18 Replies to “Attorney: 'The worst miscarriage of justice ever witnessed'”

  1. Wow. It is so insanely rare for a prosecutor to admit they prosecuted an innocent man that the Judge is performing veritable cart-wheels in her praise of their exceptional behaviour…

    The Judge SHOULD be saying "about fucking time, you arseholes!"

  2. I used to work in a jail as an RN. Jail is all about $$$$. Counties get rent money for renting out cells to the Marshalls as well as to ICE. It's like Walmart but for jail/prison. It's really not about justice. It's a joke thinking back on it now.

  3. The DA failed him and just put him in jail by a false witness. Praise God he is finally vindicated!

  4. Innocent or not, our judiciary system is setup to keep individuals in prison, not let them out. There are numerous innocent individuals in prison that will never see the light of day because there is either no DNA evidence to exonerate them or the DNA evidence has been "so called lost".

    Everyone always seem to talk about how their tax money pays for individuals to sit in prison. If you ever decide to take the time and follow the money, you will see just how your tax money is really being spent & or wasted. If prisons & prisoners were such a huge burden on our tax payers, our Gov wouldn't be building so many of them. Crime is the most lucrative asset to America & our Gov knows this. Crime creates more jobs & careers than anything else in our country. From the individual taking information in emergency rooms, to the surgeon operating in the emergency room. From the court clerk to the judges elected to the Supreme court. Our Gov doesn't want crime to go away, it's financially in their best interest for it not to so the money can continue to be wasted.

  5. The main issue is, will this man get any restitution as a result is his false imprisonment? My gut is telling me that they are just going to send him on his merry way.

  6. I great respect that you called case off. Fuck Judge you have obligation to dismiss case when their not enough evidence.

  7. Why is she praising two freaking idiots from the prosecutors office. That office is the reason, along with corrupt nazi police, that the man was locked up in the first place.

  8. turn around is fair play. this happens all to often same thing happened to my father. cops destroyed evidence, DA went ahead even though they knew he was innocent, cops, coroner all participated in committing perjury. the da in this case should do 16 years in general population.

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