Ask Our Experts – Accuracy of Pregnancy Tests

Urine at home pregnancy tests are very
accurate nowadays. They’re found to be up to ninety seven percent accurate. You can
take them as soon as one week after your missed period for complete accuracy. If
there is any question about the results of that test you can always come in and
see your doctor and do a blood test which will give you a definitive answer
yes or no if you are pregnant.

4 Replies to “Ask Our Experts – Accuracy of Pregnancy Tests”

  1. After 10 days of missed period.. My home test negative. But symptoms from one month I have severe lower back pain, fatigue, mood swings, white discharge…etc
    I'm much confused now

  2. My periods are missed from 4 days.. i test my pregnancy but it shows faint line .. but should i do now??
    Is it weak pregnancy??

  3. i liked it. a quick video but i got the answer for my question. it's 3rd day of my missed period and i tried the PT but it's negative.

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