ASMR Voice: It will happen… I promise. [M4F] [Comfort for trying to start a family] [Pregnancy]

baby where'd you go baby hey love you okay you've been just kind of sitting here for a while and I was wondering where you were what have you got there he took another test huh I take it by the face you're making that you look like you've been crying that it uh that it was negative again Camila come come sit on my lap I think you need a cuddle now I know that you know this is something that can take a while but I also know that doesn't make you feel any better about it not happening yet you've only been off the pill a few months that can take some time to leave your system and for things to kind of normalize even then there's only a few days a month it can happen biologically it's kind of weird you spend most your youth trying to make sure you never get pregnant and now when you're trying it seems so much more difficult that in reality there's only a small window to make it happen before you have to wait an entire month to try again I remember when you used to get so stressed out when you're even a little late because you were in a good place to have a child now you get upset when you're on time or early because it means it hasn't worked this month I know baby I didn't want to say too much the last few days because well I'd had my hopes up to this time I didn't want to build it up too much and leave you more disappointed if it didn't happen again yeah of course it bothers me – aside from the fact I hate to see but beating yourself up about this again I want to start a family with you I want to create a little life with you that we raise and guide and cherish like they're our entire world there's no one else I would rather do this with go on this journey together with I also know you've wanted to be a mommy since you were a little girl and it taking longer than you would like is hard for you to accept especially with your arms and friends having babies so quickly after they said they started trying you want to be happy for them and celebrate their babies but makes you a little jealous things are taking longer for us blame you how can I blame you there's no fault here things just haven't happened yet this because it hasn't yet doesn't mean it won't or it can't I don't ever want to hear you blame yourself for that again being sad is fine but you aren't going to turn this into something you hate yourself for now I want you to say it's not my fault or not pregnant yet come on for me it's not my fault or not pregnant yet good now I'm going to be an amazing mom very good getting worked up over what hasn't happened yet won't help make it happen later you just keep trying and I know you enjoy that part of things I know I happen to find it quite fun myself there's my smile coming back I was starting to think I'd lost it forever then our baby would have a sad mommy all the time and we can't have that can we see we just have to keep trying and be ready our baby is going to come to us it just hasn't been the right time yet when things are right then we'll be ready for them in the meantime we get to enjoy some time with just us and getting things ready still enjoy some of the things will be a little harder once you're pregnant we have a little a little run around I know how much you've lamented not being able to have sushi for nine months not only one cup of coffee a day how about I make a promise once you're pregnant everything you can't have I won't have either in solidarity think that will help then it's a deal no sushi switching a decaf and no booze for nine months hmm this will happen love I promise you no matter how long it takes a matter how many months we need to work at this maybe we need to go see a doctor and get checked I'll make sure we're both healthy and see if they can help us find the best time to try again and there's anything wrong we'll know about it and find out how to fix it hmm think you're ready to throw this out this new month another chance for things to come I don't want you thinking about any of the months or for just what is coming our baby is coming just need to be a little patient I do promise love and I love you I wouldn't be wanting this as much if I didn't and nothing in this entire world can change that

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  1. Thats me again today…. I sxrew the hole world now…. After losing 2 babys… Preg week 11 and 5….I'm so done T-T after 6 month after the pill I got preg but lost it again… That happens 7 weeks ago. I don't have my period after all but the test was first littl pos, and today negative. I'm so sad.. So done with all that shit. I already have 2 daughters but really wish another. Now I decided that if it doesn't work again I will stop until the end of year and going to work again. Out of the depressions….

  2. is it just me but he sounds like jason…. (jessicaโ€™s husband; her channel is aphmau) IM CONFUSED AT THE SAME TIME AMAZED AT THE SAME TIME Iโ€™M JUST GONNA SHUT UP AND LISTEN TO THIS

  3. "everything you won't have I won't have either"
    Someone get me a man like this, WE SHALL BOTH SUFFER TOGEHTER M8

  4. Listening to this..truly brought me to tears. No matter how much i tried with my soon to be ex husband, I never fell pregnant. I always thought that it was because of me or something in my body. After he got tested and turned out to be just fine, in my mind it confirmed that it is my fault. I would give anything to start a family, but now I feel it wont happen.

    This piece was performed incredibly well, and was written by a very talented writer. Incredible work Cardlin.

  5. it breaks my heart to think that some people can be be have kids, like even 20 year olds cant have kids if they try because of health issues, because a child is such a blessing and aahhhhhh its just so sad to think about ;-;

  6. This is one of my biggest fears, I wanna have children not super soon but, I'm scared of no being able. This is really adorable and sort of made my day

  7. Am I, pergnant?
    How do I become pergantte?
    I think I'm pregante?? Help??
    I don't want to be pergners!!!

  8. I don't usually leave comments, but as an adopted child, I think this is a good place to leave a quick thought for anyone troubled by the idea of not being able to have biological children.

    Being adopted was the single greatest thing to happen to me in my entire life. If my parents hadn't adopted me, I almost certainly would have died soon after being born and would never have received the love of the two best parents on the planet. Because of this, I've always known that I'll also adopt when the time comes for me to have kids, so I can pass on my love to a kid who might not grow up being loved otherwise.
    I'm certainly not here to tell everyone to do the same as me, but because of the theme of this audio, I feel it's important to remind everyone that you can absolutely still be a parent even if you can't have biological children, and you can make a bigger positive impact on a child's life than you may ever fully know.

    Anyways I'll get off my soapbox now and let everyone get back to this great audio haha ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks for reading and I hope this provides some insight/opens up another option for how to start a family to anyone scared of not being able to have biological kids.

  9. ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜š๐Ÿ˜š๐Ÿ˜š๐Ÿ˜™๐Ÿ˜™๐Ÿ˜™๐Ÿ˜—๐Ÿ˜—๐Ÿ˜—

  10. cardlin i just want to say thank you for helping me through my final exams. you calm me when i'm most stressed. so thank you ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. Idek why I'm listening to this at 2:21 am omg what have you done to my sleeping schedule? But this is so cute I cannot even rn

  12. AAAAAAHHH!!! This spoke directly to my heart TTwTT I'm really scared that I can't be a mom. Though I don't plan on having kids soon or right after I get married to whoever the doofus is, I long to be a mom. I feel like I was made to be one. To have no kids of my own is like a curse to me.

    This is one of the biggest fears I face and I'm so glad you made an audio for this! Ya did well, Cardlin! I love this TTwTT

  13. I'm glad I'm early!! And this is so cute!

    Playing a violent video game while listening

    Me: listening and playing
    Kills another player in game

    …. what weird timing.

  14. * starts to tear up *
    Wait what? I don't even want to have kids right now e.e dammit, Cardlin, why you gotta make me feel the feels with your vocal sorcery?

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