyone that feels the need to defend those that are put on this earth for comedy purposes only.

  8. Well, you only mentioned reincarnation, so logic would dictate that that's what I was referring to. Anyway, your belief in reincarnation is used as a mental safeguard so you can make choices like ending your life over a mistake instead of dealing with the consequences of your actions. You're basically saying, "I'll have another life anyway! Why should I pay for the mistakes of this one?" Which is pathetic. Explained.

  9. a public beating of this guy is the only form of justice here. and i know it sounds crazy but in this case justice should be defined as pain.

  10. I see that from your no-lifeless comments on your own page. Like I said, learn how to read and interpret before you use the internet. I don't want to talk to you so goodbye.

  11. if this happen to one of TYT's family members, would they still not support the death penalty? absolutely not!

  12. I also hope they don't sentence him to death. I think we are all aware how rapists/child molestation is treated in prison.

  13. Its opposite, It makes me want do good in this life to learn to evolve to make the life easier for future generations in case Ill be back. Your logic would be : I can rape and plunder because Ill be back anyway, so what will stop me from doing that in the next lifes? I also believe in karma and it is paying for what you do, now or whenever.
    I know it might sound pathetic to someone who does not understand universal rules, like give respect to get respect. Simple stuff, makes life easier.

  14. I don't need respect from the weak. I'm aware of reincarnation and karma. Maybe you misread what I said. You were treating me (another human being) poorly, so in response I said if you're not nice you won't become something in your next life. Is that easier for you? Did I break it down enough? I was making fun of your stupidity. Shit.

  15. I find it ironic that Ana advocates for logic over emotion in this video but continues to be a fairly strong Feminist.

  16. Yes, you are too smart, and you making fun of idiots, I am not worthy of your teachings. I think this conversation lowers my IQ, i am sorry but I have to stop this.
    have a fruitful life.

  17. So many sick sadists in the comments… A lot of people in here deserve to get locked up along with that guy.

  18. People saying we should torture him are ugly human beings. Just put him in jail for life or put him to death he is clearly disturbed. what is wrong with you people?

  19. just to say…most humans are sadists as long as you are not extreme its not that bad, why do you think BDSM exists?

  20. I hesitate to ask, given your comment contains 100% sarcasm and 0% substance, but what do you believe? What evidence are you referring to? It is not a case of damn the evidence against execution as being a possible deterrent, but that the evidence in damning against the idea that it cannot be…but if you have something intelligent to say on the subject, please enlighten us.

  21. This is horrible

    but I don't want my state/country to be in the business of killing people.

    We are better than that.

    We are better than someone like Ariel Castro.

  22. Nah this is different to abortion.

    Aren't TYT pro-choice? Did those women have a choice on what happened to the feotus?

    Some punishment needs to be received for causing the women to miscarry, maybe not murder, but something with just as stiff a sentence.

  23. "I ain't gotta tell him 'go to hell', cuz that's the shit that makes them other niggas sick in jail" J. Cole- See World

  24. Not complicated. The evidence says execution is not a deterrent. You say you don't (fully) accept the evidence, just because – well, you don't give a reason. You also ignore the obvious fact that people are often wrongly convicted, yet you would have some of those innocent people killed painfully. I won't trouble you with the issue of free will.
    Hope that enlightens you just a little.

  25. what? my pro choice stance has nothing to do with population. it has to do with bodily rights. a woman has a right to her body & cannot be forced to have her body used by someone, even her own child. this is why a mom isnt forced to donate her kidney to her child, and if she doesn't donate, she isn't charged with murder, cuz she has a right to her body. no one can claim a right to your own body. I legally don't have to donate my body/organs to save another life. are you unaware of bodily rights

  26. justice and revenge only both entail that if you ascribe to "eye-for-eye" justice, which is revenge. It's making punishment (suffering) the point of justice, rather than actually accomplishing a PURPOSE (deterrence, rehabilitation, removing dangerous people from society). "eye-for-eye" justice is a popular belief, but it's arbitrary. Why should the government be doing something that isn't benefitting society? Why should they be doing something simply to cause suffering?

  27. Because of wrongful convictions. When someone wrongly convicted is given the death penalty, you end up killing an innocent person. So, looking at it from a logical standview, it can be considered a better option to keep them locked away for life, just in case new evidence comes up years latter.

  28. and make sure he has a big cell mate that will make him his bitch so he will always be punished for what he did.

  29. I do not agree with the death penalty .Anytime you devalue any life all life is devalued a little more each time . Life Imprisonment . I for one have no problem with them using some of my tax money to make sure that this guy never sees the light of day again .Wouldn't killing him just give him an easy way out?

  30. I SAY WE ALL WAIT UNTIL WE KNOW EXACTLY WHAT HE'S GUILTY OF! THEN WE GET OUT THE TORCHES AND PITCHFORKS! Besides even if we are AT FIRST hesitant of the death penalty, once the accused is proved guilty (and only when he/she is proved guilty, not innocent just to be clear!) then isn't it a bit reasonable to kill those worthy of the death penalty? If not for justice then at least so we can stop paying for their soon-to-be-dead ass? +ICANTROLLTOO+

  31. Killing a monster isn't a easy way out, Instead of wasting the money ti keep him alive we can put him down and use the money to support social programs that helps prevent behavior like this.

  32. I don't see a problem with the death penalty in this case. It's basically cleanup duty. That man has nothing to offer humanity and he has taken away so much. Remove him like the vile refuse he is.

  33. I'm against the death penalty, but in this case…slow and painful…for 10 years, then allow him to die.

  34. Although I want him to suffer, I think the death penalty assures that he will never be able to commit any of these acts again. Just in case he escapes or is released. I don;t want to waste my tax money on keeping this person alive.

  35. i like the way u think but how bout we let him into general population as well? im sure the inmates would love to see him

  36. For a lot of people! Death is really a relief! Spending a life behind bars in a federal prison in America is hell of a worse nightmare! Where he becomes someone else's bitch! It just that I feel in some cases there should be a death sentance like releasing an attack hounds! But then again it's so complicated!

  37. I think death is too harsh a punishment for anyone. I have no emotions of any kind about this issue, just separate the man from society by jailing him indefinitely and problem solved.

  38. It doesn't matter if it is, the woman/man it is still murder, taking a life without the benefit of self defense, is nobodies choice.

  39. I'm against the death penalty also. Except when the person is obviously guilty. Because there are a lot of innocent people sent to death row, for being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

  40. How can you ever want to deny someone a trial? No matter how much you hate them, I'd always want to give them a trial. You have to know the person is guilty, otherwise you're hating the wrong person.

    Once found guilty though, prison, torture, death, none of it is enough.

  41. I hope he gets raped up his fucking ass hole every fucking day in the hell hole of a jail hes going to

  42. You're totally right, pointing out that some people don't give a shit about justice and just want to satisfy their own sadistic sense of revenge on SOMEONE ELSE'S BEHALF definitely equates to thought police. Not speech police or anything, actual thought police. You're so right, you should, like, teach classes or something.

  43. I'm sure he was a christian, a good catholic no doubt. DO NOT BOTHER SENDING ME COMMENTS TO MY INBOX. THEY WILL BE DELETED UNREAD ….

  44. Abortion should be legal, but it's still one of the most morally wrong things you can do. If you would murder your own child just because it would inconvenience your life, you are a despicable excuse for a human being.

  45. it isn't a child, it is a fetus. 2nd. bodily rights. I am not a murderer if I don't donate blood. if someone doesn't volunteer to donate blood or donate a kidney they are not charged with murder. abortion is the same. A woman does not have to donate her body to a fetus, just as a mom is not forced to donate her blood to her born child, or donate her kidneys to her born child,

  46. No go ahead, keep making blanket statements.
    He was a victim in the past, he's a victim of the system and how it's clearly not working. But he's also a monster who tortured and raped women for his own pleasure, and there is no excuse for that.
    He shouldn't get the death penalty, but he gave up his right to be in public when he kidnapped and tortured multiple women.

  47. Sadly, even if he get's death, he'll sit on death row for a long time, and then then the procedure costs a few hundred Gs.

  48. A individual with a long history of willingly causeing extreme pain and suffering (e.g. torture, rape) to others for pleasure is likely to do so again in the future, even if he spends the rest of his life in prison (violence in prisons is very common). Executing this man would mean he can't hurt other inmates. Execution can also be made completely painless (fastest human nerve impulses travel at ~100 m/s, a 12 gauge shotgun slug or 00 Buckshot to the back of the head would get the job done).

  49. I disagree with TYT about these murders because the "abortionist" was a kidnapper who took these 3 women against their will, held them captive in chains and restrainsts, RAPED them, and wthout ASKING THEM if they wanted to keep their pregnacies or not, decided FOR them, and STARVED THEM, TORTURED THEM, and BEATEN THEM until their bodies were unable to carry the foetus to term. These are not the same circs as therapeutic LEGAL abortion in a clinical setting. No MAN has the right to rape, impregnate and then DECIDE to beat a woman until her foetus is MURDERED. You pro-lifers need to focus on people like Castro the Assho instead of doctors who are helping women make informed choices. All right wing pro lifers care about is taking choice away from women. They're no better than Castro. Sept. 29 is Pink Day so wear Pink in support of Planned Parenthood! Show the Re-Puke-Lickers YOU'RE AS MAD AS HELL AND YOU'RE NOT GONNA TAKE THEIR BULLSHIT ANYMORE!!! FUCK THEM AND THEIR WAR ON WOMENS' RIGHTS!

  50. Glad Ariel Castro was charged with murder for Michelle's forced miscarriages. If he didn't cause the miscarriages, Michelle would have her kids today.

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