31 Replies to “ASMR Voice: Get off your feet, darling [M4F] [Comfort for pregnancy] [Pampering]”

  1. Listening him humming the Steven universe song “love like you” it makes me feel comfortable and relaxed along the way which is an amazing song to sing to your loved ones

  2. Wait just a moment!!! Did cardlin hum Love like you from Steven Universe fangirling like crazy HEHEHEHEHEHE😁😁😁😁😁😁

  3. I'm not pregnant but I am fat so… Does that work, and I didn't even know It ended because it was against my ear, I didn't want it to end Nooo

  4. What I love about these storylines is not just how relaxing they are or even the feeing of longing I get from them, but more that knowing there are men out there capable of such tenderness gives me a feeling of peace.

  5. Cardlin: let me take your plate and put it over here……
    Me: unholy raptor screeching NOT MY CASSEROLE BOYYYYY

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