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  1. It will be interesting to see if this is just a marketing ploy or they will exercise their free market rights in pull out of Georgia.   As it stands now all Georgians have the right to not paid for companies that do not Recognize what science calls a new human life or what the  United States Constitution says about the right to life. Sometimes individuals are called to sacrifice their highly-valued entertainment in the name of Liberty of those that cannot book for themselves.  Also those that sire (ie Dads) New Life is starting to get a voice where they have been silenced for so long through such a domineering and repressive court system, especially concerning this matter. Give us liberty no more death !

  2. Go and help the people especially women to become educated enough not to bring themselves in situations when abortion is the only option for them.
    Then they do not have to put themselves at the mercy of these lawmakers.

    Pregnancy is not like Cancer that just comes out of the blue.
    In such cases it is more like car accident which could have been avoided.

  3. I get you not boycotting events in these states, Ron, because like you said you don't have a big economic impact and you might actually even have a more positive impact by going and speaking truth on these matters. However any company and any organization that can have a serious financial impact on the states that are enacting these laws should absolutely boycott immediately. I don't understand why they don't want the people to suffer, that's the only way anything will be done about it. And who do you think put these guys in charge who voted on these laws? The people. Sure not every person who voted in their most recent election voted for these dipshits, but obviously enough of them did and I think they deserve to suffer. Elections have consequences, we love saying that. Well here's your consequences. Maybe ppl will think twice before putting somebody like that in office again. And when the people hurt they go after their politicians, and when they go after the politician that's when they finally do something about it, so I think the people hurting is a good way to also convince the politicians who enacted these horrible abortion restrictions to maybe think about overturning them, and this is coming from a woman who lives in red Indiana. Granted I live in the northwest corner which is right outside of Chicago, so it doesn't feel like I live in Indiana sometimes, but all the state laws apply to me so when Governor Pence passed his defense of religion act, which was just an anti-gay bill, and people started calling for boycotting Indiana I was all about it. Make us suffer we deserve it. Hoosiers got the government they voted for as a whole, and now they should pay for it was my feeling even as a Hoosier who didn't vote for this government.

  4. People aren't going to do shit Ron, unless it effects their lives. If these fucks wanted to fight the abortion ban they should have pulled the plug. They want the kickbacks. They couldn't give a shit about the "folks" effected. You are making weak ass excuses again. Please stop being thick.

  5. After hearing this I've decided I'm not going to recycle anymore. I'm not a big producer of waste and the amount of things I usually end up recycling is very minuscule in the grand scheme of things. My city isn't going to have big meeting discussing the fact that I'm not recycling and how can they go about persuading me to start recycling again. I'm just not that big of a deal. Its just a drop in the bucket… The same bucket. The trash bucket.

  6. I'm a Progressive and an atheist in Nebraska. I fully agree with you Ron. I also support Mr. Howard's choices.

  7. Some misfit you are. I loved your show, but I must say your excuses are lame. You just want people to come & see you. I will not come see you, I´ll boycott you.

  8. Ron, I respect your decision but fear you’re missing the point of a boycott. The point is to disrupt to the point the other side acquiesces. If a smaller entertainment act like you and 100 or 500 other smaller entertainers all agreed not to set foot in GA, then you have strength in numbers and would make a difference. The viewer who mentioned targeting the tourism industry is spot on, as well. If visits to Atlanta and Savannah and other tourist hotspots in the state were cancelled en masse, that would get attention. Economic boycotts are by far the most effective.

    Also, let’s not forget that the overwhelming number of ‘regular’ folks voted these congressmen, governor (well, maybe not Kemp since he stole that election 😆) and senators into office, so they should suffer together. The public put their decision making into these men’s hands so they must also answer for the result. That’s the best, quickest way to get the voting public to take a stand on whether they want these sort of ideas to be more important than their local commerce and economic viability.

  9. Ron didn’t call for a boycott. He has another avenue of protest, which is telling truth to power in their own state. Progressives don’t fall in line. They don’t want to be apart of your club

  10. Go to those states and support the progressive to kick the real enemies out of office. Don’t abandon them help them grow.

  11. i appreciate your reasoning on you not boycotting.well thought out and compassionate,the world needs more good people like you and ron howard. cheers.

  12. No, this is a greedy director's tax grab. Ron Howard, you are COSTING the people of GA by NOT paying fucking taxes. Now, how a boycott works, is that you BOYCOTT THE GODDAMN AREA. It takes on average 4 months (+/-) to film a movie. This means that Howard's production will be done and gone by 2020 regardless, which makes his goofy threats of a boycott meaningless, and therefore this is nothing but hot air, a total lack of principles and a whole lotta NOTHING.

  13. The left is the only ones who give a shit about hollywood losers, the Right could care less about lefty boycotts.

  14. It's not a boycott if you go and give your money. That's what makes boycotts so hard to make. Either boycott for real or stfu. If you choose to participate in giving funds to a state that is regressive then ok, that's you……and other people get to judge you for it.

  15. thank you for your input, Ron.

    seriously, this boycott WILL do more harm than good. the mindset of georgia has transformed drastically (thanks to the film industry) and the vote is still being suppressed (a lawsuit challenging our machines just got the OK by a federal district judge).

    ALSO: SEVERAL counties in the metro area (~28 counties?) have already objected to the law – atlanta just passed an ordinance stating they do not support the new law, and therefore will not honor the state (16-0 vote), so i hope that helps the impact…….

  16. Sorry Ron you are crossing a picket line. Making excuses for you to make a living is your conscience but you lost some respect from this subscriber. You are certainly younger then me but you get no quarter here. It's not just about you it's about US. You might lose this debate and I certainly will be opposing your position. I disagree with you!

  17. The problem is the people in those states voted for the people who made these laws. They're getting what they paid for. A boycott does hurt the economy there. But it's really up to the constituency to change things

  18. Caleb Maupin was just talking about how the US oligarchs REALLY want this abortion fight to consume and divide us. 'They want US politics to go back to the old way..'

  19. Yes, that's exactly how a boycott works. You, no, but everyone, yes, there will be an economic impact. They will notice. You are the person who crosses the picket line because "it's just me, what could happen?"

  20. Wow Dude! Just Wow! that's the same kind of logic all lazy unprincipled people use….I'm just one person, me voting isn't going to matter, I'm just one person me boycotting Monsanto won't make any economic difference. Me speaking out against police violence I'm not famous who cares. Ron rethink this dude I hope you're better then this??? If you would of said I'm against abortion so I'm not going to take part I would have at least respected you taking a stand

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