Baby Boy Gets His Heart Monitor Off For Newborn Baby Photos!

what's up guys so today we have a busy day going on Preston if you didn't see on our last vlog video be right up there over there anyway he had a heart monitor on and so today has been has 48 hours and he gets to have his heart monitor off so we'll take it off here in a minute I'll show you guys and we'll send it back and we'll get the results hopefully in a week but not only is he getting his monitor off but he's getting new burn photos today I actually had his new broom photo scheduled a couple days ago but I had to reschedule him because he has his heart monitor on and I didn't want to take new burn photos with his heart monitor on and it just would have been a mess and would not have turned out good so he's getting new burn photos done today here at her house our photographer is actually on her way over right now so dad admire him ago take his monitor off and get his hair wash get him cleaned up and then we're gonna take some newer photos alright guys so it has been 40 hours since Preston has had his heart monitor on and that means we get to take it off but I'm so excited take it off cuz look he can make like the littlest hiccup or the littlest wiggle and it'll say his electrodes are off and there's nothing wrong with him and his baby gets the hiccups he does get back up side all you have to do is hit okay and then eventually they'll go away I just kind of put pressure on to make sure they're still sticking but we get to take it off so you sleep through it yeah we got like a cyborg baby cyborg baby huh dude go mr. Fitch all undressed you ready bad oh oh my goodness look at that okay you got form on here this isn't like keeps giving me issues all right that one's off and it shows that this black one over here is off and they're obviously still on they're still on him all right all right okay just like a band-aid whoa here we go it's got like a little square spot it's just like a little sticky hey doing bad oh you will come up with that one thank you last one there we go mr. rego man it's off buddy yeah doesn't hook up to you you were a robot for like two days much better now and then she says we just have to power this off just like that you're human again you're not a cyborg all right you guys it's been crazy last couple days because we have this new baby and we want to hold this baby but every time we touch him baby baby the thing goes out so like no one's been holding the baby the last couple days except for mom because she freaks out if we touch him and it goes off so now we get a hold our baby pressing again you ready to be smothered by the kiddos again huh laughing little pie just put some lotion on let's see this one doesn't make a very bad red mark because they kept coming off hi cuz you wiggle so much up here and then we've got this and we just smell it all back and we're good to go and then we'll show more this baby when he's awake everybody guys so here we can I can help you wake up guys is prison here will commit to let you know oh man alright guys our photographer is here but he's getting a little fussy so number one rule when you're taking the newborn photos and I learn this with Trina mess and keep that binky handy because you got to keep him calm you guys you have to be patient you have to go slow when you're when you're trying to pose them so we're trying to get him to calm down first okay now we're gonna switch him from this white blanket over to the blue one is so sweet he did so good guys oh my gosh you guys look at he's such a little stud muffin I love these blankets and like throw rug things that she brought they're super cute okay and then she's got this other white rug that she's using this beam back that she has him on I remember Trina Madison's photographer using a beanbag because it makes it really easy for them to be able to to hose them and get him in just the right position oh my gosh our photographer is amazing she did our family photos too before so cute I love it alright guys I got to take a break and feed this little guy you know agree he's doing pretty good though we did have an accident on the carpet all right doesn't easy clean him well guys today has been a crazy fun day Preston got his heart monitor off which was super nice and so relieving but he still having some heart issues so if you guys check back on the vlog in a few days to week we are gonna have another vlog up and he's actually gonna have a new monitor on without the cord so that'll be super nice but it'll help monitor his heart rate for us so we can keep an eye on it so watch for that and you guys pressing it so good for his newborn photos today he slept through most of it I think we only had to pick one break to feed him and they turned out so good so I can't wait to get the rest of them back in about a week or so and we'll have to show you guys but watch for that that'll be up soon and don't forget to watch for the vlog where we have this new heart monitor anyways guys thanks for watching make sure you give us a huge thumbs up and we will see you guys next time bye

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