hey guys so it is currently about 1:30 a.m. on March 2nd I've been having pretty consistent contractions for around 24 hours now they were spaced out quite a bit more now they're getting really close together and they're getting more intense so right now I think they are typically about 3 to 4 minutes apart and they are definitely getting more intense and more painful it really feels like I'm having like extreme menstrual cramps and then a lot of lower back pain as well I did call the hospital to see if I should come in just so that I can be checked and she said that if they continue to get stronger to definitely come in so that I can be checked but I want to stay at home as long as I can just in case because I don't know they just say to labor at home for as long as possible if it is truly labor I don't know because I'm a first-time mom I just honestly don't know what to expect so I'm 39 weeks today actually yesterday so now I would be 39 in 1 because it's now March 2nd and baby girls due date is March 8th and I'm getting another contraction right now so they don't last very long but they are painful all right so it's now almost 2:30 and you're still awake so yeah oh my gosh you guys some of these are really really intense and then other ones are not but anyway we're gonna go ahead and head to the hospital now all right oh all right what do you think babe it's really late already yeah I thought you were going camping do you think they're gonna send us home yes yeah I think so first okay perfect and sorry yeah well and we just live so far from the hospital yeah and she's really confused he is he's gonna get used to it this is just a practice well not necessarily man it could be almost you stuff yeah we do okay okay see is there all right guys it's 333 that's pretty lucky number and yeah I am we just got to the hospital he's pretty tiring and like shit was quiet in here what yeah yeah so they're gonna check me in here yeah I think it nervous I'm not nervous all right guys so the nurse just did a cervical exam and jesse is almost what numbers in dilated was she no no no I faced then she said no it face so I'm sorry that I'm still learning the terminology but yeah yeah yeah and so she's hooked up to the monitors one for the baby's heartbeat and then the other for her contractions so we're monitoring the screen over there we're gonna be here for about two hours to make sure that she's good go either we'll stay here because Eliana's coming or we're gonna go home and just try to tough it out a little bit so yeah not very tough it's about 4 a.m. we're both pretty exhaustive we can try and snooze a little bit we're kind of in a temporary room I don't think this is where we actually deliver no so I kind of just had this lean back chair that's kind of floozy and sneaky and squeaky each other sheet separating us here the monitors Jessie's bad we didn't even bring up everything we didn't bring up everything no no you brought up thank you sir behind you were we're anticipating this to be maybe a Larry a couple our visit we do have a TV though and these fancy water cups cuz we didn't bring our water cups up either so thought it was just gonna be like a quick cervical check I've only had a few contractions since I've been here so far but on the right here oh so many so that's funny that's just how it goes yeah because yeah you were having left from right every two minutes it seems yeah okay so we just had a little excitement just he threw up it's okay no I don't know where she just started feeling nauseous poor thing yeah that contractions pretty tough she's feeling pretty nauseous on the ride home I'm sorry the right here and then I got her some guard Eddowes and then everything decided to come up yeah but now they gave me a contraction right there yeah you're doing great baby the nurse said that throwing upset telltale sign of labor so it's happening you know well you're definitely in early labor yeah phase one so yeah a nurse called the doctor and they want us to stay here she said we're gonna have a baby to do so we got to start making phone calls and calling all the family to go ahead and come out here I mean really you know if I started to see you know – we're finally in our room oh yeah yeah yeah you actually do the cream all right so it is 6:30 6:00 in the morning on March 2nd and we are officially admitted so yeah I'm four centimeters 100% effaced and it happened I thought for sure against at home yeah I did not believe you labor will just will be sent home but I may even pack up everything anyway because everything we did I just feel bad for chief Hill oh he'll be ok yeah I'll have our neighbor going let him out ok yeah and check on him but yeah so we're here and this is our room do you want to show him just kind of yeah let's check it out all right so there's the front door her information then we get a little sink here we have her diffuser going with the lavender what she's obsessed with us so I got that hooked up immediately the restroom we actually have some nice windows here to get bring in some natural light we have a few one of our bags which should we need to go get the other ones yeah and Jesse's having a contraction yeah you're doing great baby you look beautiful okay show me your hips knees you'll make your berbay yeah your bed can't get this thing off me oh gosh don't trip over any of those cords all right silver alright guys so it is now a little after 7:00 and I have some really bad heart oh excuse me Bert but I just can't believe this is actually happening I'm so excited to meet her sweet girl I just can't wait to hold her I just can't believe she's almost here this is so surreal to me so anyway Chaz's down at the car he's getting the rest of our stuff and when he gets back we're basically just gonna hang out I am in bed right now because I keep having some pretty intense contractions and I'm just trying to breathe through them and I find it easier when I'm in bed um so anyway I do plan on getting an epidural so they said I can get them at any time because I'm far enough along and so yeah that's just it's so crazy because we did not really expect this to be happening today we are six days before baby girl's due date and it looks like she'll be here probably by date tonight my parents are driving down from Georgia they're gonna leave within the hour or so we do have a birth photographer coming oh I'm here that was another one by the way today is dr. Seuss's birthday so this is where baby illyana's and I come up and they're gonna do her suction and her tests right over here giving her more IV fluid for the epidural whisking dehydrator so you ain't gettin people writer for those construction well perhaps the moments that can do this long natural as long as baby girls healthy that's what matters mm-hmm oh you're doing great Oh yeah great palm tree in front of our window mmm she's gonna be afforded girl she is gonna be a Pisces oh you look so cute why this thing look like if you're not it's so precious thank ya you're beautiful so I had two monitors by the way monitoring I can't show you because I don't have to looked at my Dion but I have one that's monitoring my contractions and then the other that's monitoring baby's heartbeat oh we actually have to plug them back in why just use the bathroom yeah let's do that I can't believe they trust me I do this all right that's should I start setting up the big tripod you do all right so just see how much better her epidural which was huh I was I think it teary kinda red ran down my face I was like nervous for you but you're so strong right she can so much see all of my veins I'm so proud of you you're a tough cookie man but each one so much better now oh yeah like I haven't felt a single contraction she was laughing as soon as like she laid down and she the nurse said that she had a contraction and she didn't feel it at all her face lit up because it's been bad those last I you haven't really left like that or smiled like that playing dirty so it was really good to see you smiling like that yeah you felt a lot better though yeah okay what else also happen though let's see okay so they're all there checking my blood pressure just to monitor it and everything's good so far I did have to get a catheter because that's part of giving the epidural because you are so done so so here bigger help and then my doctor checked while she actually oh she broke my water yeah yeah so my water has been broken now my parents are four hours away so they're trying to just you know she went ahead and broke it and then they're just gonna kind of monitor I'm five centimeters dilated and yeah so we're just kind of gonna hang out maybe sleeps for like an hour to see what we can get I wanna get some Instagram selfie all right we really need some some heartburn medicine because she's hit that's the only thing now then she'll be really comfy and I want to go get a energy drink for the vending machine and one for our nurse yes she's tired yeah and she's awesome both Oh everyone that's been in here has been so awesome yeah let me see your feet cute yeah all right so we got a little table here so Jesse can eat her ice chips butter ice chips there I didn't wear my wedding because I was afraid we don't want that right just he is now eight centimeters it's 11 p.m. oh it's noon now at 11:00 okay so now she's trying to get out because she is almost ready we're just waiting on Jesse's mom to get here so she's about an hour out hopefully she can get here time nurse came in is what Sheila so she's gonna peanut in between alerts daily an extra half centimeter my mom should be here any minute yeah so soon as Marvin gets here it's go time hmm just push it push it I know I haven't had any music at all no you know you do most people have music one it depends I don't know I punched in the laughs with Powell honestly okay mom and dad are here so it is about guitarists he's about go time yeah that's so crazy no it comes in way is where I'm like oh my gosh just happening I got really it really hit me when you haven't have to girl many cases things are about to happen maybe scalpers she's hope see meet you everything's going so good that like you know I just keep yeah it's so surreal though mm-hmm I really is still yeah until she's not as soon as I hear her voice her voice over the price yeah I'm gonna freak out mm-hmm I hope I hear it right Whitney does that make you nervous – I'm just so nervous – yeah William problem here like right away well [Applause] you stole my heart what is it that you do life was great too you added colors you are good oh my gosh are you kidding me ready you save mine and I don't know what I do without you made me smile what is it that you do life was great too you added color Muniz the snowman he said you're the same I just wanna love you just wanna you'll stay will take me away I want you for myself every single day I'm service so and I feel you have a contraction you're gonna let go in them for a minute you're gonna grab behind your legs or grab these sandals you're gonna use them as leverage to gonna pull down towards your body when you push okay so you get an injection and you just take a big deep deep breath in and hold your breath and go down and push push yep just like that girlfriend dark hair or yes seven eight nine ten oh that's her she wants to you he or should I do this I can happen unless you want that immediate skin-to-skin over there push through push through you got it you can do this all right listen am i okay [Laughter] turn push push push push through it push through he pushes you got this push push push my finger you want to try to theater she's away and if you're ever worried about like if she can be without her nose as much you can just kind of just barely pull down a little bit but usually don't worry a lot about that because you sleep or heads back you know if they are and you can tell they're than we can because you'll feel it however you'll be able to see you're kind of swallowed down through there too well then cookie you're doing that lavender oh she looks so good oh yeah all I can see is a little bow oh these are peas look at her sucking on those fingers alright guys so Liliana is here the family all holder and now you're nursing for the first time yeah where she only needs a marble size of milk right oh she's a happy baby you killed it a baby awesome job [Applause]


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