Welcome back! I’m Lynn JT your hypno birthing practitioner I’m here because I want to help you birth like a boss so today
we’re going to debunk one serious myth about birthing: that lying on your back
is a good see best position to give birth in but actually is probably one of
the worst positions you can find yourself in now this is video 2 of the 7
part series so make sure you click on the link below or go to LynnJT.com to
get the full series plus download all the resources that were talking about.
ok so let’s jump right back into this section 3 myths and we’re going to cover
the first one so myth #1: on your back legs up is the best position for giving
birth. Now it’s incredible how we just take so many things for granted as being
best care because of course we all want what’s best for baby so when someone in
a white coat says “lie on your back, legs up ” we just conform – we just tend to but
I want you to be a bit of a rebel for a minute and let’s think about this… now in
all seriousness – how do you do a poop? You don’t need to be an anatomist to
know the best position for taking a dump now if you’re in the woods there’s only
one specific way you’re going to do that – think about gravity… exactly right?
Now if you’re going out in the woods, would you lie down or squat? Now there’s
even such a thing as a “squatty potty” that allows you to mimic the act of
squatting while was still being on the toilet seat and this is a great design because
it helps to open up your passageway optimally – it mimics nature’s design for
you to take a dump – for you to be in that squatting position and it’s exactly the
same design for your birth canal. Your unconscious primal brain knows you
better than your conscious mind does – it knows your insides, how to make the birth
canal be best aligned, how to widen the pelvis even and shorten baby’s total
exit line and widen it! Now there are loads of exercises and stretches
that you can do which are all fantastic for helping you easily access these positions.
I squatted myself – I was on all fours like animal…
that primal mammal we discussed in the first episode which is what we’re trying
to achieve. Name me one animal that gives birth on its back?! It all seems kind of
obvious now… Also think about how is this
affecting your strategy? The one strategy that we’re trying to follow here in
video #1 I showed you the fear tension pain cycle which you see in the first
picture and how your one strategy should be to get out of that and get into and
stay in the confidence relaxation peaceful birth cycle now how does lying
on your back legs up everything on shows surrounded by strangers walking in and
out making those annoyed looking and poking at your most private bits in your
most vulnerable state… how does that help? how self-conscious would you feel? how
safe do you feel? and can you relax at all now? Would you be able to easily do a poop in this position under those conditions?
surely not and this might be a bit of a light bulb moment for you – it was for me
and I hope you’re thinking “oh duh” well it’s exactly the same for giving birth
there’s a reason we like having cubicles in toilets. even if we’re in
the woods we don’t really want to just go in front of everyone and we find a
little quiet place- With privacy! So you can go easily – some people even take a
newspaper so they’re really relaxed! Guys, have you ever had stage fright when you go to the urinals and you just sense that someone might be peering over your
shoulder even if maybe they’re not but just that’s enough to get you on edge – to
throw you into that negative cycle and stopping you physiologically from going?
We all need intimacy, privacy and sense of being safe to do these natural
bodily functions and birth is just part of that. It’s not a condition so it’s
important for you to be free in your movements to choose your positioning to
to follow what your instincts are asking your body to do and to be confident in
managing your environment and being proactive with the right tools and
taking charge of creating that right environment for yourself and that’s all
part of the calm strategy you’re trying to follow. So to conclude: you’re not
crazy if you want to squat, if you feel like going on all fours and wishing that
everyone would just wait outside and let you get on with it in your own time in
your own way… it means you’re going primal and that
means you’re on the right track! Listen to those instincts and it’s your
birth so you have to own it. The only reason why they want you to be on your
back is so it easier for them to look and to observe and really – ask yourself
is there any need for any of this? and what’s it doing for me? for my strategy?
and it only really makes you more likely to need intervention. Of course in
the event of an emergency where you might have to have intervention then of
course you need to get in whatever position they ask you to get into but if all’s
well then just follow your instincts and guard your privacy and stay in the zone
okay so make sure you get the free resources and the full video series of
this just by clicking the link below and I shall see you in the next video

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  2. Very useful practical skills to acquire ….. Worthwhile series to follow ,recommendable to first timer mothers as well as mothers

  3. I am afraid that my doctor won't let me be in the position I choose, which is making anxious. I cannot deal with them at that particular moment. However homebirth isn't possible for me now …

  4. Shoot I didn't even know you could even have a position choice, I had six kids, all same position and I wasn't ever asked πŸ€” maybe my insurance doesn't cover that πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ˜‚

  5. The poo analogy is exactly what I say. Who the hell poops while on their back with their legs up??? That is the most UNNATURAL position ever! It's all just to make it more comfortable for the dr and not you OR the baby

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