ASMR Voice: It was our child. I will never forget that. [M4F] [Comfort for surviving a miscarriage]

oh hey haven't you fallen asleep yet yeah I know I was actually just about to join you only figured I'd that you know get one last cup of tea hmm it's pretty late dear why are you still up oh you seem so tired when you came home mmm to be honest you still seem a little bit exhausted oh come on I can see it in your eyes love what kind of man would I be if I didn't know my adorable sweetheart well enough to see when she is tired hmm however you haven't slept the second since this morning are you feeling okay darling hmm do you know why you can't fall asleep no hmm well if you want we can take a last cup of tea together and then we can get into bed together okay maybe with my assistance you can get you to sleep where what do you say we could watch the stars and I mean well yeah they're really pretty tonight where look DCM they almost shine this beautifully as you almost mmm you really do look time you're done are you sure you're feeling okay hmm I'm all right there's anything remember I'm here for you you can tell me anything oh that's a tight hug Oh baby what's going on hey sweetie oh goodness what's wrong Hey Hey look at me sweetie what's wrong baby oh baby it's gonna be okay calm down sweetie I know I know hmm no it's all right I'm here with you you're not miss alone you don't have to be afraid don't worry don't think just let your mind and whine lovely don't even think about it it's going to be all right we've been through this before love it'll be fine hmm let yourself go my love don't worry I'm here just breathe mm-hm it's gonna be okay you're gonna be okay we are going to be okay I know it's hard Sweet Pea but it will turn out fine it always does I've got you I've got you hmm I know I know however you have to remember what I told you okay and it's not on you it happens no matter what you think no matter what awful thoughts starts jumping into your head forget that you did nothing wrong okay never forget that it's okay to cry sweetie you're safe you're here with me you can let yourself go just cry sweetie I've got you I am right here when you're doing this together hmm you're fine darling you are perfect it's gonna be all right hmm to me nah it's okay just let me kiss you hmm here let's let's sit down I've got you just cuddle up in my arse like yourself rest for a moment love yes you are gonna be okay ABI I know this is hard but it's going to be all right might not feel like it right now but you have to believe me you can't blame yourself you are being way too harsh on yourself you did all you could okay it was not your fault accidents happen lovely however it was not on you of course it wasn't you were amazing you are amazing I know love I know but I won't allow you to blame yourself you did what you could you are so extremely brave so don't you go around thinking thoughts like that I won't let you because that is as far from the truth as you can get I'll be here every day telling you the truth telling you how amazing you are and how brave you have been you are my incredible girl so don't let yourself think those kinds of lies okay it happens of however you did all you could hmm it made me sad too but most of all I'm glad you're okay I can't bear the thought of anything happening to you I wish it could have turned out differently I really do but most importantly you're still here you're still safe you put up a real fight you did so well and you still are but it's time to rest it's time that you give yourself a break and if you can't I'll do it for you you can always come to me I am here for you I am here with you and I always will be this the miscarriage has not changed a damn thing hmm I love you sweetie I've got you I always have I always always well hmm no matter what happens I will be right here you are fine love you are excellent yeah yeah it was scary but it's over sweetie you did what you could we did what we could we can't deny that I know I was really excited for the child to love you both were nuts I'm not saying we have to forget it was our child I'll never forget that I loved it I left it even before I got to hold it in my arms I know we you both did I just I want to spend my life with you you are the most important thing to me and your happiness is my priority I just want you to be happy that's what you save he seemed so filled with joy when he found out I know I know how badly you wanted it you know it's not too late baby I have thought about it do you do you think you'd want us to try again maybe not right away but in time I just want to see that joy in your eyes again I know love it might take some time before we are ready again that's okay we have to let time heal the wounds yeah spend some time together there's nothing wrong with that hmm it will take time there's no doubt however there's always the option to try it once more for you if we wish for it it's not like the dream is slipped from within our reach hey listen to me I figure you might feel some kind of guilt for wanting another but you have to understand it doesn't mean we're replacing it it doesn't mean we're doing wrong and trying again okay you will never forget our first child I know my uterus will what I'm trying to say is there's nothing wrong in wanting another moreover if we figure out this isn't for us then that doesn't mean we're not a family look at me I will never leave you on I'll stay with you until the end of time we are one and we will be until time and space tear us apart hmm because you are my dream you are my dream my love and I will never leave you we are a family you're always going to be a family no matter if we decide on another child or not you know I don't I don't want anything else but you you are my dream you are my everything I want to spend my life with you if you're here nothing in life can make me more content if I can have you I will never ask for anything more hmm I just want to see you happy hmm I love you sweetheart we are doing this together together forever

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  1. my mom had a miscarriage and i remember the day. It broke my heart because no one would tell me what was going on. there is a funny part to it. an ambulance and when the fire fighters came i was on the couch crying because i was so scared. i was also so mad because they wouldn't let me out of the house. i thought there was a fire and they wouldn't let me leave the house and i thought i was going to die. lol

  2. Why does it hurt so much… Again and again…. And again… I'm so done…

    Edit: why does everybody say we have a new chance…. It will happen…. Damn how long have I still wait for that… May it happen again but even when it could end so suddenly again. I'm afrid… I will always be afraid because of my 2 little lost angels 💔😞

  3. My husband doesn't like talking about our daughter. This was difficult to listen to but at the same time, incredibly healing

  4. My mother had 2 miscarriages before my older brother and 1 before me, she was so happy when my little brother was okay on the first pregnancy

  5. I had miscarriage 2 weeks ago. Baby was too small, only 2 weeks. I was shocked when I found out that I was pregnant, cause we already have 10 months miracle baby girl. I felt so lost and didn't know what to do. I knew it would be very difficult for me and my husband to raise 2 little children by ourselves. Then miscarriage happened. I kinda felt myself little bit better and maybe even happier. I felt how huge burden fell from my shoulders. 2 days later i eeturnes home from hospital. That night I went to bed and my little girl came to me. We were playing and She said her first world "mama". I hugged her and cried all night long. I realized that I could have two beautiful angels. I recalled how happy I was when I learned about my first pregnancy after years of trying and waiting. I was disgusted from myself that I couldn't protect my little unborn 2 week old baby. I feel so bad now. My husband wasn't in town. So I didn't have the opportunity to get some moral support. I'm listening to it now. And it tears me apart from pain. I had to let this pain go. thank. it means more than you think. May every woman who desires have their little healthy angel.

  6. This means so much to me. I just told my family about my miscarriage. I was assaulted and ended up getting pregnant and in the end I lost the baby due to stress. I now have a lovely boyfriend and am about to graduate. I kept the baby a secret for so long and I feel so much better now that I have told. But I’m still grieving and nobody really knows how to help me. This gave me a bit of comfort and I’m super glad for that!

  7. My sister had 5 miscarriages, she at that point, thought it would impossible for her to be able to have a baby. Then she got pregnant and went to the doctor and we got a call from her saying that for the first time ever there was a heartbeat. My niece is now almost a year old and we all love her 💖

  8. a few months ago my mom had a miscarriage and she was 6-7 weeks in, the same day she found out my mawmaw came over and talked to her and comforted her and told her repeatedly that it wasnt her fault. my mawmaw also had a miscarriage a few years before my mom was born. my mom knows that it isnt her fault because she works in an anatomy department but she thinks she did something wrong.

  9. My mum has a miscarriage 2 years after my older sister was born, but although the heart break, she had me ❤️

  10. My besties mum had 4 miscarriages before he older bro was born. She is the middle child with 5 bros, 3 older and 2 younger.

  11. Hi. You don’t have to reply to this by the way. I just wanted to say, I’ve been watching your channel for three years now. I just wanted to say, I love your videos and everything. Some of the content you make is so good and amazing. Especially the best friend videos. They kind of remind me of the things that I’ve gone through with my best friend, and he’s a boy. I love the romance ones to. All of your videos are exactly what I want in a best friend, boyfriend, and everything. Your voice acting is so amazing. I can feel your emotion and everything. You’d make a great voice actor. I just wanted to thank you for making such great content. I would’ve commented a while ago, but I’m kind of shy.

  12. I honestly think the couples that go through a miscarriage and still stay together and try again are the most strongest unit ever to be able to survive tht amount of pain when u have wanted something like tht for so long is hard on both…this hit me hard…made me cry…I lost my niece and my sister in a miscarriage as it killed them both…

  13. A friend of mine managed to get pregnant without a plan to do so. But she ultimately fell in love with the idea of a baby and kept it. I was excited too, since she and I were very close and I saw her child as my own too. Especially after I was made her godmother and was honoured with my name. She had a miscarriage and both of us were utterly heartbroken. I found out the same day I was fixing my passport. I was sad for the whole week, full of shock and pain. I still think of my godchild a lot, wherever she is.

    My mother suffered a miscarriage too, before my youngest brother. We never knew the gender but I imagined the child to have been a boy. I felt sad for the next three days while my mom is in the hospital and I was sent to take care of my middle brother at home.

    This hits home a lot.
    To any of you who suffered the loss of a child, you have my heart and soul with you to comfort you. Everything will be alright.

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  15. I'm the eldest child, three years after I was born my mother got pregnant but after two months, she had a miscarriage. Two years after, we were blessed because my little brother was born 💜 all i wanna say is that never give up, better things will come to you.

  16. I wish I had known about this last year when I had my miscarriage. Your voice is so comforting and the words that you said are exactly what a woman needs to hear when this happens. It is completely earth shattering. Thank you for making this video…. I love that you have some videos like this. Might I suggest also doing some that are comfort through IVF? My husband and I had to/have to do IVF to get pregnant and it would be awesome to hear some support during those times. Thank you 💜

  17. Am deeply sadden because my partner has recently gone through a miscarriage and I loathe our loss. It’s been so tough on them and it’s been difficult. Thank you Cardlin

  18. Glad I found this. I have had two miscarriages and this helped me… Mourn properly… If that makes sense.

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