BABY BOY NAME REVEAL | Southern Gentleman Baby Shower!

[Applause] [Applause] [Applause] you hi so if United did you go and do a tour around the up yeah the whole place to be and this room is so awesome because it's blue for baby little feathered gentleman oh I love this I love like the police I know her ends are so pretty they're Southern it's very southern so cute I want to welcome everybody to Amanda's baby shower and the enemy [Applause] thank you guys all for coming I especially want to thank a lady who is beets bananas mother-in-law we're making the trip for Corinne yes also have a very special great-grandmother here aspire to be we're going to we're going to start the of the fated a few minutes but over here we're at least is there's a couple things there's a ps4 belly so there is a ball of yarn and I want you to put it around your waist and figure out how big Amanda is snip it off put a tag with your name on it and the person closest to her size will win a prize and there's also there's also a predictions for the gate for the baby of some time helping [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] this is the shortest one I measured her I think all right I'm injured yeah [Applause] Oh a little bit bigger [Applause] this gift is not for you pass it to the one with the largest shoes Laura what size shoe are you 10 are you attend over 20 now I'm going to raise my voice pass it to the guest of your choice I hope you all are having fun I've tried to include most everyone from the largest persons of the largest shoe passes gift to the right of you [Applause]

13 Replies to “BABY BOY NAME REVEAL | Southern Gentleman Baby Shower!”

  1. We had my sister in laws bridal shower at the same place. Right by my old home town!! U look so beautiful!! Love his name! I have 3 boys myself (6, 4 and 2) it’s amazing!

  2. Love you so much Amanda and was such a joy to host your baby shower! It was a perfect day. So excited to welcome Chase into our family! The suspense is building! I want to meet this baby!

  3. You looked sooo pretty! I wore the same dress to my first baby’s shower, and I loved how comfy and flattering it was! Great choice! 🥰 The theme of the shower was soooo cute! 💙 The food and goodies all looked so tasty! Fun games you guys played, loved that yours was the shortest! 😂 Love baby boy’s name!!!

  4. Love his name!!! It’s actually one of our top names if we have a boy!! My husband wanted to name our first born Chase but I couldn’t stay away from Zachary 😂

  5. Im so happy to be following your pregnancy and seeing your channel grow!! And that baby shower was ADORABLE

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