Baby in Ceiling Prank (pregnancy announcement)

– [Announcer] Previously,
on the best day ever… – [Adley] Surprise!
– [Jenny] Surprise! – Oh my gosh! Mommy gonna have a baby?
– Yeah. – You guys are coming
along for the adventure. – Yeah, we gotta tell our parents. – We gotta tell everyone. (suspenseful music) Alright, we’ve got a surprise to plan for. I’ve got a sharpie and I’ve got- Oh, I’ve got a baby. So what we’re gonna be doing is surprising the Spacestation crew. That another space
station baby’s on the way! I’m gonna write on it, we’re gonna put it up in the ceiling, and it’s gonna cry and make baby noises, and people are gonna be
like what’s the noise? And they’re gonna have
to come figure it out, and then they’ll find
a baby, in the ceiling, and it will say like another space- I don’t know what it’ll say, I’m gonna figure that our right now, but uh, yeah, so, good idea, right? – [High-Pitched Voice] Yeah, good idea. – Alright, end the vlog. (baby doll cries) (jubilant music) Baby Duras number two, on the way. (cartoon smack sound effect) (jubilant music) I felt like maybe I should make the baby look a little bit more like Shonduras-y, so I put a backwards hat and some hair. I don’t know if it’s a boy,
but I kinda want a boy, cause I already got a
girl, like if I get a girl I’ll have fun with a girl, but like, it would be cool to get a boy. But if the future girl
watches this, and she’s like oh my dad wanted me to be a boy? And I would feel bad so
maybe I’ll cut this part out. But maybe the future
girl will understand that I already had a girl so I wanted a boy, but that I’m still okay with a girl. But really it would be cool to have a boy. But another girl would be cool, too. – Truly, you have a dizzying intellect. – So yeah, that’s why I
drew on the baby’s head. Now we are going to put the
baby in one of these panels. Alright, I gotta set you guys down, this is a risky placement. (indistinct chatter) (ding sound effects) (laughter) – Get outta here, gosh! – I been scaring him all day. – [Shaun] Was that scary? What do you wanna do? – I go skate the board this. – [Shaun] You wanna skateboard? – Mommy watch!
– [Jenny] Okay! – [Shaun] Whoa, phew! (overlapping chatter) Quit scaring each other! Everyone’s scaring each other today. – [Spacestation Crew Member]
Wait, I can hear something. – [Shaun] I hear absolutely nothing. Normally I hear chickens screaming, and I don’t hear chickens
screaming right now. I don’t hear anything. – [Crew Member] What is it? – [Crew Member #2] It’s
like a faint TV (mumbles) – [Shaun] Haha, get the mustache on this! – [Crew Member] That’s
actually spooky dude. – [Shaun] What is it? – [Crew Member #2] It’s a baby crying. (baby crying) – [Shaun] Is it in Chicken’s office? – [Crew Member] It’s in the ceiling. – [Crew Member #2] Where’s that noise? Is that coming from your office? – What? – [Crew Member] What weirdo is doing this? – [Crew Member #2] A crying sound? – [Shaun] It’s in here. – [Crew Member] No I
think Marcus was right, I think it’s up. (baby crying) – [Crew Member] Go to the other one. – I’m trying baby, I’m
trying to get you out! – [Crew Member] Is this another coming out of the wall thing? – Son of a (bleep)! (laughter) I don’t want this, I don’t
wanna deal with this! – [Shaun] Mustache, do this! – Open up this one, open up this one and then you can like, look through. – Oh, what was that?! – Shaun, who is this? – I did not set this up, I
didn’t even know about it, I’m dead serious. – Dude, I’m actually (mumbles) – [Crew Member] It’s gross,
seeing those little fingers. – [Crew Member] What? (laughter) – [Shaun] What is going on? – That’s not something
you do, I’m a human being! – [Shaun] That’s not
something you do, pull it out! – [Crew Member] Oh, and it’s creepy, – Yeah, it’s creepy! (shouting) – Baby Duras number two on the way? (yelling) (cheering) – What are they doing? That was the creepiest way
to tell someone ever, babe! You gonna have a baby? – Yeah.
– Show em where the baby is! – [Shaun] Oh is it right there? Oh boy! That was a creepy way to tell you, right? – That was the scariest way
you could’ve told us that. – Dude, congrats. – Got it, we got the crying baby! – I have it connected to my phone! It’s been on for 30
minutes, I was just waiting for someone to notice! I was hoping you come in
here on a call, and be like, dude, what the heck’s going on? – It’s me? – It’s not you, but you can play with it. – [Shaun] She’s all no, I’d rather not. Hayden! – Oh! What is that? That is way creepy. Duras two? (shouting) – [Shaun] Get over here! I like how that took
you like seven seconds to figure out! – It took me way long
cause I was just looking at this face, and I was like, this is the creepiest thing I’ve ever seen! – [Shaun] You like the
flesh colored baseball hat? – [Hayden] Yeah, I do. – New merch, coming soon,
flesh baseball hats. Adley what are we gonna do, are we gonna have pizza with papa? – (giggles) We got pizza. – Oh pizza? – [Shaun] We got some pizza, yeah! You don’t know how to use an oven, Brie? Wow.
– [Brie] No, I turned it on! – [Dad-Dura] No. – [Shaun] Which one does it go in? – [Brie] It’s on.
– [Dad-Dura] It’s not on. – [Shaun] You guys are
seriously challenged. It really is on.
– [Brie] No, open it. – [Dad-Dura] Woo, it’s
gonna burn me alive! – [Shaun] Alright, get it on. What are you doing? – No, dad stop, check it!
– Start! It is not on. (laughter) Number two?! – We’re gonna cook the baby!
– Congratulations! Adley gonna have a little baby! Does that baby look like grandpa? – Yeah. (laughter) – [Shaun] Wow, my dad put up three rows of Christmas lights, look at em. – [Jenny] And they’re changing. – [Shaun] Dang, that’s
dedication, good job dad. That’s uh, three more rows
than I put up this year. (drum rimshot) I’m gonna get your binky! Get it, get it, get it, oh I got it! Is this delicious? Baby, is this your favorite meal? – I love it. – [Shaun] It’s like a meat,
bean kinda fondue thing. And you dip chips and bread
in the fondue, it’s delicious. What ya eatin’? – Ice cream. Papa it’s time to eat! – [Shaun] Alright dad,
what are you thankful for? – I am thankful for the
freedoms that we enjoy in this great country. – [Shaun] Alright mom, happy Thanksgiving! Even though she’s already
put up her Christmas trees! – I had an overwhelming
feeling of gratitude for the people in my life that love me, and that are there for me. – [Shaun] I like that, huh Adley? Leave it on, let’s get another bite! You’re crazy! – You don’t have to
tell her more than once, I know what she likes. – There’s little babies in my thing! Holy mackerel! – I knew it! – There are two babies! – Oh my gosh, did I get any? – [Shaun] Adley, there’s babies! Adley, tell them what’s in mommy’s belly! is that a baby? – Yeah. – [Shaun] Show papa, where’s the baby? – Right there. – My mom totally knew it!
– I knew it. – She’s all Jenny you’re pregnant and we’re like no, she’s not. – And I really was like
wow, I’m really off, but I was on! – When I saw two of them, I’m like twins? – [Jenny] No twins. – I knew it, there’s two of them, I keep taking a bite and going… – [Shaun] They found the babies! – [Dad] We put them on the
most mellow theme that you can, then you can do that, – [Shaun] Oh wow, okay. – [Adley] Oh, wow! – [Dad] Do that, do that. – [Adley] Wow. – [Jenny] Oh, look at the lights! – [Dad] There’s a cycle
where it goes slow start, faster, faster, faster, (mumbles) That could make you sick, looking at that. – We’re gonna watch mom play a game. You ready? – [Jenny’s Relative] On
your mark, get set, go. – He used to play for the Jazz. – [Shaun] Gordon Hayward! – And what is this? – [Shaun] Fibia, tibia,
ankle, thigh, break, broken leg. – Yes! Uh, I think Eric says this word. – Wishy washy! – [Shaun] Lots of words I can’t say. – He made it up, pretty much. – Scribble scrabble!
– Time’s up! – Everybody, are we ready? [All] Ready! – [Shaun] Kay, go. Alright, it’s a month with
lots of fireworks, and- – [Jenny’s Relative] July!
– [Shaun] Yes. Kay when you see a movie, and it’s like, this isn’t out yet, but it’s arriving- – [Jenny’s Relative] Coming soon! – [Shaun] Yes. When it’s your birthday and you walk in, and people like, hey! – [All] Surprise! – Not an adult, not a kid,
but younger, they like crying- – [Jenny’s Relative] Toddler! – [Jenny’s Relative #2] Newborn! Infant, infant! – Number between one and three. – [All] Two! – [Shaun] When your
family doesn’t understand what you’re telling them during the game. – You’re pregnant! (yelling) (smooth music) (“You Spin Me Round” by Dead or Alive) – Aah, that actually hit me-

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  1. Hey bro thanks for the hug at Farmington Station today! Really meant a lot and it was super dope to see you in person

  2. I have one question doesnt Brandon edit the vlog so he knows about baby 2 before the spacestaion why didnt he say anythin

  3. Best video ever ! So nice to hear this news, congrats! I wish you guys all the best, you are such nice people! Such a cute video, you are the best! Cheers from Switzerland

  4. I can honestly say this is video is in the top 5 of ALL BDE collection. Congratulations to Jenny & Shaun. Thank you for the tears of joy.

  5. I'm so happy for you guys that even I cry all the time xD Especially when I watch moments like this. So much joy, so much happiness. <3 Wish you (Shaun, Jenny, Adley and baby Duras #2) all the best. Love ur guts!

  6. weee… yay… double the little Duras’s double the fun…congratulations you guys are so adorable and so creative πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–


  8. If I get a girl I’ll have fun with the girl…

    Sorry Shaun, I really appreciate your videos and you seem like such a nice guy but the meme had to happen

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