Ask Jennifer! I'm an IP and have great medical insurance, can't I just add my gestational carrier to

everyone it is Jennifer with Colorado surrogacy I have a great question that has come up to me a couple times over the past week always the big one everybody loves to talk about insurance actually everybody hates to talk about insurance but we have to talk about it right a couple times though recently somebody has come to me and said I'm an intended parent I'm looking for gestational carrier and I keep hearing how important it is that my gestational carrier has surrogacy friendly insurance and I know my insurance is surrogacy friendly as in friendly for somebody to carry can't I just add the gestational carrier to my insurance and the answer is no you cannot she is not your legal dependant so you cannot as an intended parent added gestational carrier to your insurance it is her insurance that covers her and her insurance needs to be surrogacy friendly throughout the journey or if it's not surrogacy friendly then you're dealing with if you would are willing to pay out of pocket costs lots of things like that I definitely never recommend somebody go uninsured throughout this process because there are way way way too many what-ifs and at the end of the day you want to be able to go home with your child and not be bankrupt because of medical bills you want to make sure you're protected and tons of ways tons of resources either gestational carriers insurance can cover or you can deal with things like there's something called pregnancy care that a lot of agencies can offer that you can get a digital insurance or you can wait for open enrollment during the open enrollment period but as an intended parent your insurance cannot cover the gestational carrier so that is unfortunately the answer so we have to be looking for something that covers huh so hope that helps

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