12 Replies to “Baby India: Bodycam video shows newborn tied up in plastic bag along Georgia road”

  1. I'm watching this with my 19 days old boy sleeping on my chest and I'm crying. How could someone do that to that beautiful little girl knowing she was probably gonna die asphyxiated in the bag???

  2. can't get my head around a so-called mother just dumping a baby in a bag, if they didn't want her should have left her in a hospital. she could have died or been eaten by a wild animal.
    Hope she has amazing life from now on x

  3. What a strong little girl!! She's a special one! I kinda hope that officer adopts her. 🙂 Thank God she's alright.

  4. Thank you god she was found Our Creator is amazing. Poor baby sorry you had to come in this world in such a cruel manner but god had his eyes on you and set people there to find you right on time. 😢 🙏

  5. Im a single father and im trying to put it together in my head how someone can be so detatched from someone they created….. I never wanted a kid, never wanted to be a dad. Now that i am a dad i wouldnt trade it for the world.

  6. Listen to her strong healthy cries! That's the Lord folks – he breathed into her to give her volume to be heard and rescued. Hallelujah – all praise to our God on high.

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