Ask Catherine! What are somethings that can hold up the screening process for the gestational carrie

ah it's Catherine from New England surrogacy how you doing just want to check in with everybody we've got a question today from a gestational carrier perspective gestational carrier and her question is what are some things on the gestational carrier side they can hold up the screening process so basically we're on the screening process starts we used to meet your intake to New England surrogacy and then you move on to have a conversation with an intake coordinator your application and your medical records your medical records are going to be reviewed so one of the things that can really slow down the process is if we have difficulty getting your medical records now some of this you have control over some of this you have no control over your control is over making sure that you fill out the medical records releases and get those back to us and we make those as easy as possible we do it electronically so you can sign electronic electronically and get that back to us most facilities will accept that but there are a few that do require an actual ink signature so if that's the case we're going to have to you know print and physically sign and mail that in but you know your control is over how fast you get those releases back to us now unfortunately we do then have to wait in order to get the medical records from the facilities and if you've been to several different facilities you can imagine it might take longer to locate all the medical records if your medical records have been archived if they've been destroyed that may slows down the process it makes things a bit more difficult if you got your care your prenatal care through a military hospital that can also slow down the process of getting medical records and as you can see this is not necessarily stuff that you have control over what you do have control over though is scheduling your your appointments that you need to attend and there's gonna be an interview with one of our intake coordinators so the sooner you can schedule that the sooner that we can get things moving and you're also going to have to have a meeting with a social worker or psychologist to do your mental health consultation and so the way that works is that we strive to do those in person when possible so it's likely that you're gonna have to do that in person not only do you have to do that but your spouse or significant other who lives in the home with you is also going to have to participate in that again in person so scheduling that can sometimes be a bit tricky because it you know may require you to take some time off from work arrange for babysitting and so forth so that's something that can slow down the process if it takes a bit for you guys to schedule that and you know that just inherent in the process that's the way it works there may also be personal things to you that can slow down the process so when you match when you're ready to match intended parents are generally ready to go right there and then they have their embryos made they're ready to get you scheduled to go off to their fertility clinic to finalize the screening so generally we're not gonna match until you're ready to go too so if you've got something scheduled in your life that is just you know makes it that you're just not ready to do surrogacy right now that's totally fine by all means you know do what you need to do if you're still breastfeeding by all means finish breastfeeding but you are gonna have to be done with breastfeeding before we can move forward with the screening process if you're planning a cruise by all means go take your cruise have a great time surrogacy will still be here when you get back now if you go to Zika Zika virus zone it could put a delay on when we can match you and move forward with the rest of the process but surrogacy is not going anywhere so so do what you need to do in order in your life and then when the time is right that's when we can match you and you can move forward with the process so that's today's question if you guys have any more questions send them our way we do our best to answer them all here on ask Catherine bye-bye

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