9 Replies to “Baby Angels – A Tribute to Babies Lost Through Miscarriage”

  1. Well, then why are you even on this video? Why don't you go back to trolling another channel? That's really messed up, you know.

  2. please stop targeting those who have just lost a baby. Who are you to say she's never miscarried? Why would anyone lie about that to begin with? No one EVER wants it to happen to them. I just miscarried 4 days ago. My pain is still fresh, even if I am young and it was accidental. Now I don't know much about you or your comment or if you matured from 9 months ago, but it was still an extremely rude and upsetting comment. Especially to someone who just miscarried.

  3. I lost my baby yesterday nd the feeling is so painful because i was 5 months and my baby dad say he wants nothing to do with me and i love him so much now i lost both of them R.I.P Santana Mario Newell

  4. this video was beautiful i have 4 angels in heaven and one who the lord let me keep hes going on 3.3 of my angelswerent far enough to know the genders but the 4th is a boy named paul simon and he was born at 27.5 weeks gestation. i didnt know them for long but i loved them all.

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