hi guys so much my channel is a little update you know still working progress but you know no babies in there I had a baby girl head her on June 28 2008 and I delivered her at 13 by deliver her at 39 weeks she's healthy she's doing good we're doing good I'm a little sleepy nothing but she wore 8 pounds and 1/2 so she's a deep hero and we named her generally her name is violet roses so that's her name violet because I like the years ago I saw this movie called ultra violet it was like my god that's so cute so if I ever had a girl her name her violet and Rosa is my mom saying and of course with this up my last name surname is violet Rosa Smith so I'm gonna show you you guys heard and it's just like always sleeping during the day you know how those babies do this took time down time and she wants to be up at night looking around and crying but thank the Lord for anything so let me go show you guys her and just a little you know other things I've been going on we have some life changes happening for the next couple of months or so so I might be coming to you guys with some little the things here there do a little quick nursery taxi there'd be four viola the cube chair her cars that you know you're my neighbor for the baby shower rocking chair with a little tape nice today my bouncing ball because I was shot down so i become a changing table these are heroes sorry torch doesn't leave me hair of course she sleeps in the entire room but um I guess I guess a little postpartum update since having her you know you got there those emotions with prayer and God and just talk it through everything work out we having some life changes that's happening so just praying that you guys just takes me through that it's it's having her oh this is heavier I've had like a headache every single day so I guess maybe just my body is getting it back it's where it should be when I was pregnant with her I was taking out like my seizure medicine so I come down off of that so maybe that has contributed to my headaches me I'm not taking it as much as I was taking it so but other than that I'm doing okay well maybe his I'm sleepy so the guys just keeping your prayer that's a quick little update so I hope you guys enjoyed this video and don't forget that I've you – it's very soon right


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