43 Replies to “Baby Essentials – My must haves for a newborn”

  1. Very Nice Video you have shared about new baby born. The products you have described are also nice. Here one of Vlog shared nice info about BABY Unique ESSENTIALS, Bath Tub, Gym and Grooming. Hope you get help to take care of your cutee baby too. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GT8F9Tvi_-s

  2. I love your explanation a lot dear. Plz advice some mosquito repelent also. Bcoz only mosquito net is not always enough.

  3. You make very informative videos which are so very helpful! Also the way of presenting is beautiful with gives out peaceful vibes! Thanks !

  4. Hey,can u kindly share the name of the gripe water,baby wipes,baby detergent,diaper rash ointment and gas drops you used/purchased for your baby? I am due soon & your response will help me a lot in getting things sorted at the earliest.. loved the video, thanks.

  5. I’m a first time mom and omg this video was so helpful you explains things better than these other American youtubers

  6. Hi, Can you please share the link of crib/cot/bassinet because I m finding it very difficult to finalize on this as I want to have a crib which can be kept open from one side for co-sleeping.

  7. Hi … I could find only 3 months old ones for the side buttoned shirt… is it ok for new

  8. Love your video! It's so hard to know what are the essentials to get especially when you are a new parent. Been there, done it, so I'd love to share our list with you and your followers, check it out https://www.new-baby-checklist.com/

  9. Very useful video for me and iam 7 months pregnant 😍😍 IAM so excited to meet my baby😘😘😘

  10. Hi Vidhya , thanks so much for your list … it was really helpful … just wanted to check ,will the crib be okay with the new born from day One, ? I’m planning to make her sleep alone from day one . If cribs are okay from day 1- can u pls help me with the size of the crib on which one to buy? I live in the USA if it helps u with letting me know the sizing… thanks in advance 😊

  11. Hello Vidya i am planning to use disposable diapers but not sure how many boxes i should buy for newborn size. Is 200 count enough or i should go for 2 boxes?

  12. It's really helpful and the way u said is really cool.. Thank you.. I'll get my hospital bag ready soon ♥️

  13. Hi, I found this video very helpful… I am due this November with my first baby. I also stay in the US. Did you plan to bring in any baby essentials and things for you from India considering availability (in the US) and the price(expensive) too?

  14. Hi, your information is really helpful. But you are gulping your saliva every minute or half. That takes all the attention than content. I did try to ignore but it’s so frequent that I happened to bring to your notice. Try to avoid which will be more pleasant.

  15. Hi vidya😊. Hw r u?
    My 23rd week is started. I saw this vedio & checked out the list of baby essential its very helpful… When i'll buy for baby & everything it will remind us while shopping….
    Thanku vidya for helping MOM's & sharing ur experiences…👍❤️

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